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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cookie Day 2012

The day we were to head to Seattle was also CCD 2012. Sadly I had to leave before all the cookies were done, but had fun nonetheless!

We cut back a bit this year and premade a lot more dough so there wouldn't be quite so much to do the day of.

Here is a pic of girls and I are modeling their Xmas gifts from me - homemade aprons! My first (and very likely last) sewing project ever! I think they turned out super cute, even if they did require a LOT of help from sewing queen Caris :)


Well folks, the Big London Adventure is winding down! We have one more full day here before we head home... I can't believe what a great, exhausting trip it's been!

Some highlights:
Edinburgh castle
Harry potter studio tour
Learning to drive on the left- hand side of the road (in the right-hand side of the car)
Hiking up to Hadrian's Wall in the blustery winds in the middle of nowhere
A 2-hour queue to get into the Christmas Eve carol service at St Paul's cathedral (where we befriended some Brits, South Africans and a gal from Milano, and watched Muslims tell us all about why our beliefs were so wrong)
The ridiculous crowds at harrods on Boxing Day
Trying to traverse the city during a subway strike (not fun, especially in the rain, with every single bus packed to the gills)
Trying to find hot food on Christmas Day
Missing out on finding (and marrying) prince Harry (because he is in Afghanistan) :(
The incredible churches (York minster, St Paul's, Westminster Abbey) that make our 80-ish year old cathedral at home look so puny and new
Eating our weight in Pret-a-Manger sandwiches
And SO much more!

We are, understandably, exhausted, excited to get home to comfortable beds, and sad to leave all at the same time!

Lots of pics to come when we get stateside

Sunday, December 16, 2012

England bound!

Well the big day is here!

Pia, mom and I are sitting in SeaTac waiting to board the plane for our big UK adventure!

We are off to Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Harry Potter world and of course London!!!

Adventures will include:
Renting a car and driving through England (on the left side of the road)
Lots of sightseeing
Pia and I trying not to kill each other
A probable mental breakdown from my dog
Prince Harry stalking

Catch ya on the flip side!!!
Sunday, November 25, 2012

random post

Let's see, what have I been up to over the last month?...
Doesn't feel like much.

Doing a lot of hanging out with Miss Colie, the prettiest girl in the world...
 here she is modeling Auntie Laurie's bear cowl... swimming in it a bit, but it's still adorbs.

we've also been decorating for Christmas...
 You should see the front yard... It's a Christmas Wonderland, full of blow-up decorations and lights of all shapes and sizes. Love it.

Also finished my FIRST ever sweater!
LOVE it, it's very cozy.

And yes, these are worst pics ever, the color is much prettier in person (in my opinion)! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

London Calling...

This weekend I have one plan, and one plan only: To map out/plan our sightseeing for the BIG TRIP!
Did I mention that I'm going to England? SO excited!
Lavs, Pia and I (and maybe Cara if we can talk her into cashing in that 401k) are heading out for a very exciting Christmas trip!
But we need to plan out the sightseeing, because we have an action-packed (hopefully) 10 days... Starting in Edinburgh, driving (eek!) down to London with stops along the way.
Of course, London in December will probably look like this:

But I'm really praying for this:
And seeing some of this:

But most of all, will be stalking this:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what i'm up to...

I know, I'm world's worst blogger.

It's just not as fun when you don't do much besides Home - Work - repeat

But here's a sampling of what I'm up to these days...

First, a little something I'm whipping up for Christmas gifts.
Full-project pics coming after the big day (wouldn't want to ruin any surprises!)...
A note: I have NEVER sewed anything before. EVER. Not sure why learning a new craft sounded fun, I've almost thrown in the towel about 8 times already.
But I have a great teacher (my cousin Caris, who majored in fashion design at Wazzu, and lets me hold her sweet baby while she does all the hard work - designing patterns, whipping up a sample for me to copy, cutting pieces, and showing world's biggest Tard how to sew a straight line...)

Like I said, it's a work in progress. Thankfully I have plenty of time. And someone to rescue me when I screw up.  :)

Project 2: 
My first mittens!
They were surprisingly (to me) easy, and whipped up in about 2 days (or about 3 hours of actual knitting time).
Love the color - it is more teal than the pic shows - and they are warm!

