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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shock game!

Last night, Cancer Care sponsored the Spokane Shock game (our local arena football team)...
So I drug Pia and mom down.
And then I found out I was going to be famous!
(Well, okay, "Spokane" famous. but still)
I got to do the coin toss at the game!
Which was probably the most embarrassed I've felt in a LONG time - my cheeks were on fire!
But it was fun...

Annette and I on the field before the game...
(Annette got to hand over the game ball, after taking it from the Army guys who repelled down from the Arena ceiling. Which was awesome. And apparently none of my fam saw, cuz they are goobers.)

Watching the warm ups.  I literally almost got taken out by large men running passing routes about 3 times, because I was completely NOT paying attention.

Team intros.

Our moment of glory!
Annette has the game ball (Mom - see those Army guys behind us? Yeah, they dropped from the roof.  :)
I have just finished tossing the coin.
By "tossing" I actually mean I literally chucked it towards one of the Voodoo players, where it sort of spun in the air?
Yeah, it wasn't the prettiest coin toss ever.
But the Shock won the toss.
And the game.
Probably ALL thanks to me.


Laurie said...

I didn't see the army guys RAPPELING (not REPEL, tard) because I was busy trying to take pix of you. Fun game, I might go again sometime.

PS getting engaged at a Shock game? Couldn't BE any more Swamp People than that.

Pia said...

I saw them; it was sweet. In mom's defense, there was A LOT going on. Super fun game. Thanks for dragging us!