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Monday, January 31, 2011

Texas-sized Texas post!

Texas was super fun! Lavs and I went down for a quick weekend trip, and made the most of our time... We had few goals in mind, mostly just to get out and see a ton (check) and me to get to Michele & Toby's wedding (check)! We had also wanted to find the 3-lb cinnamon roll from Man vs. Food (fail - gave up on that one cuz we never felt like eating a giant cinn roll) and see the World's Biggest Cowboy Boots (did we succeed? You'll have to look at the pics to find out)!

Overall, a great trip, and I would definitely go back to San Antonio - the weather was great, fun sights, nice people!

Day 1 (Friday) - got to town around 5pm, checked into our awesome hotel, decided to hit up the RiverWalk to see what was up. Ended up taking a tour on the River Boat, which was fun (if a bit cheesy) and then ate at a deli after the restaurant we had scoped told us it would be a 2 hour wait!

Day 2 (Saturday): With Michele's wedding at 5pm, we had most of the day to kill. After bailing on the giant cinnamon roll hunt, we decided to hit up the Alamo (about 5 blocks from our hotel - right in the middle of downtown, which was kinda strange but cool)! We grabbed coffee at the hotel bakery, and when we sat outside we saw a bunch of people lined up with the street blocked off... Turns out it was a Cattle Drive! They were gearing up for the rodeo which starts this week... So of course, we had to hang out and watch! Great fun, totally unexpected and so totally Texan... :)

Ran into some Lions on the way to the Alamo...

And finally, wedding time! Michele looked amazing, so so beautiful and happy! And Toby cried like a baby when he saw her, which I love. :D It was a fun time, even though I was on my crutch - I did manage to squeeze in a little "dancing" cuz I could not be with my girls and not shake it LOL!

Day 3 (Sunday) - didn't leave SA until 6:30, so had all day to kill. My bum leg was killing me after all the walking we did the day before, so any walking was pretty much out of the question... So we went to Goodwill (bleh), then went to find World's Biggest Boots (success!). Saw a movie (The King's Speech - excellent). And ate some SUPER yummy BBQ!!!

Finally, time to go home - and bring Lucy Lou the world's best souvenir - TEXAS JOAN!!!!!! So excited when we found this!!!

She loves it.
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

time for an update!

Remember The List? 30 things to do before I turn 30. Well, I'm down to 3+ months (yikes!!!) so I figured I should check in on my own progress... Here goes.

1. go to a foreign country (and canada does not count) Check. Roatan (Honduras). It was awesome. Need to travel more, stat.
2. visit a new state Checking off this weekend, when I head to the great state of Texas! My goal: find one of the Man vs. Food restaurants to eat at LOL. Also plan to see the Alamo.
3. finally get healthy/in shape for realsies Hmm. Does rehabbing my knee count? I am trying to eat better, need to rejoin WW...
4. run an entire 5k race Um, probably not gonna happen. Darn skiing accident.
5. get another tattoo Check. Still want another one though - I think a wrist one is up next...
6. do something gravity-defying (zip-line! skydive? hot air balloon?) Wasn't allowed to zipline in Roatan, so may have to put this on hold. But I do still plan to do it as soon as I'm allowed.
7. learn to like wine (i feel like this is something 30-year-olds do...) Decided I'm a beer gal through-and-through. And am happy about that.
8. convince one of my sisters to have a child and/or adopt a chinese baby NOT going well. Dammit people.
9. try at least 10 foods i've never had before (brussel sprouts is at the top of the list for some reason - i think they are so cute) I made some kick-ass brussel sprouts on Turkey Day, they were delish! I don't think I've tried anything else new yet though... Suggestions?
10. get a cute little old lady bike. with a basket. and a bell. preferably pink. I haven't done this yet - there's still time. I do a lot of bike riding these days though, as it's the only activity I'm cleared to do so far. :)
11. go camping. in a tent. Hasn't happened. It's COLD outside! Doubt it'll warm up before May...
12. spend more time with my seattle friends Check, mostly. Could always get over there more.
13. spend more time with my family - especially the east-coasters Check, mostly. Vacay was awesome. Think they need to come visit Spokane stat!
14. go to a Zags b-ball game. or 5. None yet this year. We kinda suck though, so it's not a total loss...
15. tell off someone who pisses me off Haven't really been pissed off by anyone yet. I don't think.
16. take dance lessons (inspired by SYTYCD of course) Ha, probably not happening before the big day, since I'm still on crutches...
17. go to at least 5 concerts Let's see- Ray Lamontagne/David Gray, Tim McGraw/Lady A, and John Craigie/The Shook Twins... I have plenty of time to squeeze 2 more in!
18. finish a knitting project Definitely has NOT happened yet. Probably won't.
19. watch the sunrise once in every season I saw one this fall. And plenty this winter since it is still dark when I go to work. So once spring comes, should mark this off.
20. go to a spa Did get a pretty sweet massage at Highlands in Post Falls a few months ago. Check.
21. read 3 classic books (suggestions?...) I got about 70 pages into Don Quixote - then kinda gave up on it. It is REALLY long.
22. quit swearing so fucking much Nope. Still swear like a god damn sailor.
23. become an expert in growing one particular plant (i'm thinking sunflowers). and i won't probably be able to actually produce the product before my b-day, but it's a start :) Um, hasn't happened yet. Why was this on my list? Dumb. I don't really even like gardening.
24. go on at least 5 trips/vacations before then (3 are already planned, that leaves 2 to go...) Let's see... Seattle (does that count?), Roatan, and San Antonio. Planning to go to New Orleans for the Big Day. Still need one more! Ideas?
25. make a new, awesome friend Hmmm... I have been hanging out with Curtis a ton, and he's awesome. But I've known him for ages. Although we didn't hang out much before. I'll give it a 1/2 check.
26. be more open/outgoing with strangers I think check? Whatever. Another dumb one.
27. teach Lucy some crazy, stupid trick that wows everyone she meets Um, I think we're going backwards with the training. She is really bored since I can't do much with her. I do still plan to do this one though...
28. learn a new hobby (i'm thinking quilting? maybe painting? i don't know) Nothing yet. My yarn spinning idea keeps getting waylaid.
29. listen to my entire iTunes library (currently about 4k songs). delete the shit i don't like. This will take too long. I already know I hate about 25% of the songs, I just don't feel like taking the time to delete them.
30. take an Italian class Hasn't happened yet. Did get my tattoo in Italian, maybe that counts?