Cara and Tony learning to knit has meant that they are super-duper-guilt-trippers about keeping the rest of us going and motivate.  Yay?

Project 3:
Babysitting sweet, darling, chill baby Colie 
She is SO teeny tiny
And I love hanging out with her!
5 weeks old (but about 3 weeks in this pic)
Really does nothing but sleep, look around, eat, repeat.

Love this face.

She is pissed here, because Pia woke her up from a nap to change her clothes... Amateur.
So glad Caris lets me get my baby fix in!

Anywho, that is it folks!

Now, get off my back for another few weeks.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finished Project!

Yes, it's true people - I actually finished a knitting project!
Apparently, a deadline helps...
Because I had 9 months to make this:

Sadly, I didn't make the adorable baby - the super cute Sienna Sage Miller
But I did make her precious Owl Blanket!
It turned out so pretty (not as pretty as that little girl, but still...)

Can't wait to meet her! San Diego is TOO far away!
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picture dump!

Had a fun couple of weekends, and actually took a couple of pics!

First fun-ness was an anniversary party for 2 of my favorite people, Brian and Staci Prior!

LOVE this pic with Pia and Michelley...
Also, this is classic David... aka Old Man Creeper

Bethany and Michele and I had a Girl's Weekend in Coeur d'Alene this past weekend to celebrate Mish's birthday!
It was SO fun hanging with those girls!
Even thought Mish only lives 20 minutes away, we hardly ever see eachother... And nice of Bethany to drive over from Seattle to visit.  :)

We spent a lot of the weekend trolling the 3 bars of downtown Coeur d'Alene...
Lots of yummy beers, and self-pics...

Posing with the Cd'A Bison (or Moose, as Bethany kept calling it for some reason) 

Birthday girl! 

Different night, same pose. And bar. 

But really, most of our weekend was spent at the Lund's house on Hayden!
It was gorgeous weather, perfect for relaxing on the dock!
But I refused to allow swimsuit pics :) 

 There you have it, my "excitement" for the past few days.

I'm working hard to enjoy every last drop of summer that we get, as I have a feeling these hot days are not going to last long... Hope you are all doing the same!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blogger blahs

I am posting just to say, I feel like I have NOTHING to say.

We are all settling in nicely to the fancy new digs.

I discovered a remarkable skill set, finessing sprinkler heads to do my bidding.

Lucy and Walter have a serious frenemy-type thing going on. 90% of the time, all is peaceful... And then something happens (usually nothing happens but something sets them off) and they start getting restless and growly at each other. SO annoying. And it stresses Cara out.

Pia is gone (for about the 12th week this summer) at Camp (and I'm jealous!) and then a journalism conference thingy (NOT jealous)!

Cara, Tony, Lavs and I are playing a LOT of Uno, watching a LOT of Olympics, eating a LOT of barbecue.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Update!

I figure it's about time for a blog/life update...
Although there isn't much exciting going on really.

1st - The Big Move.
Tony is here! (With his pups, Wally and Lola)
Cara is not far behind!
Except our little house is bursting at the seams.
So we are moving on up... To a 5-bed, 3-bath (double YAY) house with a nice big yard.
Can't wait!  BUT this means packing and moving. BOO.

2nd - The Dogs.
NOT fun trying to introduce 2 cranky old dogs to one friendly but excitable little Lulu.
Things have been rough. Super stressful.
We have had numerous scraps, a lot of yelling, a visit from the "Dog Whisperer" and 1 trip to the vet.
Lu Bug is limping from a hit she took to the armpit, courtesy of Walt.
But I do feel things are on the upswing, and hopefully once we have a bit more room to stretch out things should get even better.

3rd - The Running
It's been slow-going this past week (ie. I've only been once)...
I'm getting to the horrid part, where I'm expected to run more that 90-second bursts, which I'm NOT loving. ;)
But I'm determined to stick with it, and will get back on the horse this week. Or back on the road at least.
*Also, side note: I'm still loving the Vibram toe-shoes.  Still heinous to look at though.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

for Megs/Lavs

I fear for our future generations...

and if you can't read this, go HERE (it's worth it)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reluctant Convert...

