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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what's on my mind...

Yesterday I spoke with my sis Cara on the phone and got yelled at that I'm not blogging enough. So I'm gonna post what's on my mind right now (I'm at work and it's slow today...). Here goes.

1. I don't get to talk to Cara and Tony nearly enough. I miss knowing the everyday details of their lives (and vice-versa). Usually when I call Car, my first line is always "what are you doing?" which we kind of joke about. But really, I do want to know what she's doing - right then, last weekend, last month, whatever. I got to hear all about her birthday trip up to DC - a place they live 60 minutes from yet rarely take advantage of. I got to hear the adventures of a boat they recently purchased for $250, which has taken on the typical Longinotti-Project nightmare qualities and as Car says, "hopefully it'll be seaworthy by 2010." :) She is starting a new job this week, which is awesome - lots of opportunity for growth and challenges personally and professionally. But it also means that the odds she will be moving back to the NW anytime soon are rapidly dwindling. Which breaks my heart. It is tough to be supportive when you just want to be selfish sometimes, and I miss my siblings.

2. I am currently beginning the process of discernment regarding my future. At the moment I am feeling called to do something different, something bigger. What that is, I'm not sure. At this point it is looking like I will apply for a missionary program through the Episcopal Church called the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC). I have 2 very good friends who are in Colombia and South Africa, respectively, working for this program. It is an amazing chance to continue nursing but in a completely different environment - in the past, YASC has sent people to HIV/AIDS clinics, Orthopedic hospitals, TB clinics on various continents. I feel the call to do something bigger, different, challenging. I also am feeling that if I am ever going to answer that call, now is the time to do it. My perfect next year would be: continue working at CancerCare NW here in Spokane, then be the Program Director at Camp Cross next summer followed by a mission trip (generally 1 year long) to wherever I am sent! If that were to happen I would feel very blessed.

An inspiring quote I came across recently, that sums up why I would want to do such a thing: I want to feel part of the larger world, go out into it and work with others rather than watching from the comfort of home. “Exercise that Talent which you particularly came to Earth to use—your greatest gift, which you most delight to use, in the place(s) or setting which God has caused to appeal to you the most, and for those purposes which God most needs to have done in the world."

I am trying to decide how, exactly, I feel. Not restless, not discontent, not insignificant. Yet, at the same time, all of those things. Where I will end up, who knows. But it's the getting there that is exciting.
Monday, August 17, 2009

i'm back

I just got home from a long week at Camp Cross where I was volunteering as a counselor for the Senior High camp - and I must say that it was honestly one of the best weeks I've ever had there (although frustrating and tiring as well)! It was so much fun being a counselor, something I haven't done in probably 5 years... As a Permie (aka permanent staff) like I had been the prior 2 years, there really isn't much time for getting to know the kids one-on-one - you are just way too busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off, setting up events and making sure kids aren't sneaking off to make babies or something. Being a counselor means I was able to really connect with my group - 7 outstandingly open, diverse, welcoming, challenging high schoolers - and it was so great. These kids are so awesome. They love eachother no matter their differences - gay, straight, athletic, nerdy, spiritual, atheist, sarcastic, funny, boring - it really doesn't matter to them. I must say, Camp Cross is one of the few places in my life where I have seen this phenomena of true community happen year in and year out, and is one of the main reasons I make it a point to keep returning.
It was exhausting (of course I am sick now and fighting off a yucky cold), frustrating (turns out, it's not easy to go from being a staff member with power to a lowly counselor full of good ideas that no one wants to hear about LOL), fun, challenging, fulfilling, emotional, hilarious, etc etc. If only we could have had that wonderful weather all week that we are sure to get now that we are home!

Pia, me and Ken jump in the lake (this is the infamous "sloth" pose if you were wondering)

My awesome group - the Dropkick Me Jesus'

the counselors being forced to do the "gallon challenge" - ugh
AJ, Ellen (yes, that is little Ellen Adams all grown up and 22 years old!) and I toast with some milk... none of us got anywhere near finishing our gallons, but we also didn't vomit. so win-win i say.

Friday, August 7, 2009

2 thumbs up!

Just saw "Julie & Julia" with mom for her bday (happy bday via blog, by the way Mom!) - it was SOOOOOO fantastic! OMG, loved every bit of it. Meryl is, natch, fabulous. And Stanley Tucci as Julia Child's hubby Paul? Perfection. Love him.

Highly recommended, 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up! :)
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

wireless :(

So I am without internet until Friday... boo. not that i have anything good to blog, just know that we moved on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year - but thankfully had lots of good helpers! I decided I had to spend the next day sitting on the dock to recover, so went out to Hayden with Tara and Mandy for most of the day - it was great! Then I got to go visit BFF Sara and her new hubby Sunday evening for an impromptu visit/BBQ with Sara's family - it was also great! (And, per my usual MO, i took no pics.) Monday (yesterday) turned out to be the worst day ever, as I spent it cleaning the old apartment, then got in a car wreck and broke Cherry (darn unmarked intersections...) but am okay otherwise...

So an eventful weekend overall!