Well, overall, not bad. Not great either. I decided about 30% of the items on the list are stupid. So if anyone has any new/better ideas, I'm open! There's still (some) time!
Saturday, January 15, 2011


Knee update!

Yes, my ACL is still torn. However, the doc says I'm doing an awesome job with my crutching and brace-wearing (even though I hate it more than anything else in my whole whole whole life)... He is still confident that my MCL/ACL will heal up without surgery! I am not holding my breath, but will be super happy if I don't have to do knee surgery after all this nonsense.

Yesterday I finally got released to start some physical therapy and gym time (bike only)! I still have to wear a brace, but after whining at Dr Peterson for a few minutes he agreed I could downgrade to a bit sportier one - it is on order and I should have it in a week or so! Yay!!! I start PT on tuesday...

Went to the gym this morning to give the bike riding a go... It was definitely SLOOOWWW going, as my knee is still pretty resistant to full extension/flexion (it does NOT like to be straightened at all). So that should get better in time I hope. It was pain-free at least. Although when I say slow, i mean SLOW - couldn't even pedal fast enough to keep the bike turned on LOL! But that's okay, I made it 35 minutes before deciding I probably shouldn't get too gung-ho on Day 1. Dr's goal (and mine) is 60 minutes every day. I go back to him in a month, and will either have a good progress report or possibly a decision on the surgery at that point...

Sadly, I'm still on a crutch (only 1 at least) for the next month, boo. But at least things are getting better... :)
Thursday, January 13, 2011

Texas bound

My good buddy Michele is getting married! Which means I get to (have to?) go to San Antonio in a couple weeks for the wedding... Actually, I'm excited - I definitely plan to go around the Riverwalk and see the Alamo while there! I am dragging Lavs with me, as I didn't find a date willing to fly to TX - so she'll get to go do some historical crap as well I'm sure. :)
And seeing a new state marks something off the old bucket list as well!
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

true love.

We are swiftly nearing the one-year anniversary of having Lucy Lou around. Which also means the one-year anniversary of her BFF Joan!

Yes, Joany is still alive and "well" - and still toy #1 in our house.

Of course, today she is only 1/2 a body and just the bare minimum of stuffing in the head. But she somehow still squeaks, and provides hours of comfort and joy.

If only we all had a friend as loyal. :)
Monday, January 3, 2011

Ahhhh. That is all.

Seriously, Roatan was amazing. Astounding. Awesome. A-Okay.
I don't really know WHY we've never taken off in late-December before! It was SO nice to escape the snow and cold.
So here is a slight breakdown of our family trip.
But, really, words and pictures can not even come close to describing or showing just how fun/relaxing/perfect this vacation truly was.

Here is how the majority of my airport time went - waiting for TSA agents to get around to patting me down. It wasn't that bad actually. :)
Unfortunately, this was the task that faced me when we arrived at the house - about 65 stairs! Yikes! NOT fun on crutches. Thankfully, there is not a ton to go do on the island (since I refuse to go anywhere that may put me in contact with any variety of sea monster)... So I pretty much just stayed at the bottom of these stairs for 10 days!
Mom and I looking surprisingly chipper at the Roatan airport - even though we were dressed for winter and were greeted with long lines and 80 degree temps!
Me and the parentals. Sorry that is a terrible pic Mom, but maybe you'll learn to open those pretty hazel eyes... ;)
This was how we spent most of our days:
Or down here: (LOVED the pool, i was even able to get in and float a bit - no kicking allowed though)!
The gang (minus me and mom) took a trip down to the beach... I decided the stairs weren't worth it LOL
The view from our wrap-around porch. Seriously?
Sunset. Amazing.
yes, this man raised me. truly frightening though some days...
The Zip-Liners. Obviously I was not allowed to go. :( So sad about that... But it's a great excuse to come back next year!!!
We played a LOT of Uno. And Monopoly Deal. And Cribbage. Sometimes even in the pool!
Lounging in the sun...
Bye Roatan! Thanks for showing us such a great time! :)
*This is pretty much the only picture I am in. And I had to take it myself. Oh well.