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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what i'm up to...

I know, I'm world's worst blogger.

It's just not as fun when you don't do much besides Home - Work - repeat

But here's a sampling of what I'm up to these days...

First, a little something I'm whipping up for Christmas gifts.
Full-project pics coming after the big day (wouldn't want to ruin any surprises!)...
A note: I have NEVER sewed anything before. EVER. Not sure why learning a new craft sounded fun, I've almost thrown in the towel about 8 times already.
But I have a great teacher (my cousin Caris, who majored in fashion design at Wazzu, and lets me hold her sweet baby while she does all the hard work - designing patterns, whipping up a sample for me to copy, cutting pieces, and showing world's biggest Tard how to sew a straight line...)

Like I said, it's a work in progress. Thankfully I have plenty of time. And someone to rescue me when I screw up.  :)

Project 2: 
My first mittens!
They were surprisingly (to me) easy, and whipped up in about 2 days (or about 3 hours of actual knitting time).
Love the color - it is more teal than the pic shows - and they are warm!

Cara and Tony learning to knit has meant that they are super-duper-guilt-trippers about keeping the rest of us going and motivate.  Yay?

Project 3:
Babysitting sweet, darling, chill baby Colie 
She is SO teeny tiny
And I love hanging out with her!
5 weeks old (but about 3 weeks in this pic)
Really does nothing but sleep, look around, eat, repeat.

Love this face.

She is pissed here, because Pia woke her up from a nap to change her clothes... Amateur.
So glad Caris lets me get my baby fix in!

Anywho, that is it folks!

Now, get off my back for another few weeks.


Laurie said...

you almost made up for your miserable blogging by posting cute baby pix. Almost, but not quite.