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Sunday, June 26, 2011

time-waster tuesday... err, sunday

This week's Time-Waster: Cake Wrecks!
Seriously one of my all-time fave blogs. I can browse for ages. Because the cakes are awful. But the commentary is hilarious.

Here are a couple of examples:
supposed to be a baseball bat? it looks more like a turd.

the classic "writing out the directions rather than actually reading them" combined with the "horrible spelling" cake.

Oh yeah, they also feature amazing good cakes on Sundays. Love this one for Father's Day:

for my mom...

For those of you who don't know, my mom is a terrible bike rider.
But her heart is in the right place. She continues to go out there and try, despite the fact that history is not on her side (see here. and here. And don't forget this classic - she still has the scars.)
So, mom? I love you. But i think it's time for this:

Yes, you will lose all street cred. But we prefer you alive.
Friday, June 24, 2011

She's famous!

My BFF Sara made her TV debut recently - she is the star (in my opinion) of the commercial for the San Diego Racquet Club (where her hubby teaches tennis lessons)!!!

She will probs kill me for posting this. Oh well.

She is the cute blondey in the turquoise shirt (first one you see, so don't blink)!

Monday, June 20, 2011

another one.

seriously amazing.

It finally happened.

Item #1 on my Bucket List has been crossed off.


(Of course, now item #1 is to actually MEET him... a girl's gotta have goals, you know.)

It was amazing. Everything I thought it would be and more. The only thing missing was Cara - who is probs the only one I know who gets what it really means to TOUCH Timmy.

Here is the long story, which I will tell in excruciating detail - feel free to skip down to the pics if you want... (And these are just a few cell phone pics, Pia took a billion on her camera which I will upload later.)

Okay, so waaaay back in April, tickets for Timmy at the Gorge went on sale. Of course, I am a superfan and so belong to the Fan Club and got early notice about this. I went online, and saw they had PIT seats available - naturally I was ALL over that. Snatched 'em right up. BUT, I was trying not to get my hopes TOO high about where exactly the pit seats would be - I told myself that most likely, the actual front rows would be reserved for radio stations etc.

We got to the Gorge late-ish - The show was at 7, I wanted to get there around 4, we actually got there about 5:20. Thankfully, our friend Blythe is awesome, and was already there waiting in line and let us cut. SO, we ended up about 40 people back in one of the lines. THEN, they opened the bag check for our line early, all hell broke loose with the power-tripping security guard - but we were already through bag check so only had to get to the actual ticket scanning. We were probably two of the first 50 people into the Gorge. Awesome.

Pia got held up getting her wristband, but I went ahead (you can't slack when front row is on the line) - as I'm getting closer to the bottom I see that there is hardly anyone down there yet! I'm starting to freak out, but held myself together long enough to grab stageside spots in a PERFECT location - on the first part of the walkway right next to the main stage. Pia finally came down, and it was time to wait. And wait. And freak out a bit. (Also, the girl directly across the stage from us mentioned that she touched Tim at KeyArena and "her doctor told her she had a heart murmur right after that." - Don't worry, honey, I get it.)

So yes, our seats were amazing. Despite the mosh pit-like pushing behind us. Definitely a good time to be a chubby girl. :) Band Perry and Luke Bryan opened, which were both great - Luke Bryan was super cute and lots of fun. Touched his hand/leg a few times as a warm-up to the big act. (had to make sure I wouldn't pass out...) :P

FINALLY, it is time for Tim. We are fully expecting him to pop up from under stage or something - instead, he is out on the field in the middle of general seating! Love it. He sang all his big hits pretty much. And of course, goal is maximum touching. Check. Got a couple hand grabs, including some prolonged eye contact (dying) while i was trying not to scream. Oh just kidding, I was totes screaming. And a few leg holds. And the cream-of-the-crop Tim Touch - a butt touch. I lived the dream. LOL. It was the whole experience - sweat flying, you can see every gray hair and wrinkle, it feels like they are just singing to you. General admission just won't suffice after this. And we got to see Tim stop the whole show when a fight broke out just across the stage - apparently some dude threw his beer can (hopefully empty?) at a girl, and everyone around them started getting rowdy, so Timmy had to stop and yell at him and he brought that poor girl backstage... Next time, we're staging a fight too (sorry P, you're probably gonna have to sacrifice and get kicked out...)!

Looking back, I'd have to say it will be a difficult concert experience to top. My fave artist ever, whom I have loved since I was about 16, and have seen in concert probably 13 times.

As I said, next goal: backstage.

can't see Tim without getting the gratuitous butt shot. Although, i must say, he has gotten super skinny - his butt is not nearly as cute as it used to be. not that i'm complaining... :)

seriously. love this guy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This guy.

I've been busy lately, but nothing worth blogging it doesn't feel like... All my buds are now heading out to Camp for the summer!

BUT, did get to go see Brett Dennen play at the knitting factory last weekend with Pia and Matty.

I LOVE Brett. I took no pics. But here he is playing on Jimmy Kimmel... (Yes he's kind of a dork, but he's a GINGER! Yay!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recycling Posts...

I am recycling an old post I just found, cuz it still horrifies me and makes me laugh....

"If for some reason you were living under a rock and missed it, I am completely terrified of sea creatures. There is no reason for it, I am not necessarily thinking something rational like they might eat me, it is more that they are creepy and disgusting and scary looking.
But a new fear cropped up today and immediately joined the realm of sea creatures... Armadillos! Did you know they can jump 3-4 feet into the air? It is horrifying. I tried to find a video of this but got skeeved out, so this pic will have to do." In the comments, Lavs claimed I immediately turned pale and broke into the clammy sweat when we were watching this on the Nature Channel... I believe it. Seriously, I know I've used the word about 12 times already, but HORRIFYING is all I can think of.

Time-Waster Tuesday! Woot!

Today's website... The Oatmeal! A great site featuring very funny cartoons. Kind of a Far Side for today's generation...
I totes love this site, for many reasons.
1) He's from Seattle! Yay!!!
2) He's hilarious - his blog posts are great, and always have good drawings that make me laugh.
3) Because I can waste lots and lots of time on the site (which is really the only reason I need)...

Here is a sampling (taken from the post "7 Things You Don't Need To Take A Picture Of"):

(Um, this is what ALL of my concert pics look like. Guilty.)
Saturday, June 4, 2011


The weather today? A perfect sunny 73.

Lulu, mom, Pia and I decided to venture down to Artfest in Browne's Addition. It was perfect weather, LOTS of other doggies to smell, WAY too much artwork I wanted to buy, yummy smoothies, Huckleberry beer/pizza/tunes over at Elkfest (the music fest portion a few blocks away), a billion people out enjoying the first real sunny weekend we've had this year.

In short, Perfection.
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time-Waster Tuesday! (a day late...)

Today's Time-Waster Website (a day late - the holiday threw me off - so maybe it's just "Website Wednesday" today)... PassiveAggressive Notes!

Why I love this site:
A) The notes, while not always "passive" aggressive, are generally pretty funny.
2) I've been known to do this to roommates too - especially in college. Sue me, I am definitely NOT a confrontational kinda gal.
C) There is a little something for everyone - notes from coworkers, roomies, disgruntled neighbors, kids, guilt-tripping parents, etc.

A sampling (click on pics to enlarge and get full effects of the passive-aggressiveness):