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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nurses' Week

(Idea courtesy of Meg - my favorite Nurse!)

It is Nurses Week.
Normally I don't really acknowledge my job much.
Like Meg, I have a difficult time really talking about my work.
There are a lot of layers.
Emotionally, mentally.
It's a lot easier to smile and shrug things off when asked about my job.
Which I Love. Love. Love.
I am also not a crier, especially at work.
I can count on one hand (okay, really probably 2 fingers) the number of times I have cried at/because of work.
This does not mean that I am not 100% emotionally invested in what I do and the patients I see every day.
I cheer for them, I commiserate with them, I fight my hardest because they are fighting their hardest. Every single day.
I am in awe.

This video is exactly what I LOVE about Oncology nursing.
(Because there is nowhere else I can picture myself working...)

The nurses are fun. 
They aren't afraid to dance with you, or for you. Or sing with you. Or hug you, or give you a high five, or a pep talk...
Oncology nurses are something special (in my humble opinion).  ;)

But the patients?
They blow my socks off.  All of them.
I don't take care of kids much - but when we get the occasional 18- or 20- or 22-year old, they are always something special. Amazing kids. With amazing attitudes.

So watch, enjoy, and remember to take a moment to thank/acknowledge/love a Nurse this week (if you are lucky enough to know one, or unfortunate enough to be under the care of one)!!!


Laurie said...

that video was so great! And here's what I emailed Meg:

When people say stupid things like "how could you...", what they mean is "Why can't I..." Why can't I be so brave, so smart, so full of love, so strong, so dedicated, so able to find value in everything I do at work, so caring, so AWESOME...

I am beyond proud to have two nurses in the family. What you wrote the other day about teachers? double for nurses. quadruple even.

And when Cara was 3 and in intensive care for a few days, it was a very kind nurse who comforted me when I finally couldn't be a brave mom any more. I've never forgotten that. So know that your work will not be forgotten either.

Cara said...

I could not be more proud to have two oncology nurses in our family. What mom said sums it all up perfectly. I am in awe of what you guys do every single day! And you do it with a smile because you know that is what the patient needs!

Katie said...

wow, thanks guys - amazing words.

Pia said...

Definitely a tie with teachers in my book. I love how well nurses take care of us, with a smile, doing all the jobs doctors don't want to do. You are amazing men and women who put aside sadness to show caring (and yes, it's ok if that comes with a tear). You cheer them on when they are winning and when they are losing and you do it with grace.