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Friday, January 29, 2010


For some reason, Lucy has decided to become totally obsessed with the world's ugliest chew toy. We have dubbed it "Joan" (after Joan Rivers - not sure why). She runs down to her kennel every morning to retrieve it, which absolutely kills me (mostly cuz she HATES her kennel so tries to avoid it at all other times)! But she picked it out from the store, and it only cost like $2, so the fact that it has the creepiest effing face ever is okay.

(blame the crappy picture on mom's cell phone...)
Thursday, January 28, 2010

dream come true?

My mom sent me this pic today... it is the boys in Lucy's kennel with her. I'm pretty sure she shut the door and left after taking this...

cute girl

I just had to share this super cute picture that Pia took (as she is the official family photographer, since mom's pics suck and i either don't take them at all or never download them off my camera)...
Little miss Lucy is absolutely the Queen of the house already. She is turning out to be such an awesome pet, other than the pretty good separation anxiety she has (I'm pretty sure her previous owners left her either outside or in her crate all the time). She is gonna be super easy to train, and puppy classes start on Monday! :) Love her.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

new baby!

Meet Lucy! My new baby, courtesy of craigslist... She is a spunky, loving 6 month old lab-mix. Terrible on a leash, appears to know zero commands, but has already wormed her way into our hearts!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sorry i have been a terrible blogger lately (not that this is a big shocker though)... I've got the January Blahs i think...

i will mention that i drug my poor mother on the world's worst shopping trip yesterday though, and she was a real trooper! i had good intentions of making it a quick trip, i just needed to pick up a prescription at Walmart. i HATE walmart. but it's cheap. of course, we waited in line at the pharmacy for about 15 minutes, then i was told my rx couldn't be found and had to talk to someone else, who told me i would have to wait another 2 hours. ugh. (Oh, i should mention that we saw an amazing father/son duo who should have been on People of Walmart - fantastic mullets, camo, etc...)

since we were already 1/2 hour from home i didn't feel like driving back... so we went off to Costco to kill time! that was fine, we found some good stuff, and then went and ate lunch to kill more time. then it was back to walmart, where we again waited in line... and of course my rx still wasn't quite ready, they needed to re-scan my insurance, etc etc. so after at least 30 more minutes (and 2 trashy magazines read by each of us) we FINALLY made it out alive!

so i will thank my mother for being a trooper - all she had wanted to do on her day off was sit in her ghetto lounger, wear her snuggie, and knit. instead she got stuck on the 4 hour shopping trip from hell.
Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year everyone! I had big plans to send 2009 out with a bang... Unfortunately, a raging headache at about 10:45 derailed said plans. But I had tons of fun ringing in the new decade with some good friends, yummy chili, and lots of Super Mario Bros.!!!
This is me at about 11:58... and then i stayed awake until about 12:04. oh well.