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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pics from this week...

Here are some random pics from the first few days of Camp...

This is the staff (well most of it) - Kaitrin, Nic, Greg, Graham, me, Britt and Mike - doing a skit

Me and Kaitrin ready to get campers wet during "The Gauntlet" - aka us pouring buckets of water on the campers for no good reason... :)

um, me after I stupidly gave my hose to Nic for some reason. Dumb.

David and Trent - these dorks are in charge of feeding us...

random staff... Kate, me, Britt

Tour pics!

Okay, sorry this took so long but here is a mini Camp tour... The internet is super slow or I would put up even more pics... But you'll see them all summer. :)

The "Ark" - a random meeting spot/all purpose area on the beach

View of the waterfront/docks from the Girls' Side

My home this summer... St William cabin!

Inside my (messy) cabin (the bed is to the right behind the closet door)

The view I wake up to each morning! Jealous?!!
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At Camp....

So I survived my Wilderness First Aid course... Actually it was pretty fun, they had us outside a lot doing various scenarios, which was interesting... Of course, being a nurse, 90% was review but worthwhile nonetheless. After a quick trip through Spokane for a night of sleep, I got out to Camp Cross on Monday morning bright and early!

The staff seems fun, I am learning a bit more about what my job will be as "Assistant Program Director/Nurse/Program Staff"... It is basically a tailor-made job so they could get me out here. ;) But it should be a fun summer. And the weather has been gorgeous, the water is DAMN COLD (yes we had to do our swim test already), and we are nowhere near ready for our first Campers on Sunday! Yikes!
Friday, June 13, 2008

Made it!

Made it to Seattle! Finally! No pics, cuz i didn't take any on the road... God the drive was so boring - I'm just glad Michelle was there to keep me company or I would have pulled over around Sacramento and blown my brains out! ;) Actually the drive was pleasant - sunny weather all the way til Seattle (where it's cloudy and cool of course)...

So tomorrow and Sunday it's off to learn more about Wilderness First Aid! It should be fun other than being stuck there from 8:45-5:45 each day... grrr!
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Road (almost)!

Michelle and I are heading out bright and not-too-early tomorrow for our road trip back to Spokane! Wahoo! She got in this evening and it was so nice out (and apparently SNOWED in Spokane yesterday) that we just had to head straight to the beach! Venice was gorgeous, the waves were huge and the surfers were cute! :)

We'll try to make it to Southern/Mid-Oregon by tomorrow evening, so we can be in Seattle by Friday evening - I have a Wilderness First Aid course I'm taking over the weekend, so not time to dilly-dally! I'll try to update from the road.... No promises of course...
Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stress Time!!! AAAHHH!!!

Hello, my 5 faithful blog readers! ;) Sorry I am a lame blogger right now, but I am too busy freaking out and working to do anything productive like blog. LOL... So I will give you a semi-brief update before I get to packing...

Camp was good, I was there last weekend for LIT (counselor training)... It was MUCH cleaner than at this time last summer, which made me very happy. The lake is still really high, but had dropped about a foot from the weekend before, so here's hoping that it drops down to normal so we can have our beach back (and go hunting for the missing pieces of dock - there are random docks scattered everywhere because the water got so high they went over their pilings!) I didn't do much at Camp, just kind of wandered around helping out where I could, but it was SOOOOO nice just to be out of Hell-Ay and into fresh air. I saw STARS for the first time in months! Man it just totally made me so happy! And glad to know I'm doing the right thing by giving up a cushy job to go run around with high-schoolers for the summer. :) Also we jumped right in and went on a pretty tough hike the first night, and I didn't die from lung explosion, so that was good too.

I got back Monday and went with Sara and her friend Lisa to see Sex and the City movie... thought it was pretty great - just like the show, but a little bit sappier, lots of laughs though!

Sadly, after that was the end of my fun for a while. I worked a couple night, now I've got 2 nights off of work to pack up my apartment before I do 4 more shifts and then leave Los Angeles immediately. Unfortunately I scheduled myself basically zero down time or wiggle room for things like packing or having fun before I leave! My best Camp buddy Michelle is going to fly down here and road-trip home with me... so it'll be nice to have some company on the long drive! We have to make a quick stop in Seattle so I can do a Wilderness First Aid course next weekend, then it's basically straight out to Camp with a one-night stop in Spokane to unload and reload my car. Ugh.

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm buried under a pile of clothes.