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Sunday, May 27, 2012

i die.

In case you weren't aware, my BFF Sara is preggers. Yay!
With a little girl. (Name TBD.)
I, of course, have had to practice some serious restraint on the shopping front.

I was doing really good. Until I saw this yesterday:

It is a little tiny one-shoulder swimsuit, WITH MATCHING SWIM CAP.
Seriously, I think my ovaries released about 25 eggs when I saw this.
It is SO cute.
And I can't wait to see that little San Diego beach baby wearing this next summer!

PS, little mama Sara is pretty darn cute too.
ALL belly.
But I am a super good friend, and won't post the picture I made her let me take today.  :D


Laurie said...

her little round belly is cute :-)

And I heartily encouraged Katie to buy the suit AND the cap. BC they were utterly adorable. So could not remain in the store.

Meg said...

Little girls are impossible not to spoil!

Lis said...

Omg. That is freaking adorble!!