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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blogger blahs

I am posting just to say, I feel like I have NOTHING to say.

We are all settling in nicely to the fancy new digs.

I discovered a remarkable skill set, finessing sprinkler heads to do my bidding.

Lucy and Walter have a serious frenemy-type thing going on. 90% of the time, all is peaceful... And then something happens (usually nothing happens but something sets them off) and they start getting restless and growly at each other. SO annoying. And it stresses Cara out.

Pia is gone (for about the 12th week this summer) at Camp (and I'm jealous!) and then a journalism conference thingy (NOT jealous)!

Cara, Tony, Lavs and I are playing a LOT of Uno, watching a LOT of Olympics, eating a LOT of barbecue.



Laurie said...

even though you have "nothing" going on, you managed to update all with your various doings. Keep blogging! You are the Seinfeld of the blogiverse.