I finally caved...

I have HATED the Vibram running shoes (aka "toe shoes") for forever.

They are honestly the ugliest things ever created.  (Well, other than Naziism.)

BUT.  I heard they help quite a bit with knee pain during running.  Something about mimicking our natural footfall and letting our bodies do what comes naturally to us.

Well, guess what folks?  Sure as shit, they work!  I literally have not had a single little bitty bit of knee pain since I put them on a week ago.  Not one.

I am excited about this.

But I have already extracted promises from those around me that they will ridicule me endlessly if I wear them to do anything but run.  (I'm looking at you, Ryan Prentice.)
Saturday, June 9, 2012

running week 2-3

Well, Trying-to-Run week 2-3 update:

Things are going so-so.

The positives:

  • I actually sort of like it!  I can see myself maybe learning to not hate it... :)
  • It definitely jump-starts the weight loss - the week I ran all 3 runs, I lost 2 1/2 pounds
  • I feel great. After. (Not during.)
  • I haven't died yet.  And I've made it through each run of week 1 and week 2 without quitting/cheating!  Week 3 is supposed to start on Monday... Eek!
The negatives:
  • My knee.  It does not like it when I run. At all.  I thought I screwed something up, went to check in with my knee doc... he basically just said my knee would probably never really like running. He doesn't recommend it. But that I can really do whatever I want. So we'll see.  As of halfway through the Week 2 stuff, I've been switching off between running on treadmill/road and using the elliptical to lessen the impact.  
  • That's pretty much it.  As long as my knee will tolerate it, I'm definitely planning to keep it up!
Sunday, May 27, 2012

i die.

In case you weren't aware, my BFF Sara is preggers. Yay!
With a little girl. (Name TBD.)
I, of course, have had to practice some serious restraint on the shopping front.

I was doing really good. Until I saw this yesterday:

It is a little tiny one-shoulder swimsuit, WITH MATCHING SWIM CAP.
Seriously, I think my ovaries released about 25 eggs when I saw this.
It is SO cute.
And I can't wait to see that little San Diego beach baby wearing this next summer!

PS, little mama Sara is pretty darn cute too.
ALL belly.
But I am a super good friend, and won't post the picture I made her let me take today.  :D
Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holy Sh*t! I am in shock...

FOLKS, I started RUNNING this week.

The last time I willingly ran?
(That would be senior year of high school.)
And "willingly" just means - run these laps if you want to participate in basketball/volleyball/tennis...

There has been a lot of motivation pushing me towards this decision lately
Which I assure you was NOT an easy one. I HATE running. LOATHE it. Words cannot express this feeling quite deeply enough.
BUT, I do want to lose weight. And what I've been doing so far has not really been cutting it (ie 20 pounds in a year. that is not really gonna cut it when you need to lose 100+ pounds.)
Mom and I stayed for a Weight Watcher meeting a couple of weeks ago (which we don't usually do) and our leader Cathy talked about how important it is to re-motivate and re-evaluate goals frequently.
Which I really don't ever do. (Set specific goals.)
Then Pia signed up for a Couch-to-5K like 1 day later.
So I figured it was a sign.  I'm committed.  I signed up the next day for a C25K program too.

And this week was Week 1.
Which was Run 60 seconds - then Walk 90 seconds. For about 20 minutes. 3x this week.
It wasn't pretty.
But I did it. 
(Sort of. Day 1 I had to switch to the Elliptical 1/2 way through because my knees weren't appreciating it.)
By Day 3 (today) I managed to do all of the run portions without stopping early!
And I took Lucy with me too.
Who LOVED it.

So my goal is to be ready for a 5k by the end of summer.
I want to do the Portland Color Run in September.

Because if I'm gonna do a 5K, shouldn't it be the "happiest one on the planet"?
Now, who's with me?
Monday, May 14, 2012

the car saga continues...

Well, the never-ending saga of my car troubles continues... sort of!

