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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water Baby

One thing I have learned about my girl? She loves the water. LOVES it.

So we've been spending a LOT of time at the lake this summer!

And I have 2 cute picture stories to share with y'all...

The first happened this past weekend at Hayden.

Miss Lucy decided she didn't think I should be allowed to Jet-Ski on my own or try to leave the premises of the swimming area...

So I was forced to pull her up with me and take her for a little ride

Now, I don't think I can say she "liked" it, but she did surprisingly well!

No scratching or trying to escape (probably because she was frozen in terror)...

And once I got her back on the dock and had Pia hold her collar, I was able to drive away! :)


I mentioned this in my Camp wrap-up post, but Lulu has a new, absolutely adorable trick:

The Lifeguard Rescue

She swims up to the "drowning swimmer" (preferably me or Curtis, she may or may not let the rest of you live),
Grabs the lifeguard tube by its tow strap,
And swims you all the way to shore!
And she's not stopping until she gets you on the beach.

Honestly? Cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Step 1: the "Catch"

Step 2: Starting swimming (notice the fierce look of determination)

Step 3: Cross over any and all obstacles in the way

Step 4: Bask in the glory of yet another successful rescue.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love these peeps

Last weekend, Pia and I dragged a couple of friends to the 100 Monkeys show. (See Pia's blog for the totally fabricated story on how we got there. And her comment section for my rebuttal.)

Anywho, it was a total blast. (Of course, the $70 bar tab I ended up with was not so much fun. Nor was the puking in the car later. Yeah. That happened.)

But here are a few pics, cuz we are so dang cute! :D (obviously the first 2 are from a cell phone, so they suck...)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

so freaking cute.

As I mentioned earlier (see post below for more deets), i am pretty sure I have the cutest, sweetest dog alive.

Below is photographic evidence.

What you are looking at: our group campout on Boys Beach. The first sleeping human lump you see is me. Right in front of me is Lucy Lou, curled up on my coat.

I was convinced she would spend the night hunting in the woods/getting eaten by a bear.
She literally curled up on that coat for the entire night. Did not move. Not to pee, not to drink water from the lake, nothing.
Well, not until I got up anyways.

Seriously, sweetest dog ever.
This was pretty much how the whole week went - she would wander off maybe, but then come back to find me before going on a different adventure. She was nice to the campers, but didn't really love them like they all wanted her to. (This especially broke the heart of one of my kids Brooks, who spent the whole week just trying to get her to sit with him. Sorry Brooksy.)

Love my gal.

Camp extravaganza

Last week, Lulu and I packed our grips and headed out to Camp Cross for a week of fun and (semi) Relaxation! It was an awesome week - gorgeous weather, Lucy had the time of her life ignoring the campers, and I got to spend time with a bunch of OLD friends who used to be on Staff waayyy back when I was a camper! so fun.

Also, I don't have the pics yet, but Lucy learned an amazing trick - if you hold on to a Lifeguard's tube, she will grab the strap and tow you to shore! A-freaking-dorable. Seriously the cutest thing ever, it was quite the hit at camp!

Okay, on to the pics:

Cutest dog ever.

Me and Emma (all-time favorite staff member from the old days, now she's an actress in NYC)

Curtis, Pia and me. This is about 5 minutes before my Small Group team dominated the Staff team at volleyball. So their smiles didn't last long. Mine did. ;)

P and I at the last night... maybe one of my fave pics of us.

the counselors/resource team. we rocked.

I'm not convinced that dishwashing while shirtless is the safest idea ever, but it didn't seem to deter the boys. (That is Colin - Dev's older brother - with Curtis and Devin)

Little miss nosy had to get in everyone's business. Love it.

Michaela came out for the first night. SO happy to hang with her. She has an absolutely incredible singing voice, and got to duet with our music man Fran McKendree at campfire. Loved it. Also, she's heading to Peru for the next 6 months (or longer if she likes it)... So I'm gonna miss her! Also, we have officially been friends for 20 years this summer (met at Camp when we shared a cabin in 5th grade)!!!

This was my small group (plus Emmett/Christa, minus my co-counselor Mike) - they were awesome. And, as I mentioned earlier, we totally dominated the camp Volleyball Tourney! Woot!
We camped out on this beach - and Lucy never left my side once all night LOL... such a goober.

