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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun with baby

Yesterday mom and I took miss Colie on a little outing. We tried (and failed) to find an estate sale in Newman Lk. Then we decided to visit my grandpa Tony at his new apartment (super nice place, and we are all so glad he made the decision to move on his own!). And, what is a trip to Idaho without a stop at Walmart? :) Colie fit right in, with her bare feet and crabby attitude and messy outfit. ;) the day ended with a trip to the Y with the whole gang for some swimming.

Selfies at grandpas house. 

Note the fancy pink sparkly shoes!

Trying on headbands

I've been spotted!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring is here...

Which of course means it's back to work on the casita!  Yard work commenced today. Yay?
A sweet little flower poking up through the terribleness that is our backyard. 

Here are some Before pics to refresh your memory:
The raised bed
 The corner shitshow (future garden shed location)

Here's what we accomplished today:
Got the whole raised bed rototillered! Yay Tonsy!

Now it needs raking/weeding, some compost mixed in, weed block fabric, and some yummy veggies a-growin!