I spent about a week worrying/agonizing/stressing over the Volvo - to fix or not to fix. That was the question.

In the end, I decided I just need to suck it up and quit relying on a 13 year old car with 250,000 miles on it.

So i went out and got myself the "State Car of Washington" (unofficially. I think.) - a Subaru Impreza.

All I really care about is that it was in my price range. And has a LONG warranty.

So now I'll hang on to the Volvo (which I still kinda love) until I either decide to fix it up down the road, or sell back to my grandpa (who also LOVES that car)... But at least I don't have to stress in the meantime.
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shock game!

Last night, Cancer Care sponsored the Spokane Shock game (our local arena football team)...
So I drug Pia and mom down.
And then I found out I was going to be famous!
(Well, okay, "Spokane" famous. but still)
I got to do the coin toss at the game!
Which was probably the most embarrassed I've felt in a LONG time - my cheeks were on fire!
But it was fun...

Annette and I on the field before the game...
(Annette got to hand over the game ball, after taking it from the Army guys who repelled down from the Arena ceiling. Which was awesome. And apparently none of my fam saw, cuz they are goobers.)

Watching the warm ups.  I literally almost got taken out by large men running passing routes about 3 times, because I was completely NOT paying attention.

Team intros.

Our moment of glory!
Annette has the game ball (Mom - see those Army guys behind us? Yeah, they dropped from the roof.  :)
I have just finished tossing the coin.
By "tossing" I actually mean I literally chucked it towards one of the Voodoo players, where it sort of spun in the air?
Yeah, it wasn't the prettiest coin toss ever.
But the Shock won the toss.
And the game.
Probably ALL thanks to me.
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nurses' Week

(Idea courtesy of Meg - my favorite Nurse!)

It is Nurses Week.
Normally I don't really acknowledge my job much.
Like Meg, I have a difficult time really talking about my work.
There are a lot of layers.
Emotionally, mentally.
It's a lot easier to smile and shrug things off when asked about my job.
Which I Love. Love. Love.
I am also not a crier, especially at work.
I can count on one hand (okay, really probably 2 fingers) the number of times I have cried at/because of work.
This does not mean that I am not 100% emotionally invested in what I do and the patients I see every day.
I cheer for them, I commiserate with them, I fight my hardest because they are fighting their hardest. Every single day.
I am in awe.

This video is exactly what I LOVE about Oncology nursing.
(Because there is nowhere else I can picture myself working...)

The nurses are fun. 
They aren't afraid to dance with you, or for you. Or sing with you. Or hug you, or give you a high five, or a pep talk...
Oncology nurses are something special (in my humble opinion).  ;)

But the patients?
They blow my socks off.  All of them.
I don't take care of kids much - but when we get the occasional 18- or 20- or 22-year old, they are always something special. Amazing kids. With amazing attitudes.

So watch, enjoy, and remember to take a moment to thank/acknowledge/love a Nurse this week (if you are lucky enough to know one, or unfortunate enough to be under the care of one)!!!
Sunday, May 6, 2012


Welp, the Seattle b-day trip was quite eventful.  But NOT in a good way.

About 20 miles past Ritzville, in the middle of NOWHERE with NO cell phone reception of course, my car starts shaking and rattling like no one's business.  Uh oh.

We pull over, I check the oil (the only thing I can do), and call my dad.  Who is really not super helpful.  (Basically, I want him to tell me the car is fine and I don't need to worry. He does not say this.)

We limp our way to Moses Lake (running on gas fumes as well, as if things aren't hairy enough right now), and head to an Auto Zone to get the check engine code.  Which is "not good," according to the guy.  Then we limp our way to 2 more shops to find someone open.  

Finally, after multiple times where my hopes get really high that things will be fine, we learn that things are not fine.  At all.  A cylinder with lost compression, apparently.  Which most likely means that my wonderful, trusty Volvo will be possibly needing a new motor.


Now to work on my super-duper-favorite-daughter-pouting skills and convince my dearest daddy to come across the country to fix it for me so I don't have to spend all my London trip money on this darn car...
Saturday, April 28, 2012

updates (totally random post...)