Amazing view of one of my favorite Camp moments - every day before the campers were up, a group of us would go to random scenic locations for a 15-minute morning spiritual time... it was perfection.

Emma and Ronco. My faves. Plus Ronco is a nurse, which is always a good thing.

Lucy is already wondering when we are going back. Apparently she thought the deal was that she and I were moving out there permanently. She was crushed when we got back to our boring old house.
Sorry Lulu. Maybe next year.
Friday, August 5, 2011

Pace yourselves

The blog posts were fast and furious today.

But you may want to pace yourself on reading them.

Because, tomorrow, Lucy Lou and I are heading to Camp Cross for a whole week!

Catch ya on the flip side.

Last, but definitely NOT least!

HAPPY HAPPY birthday a few days early to my fave big sis!



Sorry these pics are the only times I've seen you this year!
And, since lists seem to be all the rage with me right now, here are just a few things I love about you:
~You are the most generous person I know. Seriously.
~You are probably the only person on the planet who really totally gets what it means to me to touch Tim McGraw.
~You love your family the mostest.
~You LOVE slots. And one a lot of money on them in Vegas. Then tried to lose it all again. :)
~Even though you HATE flying, you're pretty much always game for a trip somewhere.
~You are hilarious
~You have the biggest heart
~You are the quintessential big sister - you constantly tease me and give me terrible nicknames, but for some reason all I ever want is your approval
~Every once in a while, you throw me a bone and give it ;)


Happy Birthday!


Since I won't see you tomorrow, thought I'd wish you a super duper happy birthday now!

Just a few of the million things I love about you:
~You love my dog almost as much as I do.
~You take Lulu for walks even though she constantly tries to pull your arm off.
~You love all the same shows I do - Toddlers & Tiaras, SYTYCD, Modern Family, etc.
~You are the nicest person I know - always willing to do anything for any of us.
~You do the dishes a LOT more than you should have to.
~You try so hard to grow things in our garden.
~You never fail to support me or motivate me when I need it.
~You were the best, most patient nurse ever when I was on crutches for 6+ weeks (even though you claim you have a "3-Day Rule" this is never true when we really need it)
~You are my favorite Road Trip buddy ever!
~I finally convinced you to come out to Camp for a weekend, then promptly made you work your tail off, and you didn't complain at all!
~You knit me the cutest mini-Lucy ever, and I love it.
~You are the most giving knitter ever - you rarely knit for yourself, always doing a project for someone else.
~You LOVE your kids. Even when we may not deserve it.

Happy happy happy birthday! Love you like 60.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy Lou!!!

Things I've learned about you:
~You LOVE your momma. More than anyone in the world. And I love that.
~You love your grammy 2nd best. I also love that.
~You probably love JOANIE 3rd best. Even though she's just half a body with almost no stuffing, she remains your go-to gal.
~You could swim ALL DAY long if I let you.
~Camp is your favorite place in the world. (And why shouldn't it be? You can swim, crash through bushes, chase snakes and squirrels and bugs, run and run and run...)
~You are the sweetest dog I've ever had. You love everyone. And everyone loves you right back.
~You are the perfect size.
~You have the softest fur ever.
~I adore when you sleep on your back with those front legs sticking straight up in the air.
~You get the most hopeful look on your face whenever I leave the house - hoping this time I will take you with me. (Luckily for you, I take you a lot.)
~You HATE to sit/lay down in the car. You only do it when you are so so so so tired.
~You love to go to "puppy school" aka doggy daycare.
~You always try to pull Grammy's arm out of the socket on walks. We don't love that so much.
~You love when our doggy neighbors come for a visit - your "bet wens" Pumpkin & Shadow, or Piggy & Munchy from across the alley.
~You are so good - you never beg for food and you rarely get in the garbage. You'd never dream of taking something off the counter. Love that.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

trust me.

For Cara - Just a few pics from Turkey... Trust me, you wanna go there. :D

pretty please?

Will someone please take me here???

I want a good vacation STAT!

**Note, I would also accept HERE, HERE or HERE as alternatives. FYI.