Just a few things we've been up to lately...

i switched my hair streaks from pink to purple last night... sorry for the crappy self-pic...

my girl still LOVES the dog park... except she doesn't really play with the other dogs. she mostly mills about by herself. what a goober.

The new tat... upside down...
i love it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


We finally got some legitimate sunshine!!! Hurray!

And boy did we take advantage!
Lavs and I (mostly Lavs) did some yard cleanup yesterday...
Lulu and I spent about 2 hours at the dog park (where Lu mostly rolled in some sawdust piles and lazed in the sun; very little dog-play was involved)...
We walked all over downtown yesterday...
And went down for the Race For The Cure today.

Oh my gosh, it was gorgeous.  Seriously, best weather we've ever had.
Those sweatshirts were off by 9:05!

Then we came home, P passed out for a marathon 6+ hour "nap", Lavs cleaned the porch and I cleaned the pup, then we had the first BBQ of the year!

Man, it makes me want summer here SO bad.

PS, i will post tattoo pics once it is healed and not nasty looking if you want... :D
Sunday, April 1, 2012

in love.

i don't know quite how (or when) it happened...

but we have all fallen in major love with "Happy Endings" around these parts.

maybe it started when they made a Temple Grandin joke and i had to run into mom's room to tell her all about it...

or when a pigeon flew in the apartment and Jane called Brad "Tuppins-a-Bag"...

Or when Penny's "abbrevs" (aka abbreviations) went from being annoying to hysterical...

Well, no matter. i just love it all. so should you.
Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Pia asked me to blog.
I literally have nothing exciting going on. But here are some random things you can think about:

  • i am currently obsessed with getting purple streaks in my hair.
  • i am also contemplating the next tattoo... capax universi on my left forearm or wrist. haven't 100% decided on which one.
  • me and the gals are heading to Seattle in 2 weeks! it feels like ages since we've been!
  • on the docket? Titanic the play (musical? not actually sure) - i wonder if Rose screws Jack over in this one too.
  • i am still obsessed with Pinterest.
  • i am also still obsessed with Lulu Girl. She is the tops.
  • but i kinda sorta want another pup too.
  • but only if i can get some guarantee she/he will be as amazing as Lu.
  • we are watching The girl with the Dragon Tattoo right now. it is.... interesting. jury's still out.
  • i do love me some daniel craig though.
  • everyone i know of child-bearing age is pregnant right now i think. seriously. it's like some kind of epidemic.
  • i hope the iPhone 5 comes out sometime soon. cuz i want it.
  • Lavs won a trip to England! somehow i will save up $$ so i can come along... and first thing on the agenda? a trip to the Harry Potter sets that just opened to the public!
  • wait, no. 1st thing is to track down PRINCE Harry. Harry Potter can be #2.
  • apparently Harry and Wills are the Fred & Irene of England... Harry just moved into Kensington Palace to be closer to his bro. Sound like anyone we know???? ;)
Okay, that's it for now folks.
Expect another post in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Or unless I do get that purple hair. Or the tattoo.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

i miss this.

I can't wait to ski again.
I miss it.

for Hads...

For some reason, this totes made me think of Hads (and Megs)...
So happy (late) bday to the bestest 5 year old I know!
And definitely the funniest. Just like her mama.


Oh yes, it's that time of year again!
March Madness!
Should be a national holiday...
But I take it off work every year, so I can see every minute.
I love it.

So I am hunkered down with Lavs, remote control ready to flip between any and every game, "good snacks" (but not really) in the pantry, Lucy occupied with naps and squeaky balls...

Let's go Zags!
Also, for those of you who don't know, the PPLAACK Bracket Buster is a hotly contested challenge every year.
And I just happen to be the defending champ.
Hoping for the first-ever 2-peat.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have 2 thoughts about this picture:

1) LiLo is redheaded again. THANK GOD. She looks SO terrible and trashy as a blonde.

2) That shirt keeps making me think of a baby's unbuttoned onesie. Not a good look.

okay, and 3) Remember how cute she used to be? Parent Trap? Mean Girls? Man, how far they fall.