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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Things...

O.M.G. I just realized I only have 8 months left in my 20s. (Yikes!)

So off the top of my head, i just came up with a list of 30 thing i want to do before i'm 30.
feel free to help me cross any/all of them

1. go to a foreign country (and canada does not count)
2. visit a new state
3. finally get healthy/in shape for realsies
4. run an entire 5k race
5. get another tattoo
6. do something gravity-defying (zip-line! skydive? hot air balloon?)
7. learn to like wine (i feel like this is something 30-year-olds do...)
8. convince one of my sisters to have a child and/or adopt a chinese baby
9. try at least 10 foods i've never had before (brussel sprouts is at the top of the list for some reason - i think they are so cute)
10. get a cute little old lady bike. with a basket. and a bell. preferably pink.
11. go camping. in a tent.
12. spend more time with my seattle friends
13. spend more time with my family - especially the east-coasters
14. go to a Zags b-ball game. or 5.
15. tell off someone who pisses me off
16. take dance lessons (inspired by SYTYCD of course)
17. go to at least 5 concerts
18. finish a knitting project
19. watch the sunrise once in every season
20. go to a spa
21. read 3 classic books (suggestions?...)
22. quit swearing so fucking much
23. become an expert in growing one particular plant (i'm thinking sunflowers). and i won't probably be able to actually produce the product before my b-day, but it's a start :)
24. go on at least 5 trips/vacations before then (3 are already planned, that leaves 2 to go...)
25. make a new, awesome friend
26. be more open/outgoing with strangers
27. teach Lucy some crazy, stupid trick that wows everyone she meets
28. learn a new hobby (i'm thinking quilting? maybe painting? i don't know)
29. listen to my entire iTunes library (currently about 4k songs). delete the shit i don't like.
30. take an Italian class

okay, now it's out there! i will keep you updated on how it goes! :D
Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh thank goodness!

i think it's every parent's worst nightmare to have an "uncool" kid (or at least it's mine... that probably makes me a total asshole but whatever). so Lucy Lou has been going to doggy daycare for a while now, once a week... she comes home tired, and her head/scruff is usually soggy from being chewed on by the other dogs, life is good.
BUT, i've been secretly worried all along that she is the uncool kid - she's kinda runty compared to the big dogs there... she is WAY too eager to make friends... she thinks EVERYONE is her best friend... you get the picture. i was nervous that all the other dogs actually hate her and were picking on her.
SO, yesterday when i picked her up i got the greatest news ever! the daycare owner said, and i quote, "oh miss lucy is just the most fun dog we have. ALL the other dogs fight over who gets to play with her! we even have one old crusty dog who hates everyone, but he LOVES lucy."
imagine my relief. my girl is the most popular one in school.
thank god she's fixed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

it's birthday week!

Happy birthday to the best big sister ever!!! Car, love you so much... I continue to hold out hope that one day we will live at least in the same time zone, because i miss nothing more than just hanging out with you and knowing all the every-day stuff we used to know about each other. But as long as you're happy, i'm happy! you are my BFF, you let me use your car (!), you are the most generous, kindest, soft-hearted, loving, funny person i know!

I hope this is your best year yet!
Saturday, August 7, 2010

my little baby, all grown up...

Today my baby girl turns 1. Well, today more-or-less... Hard to believe! She is definitely a big girl now! Although, she still LOVES her babies (Joan, with half a body, remains baby #1 - probably similar to Hadley with her Baby Davis)...

We could not be happier with our little Lucy Lou. She has been a lover (and seriously effing adorable) since day 1 (waaayyy back in January):

And she's come so far since then. Now she is independent (mostly), feisty, loves EVERY dog she meets, loves every human she meets, and is never happier than the moment I come home from work.

Things she worships: WATER. Licking lotion off of people's legs (yes this is weird, but she LOVES it)... Sticks. Balls (there are, at any given moment, about 12 tennis balls floating around our back yard/house). Squeeky toys. Water. Garden hoses (i am pretty sure she thinks that if she chews one into enough pieces she can make the water come) - she's already destroyed 2 and now I've just quit buying them. Mommy. Grammy Laurie. Her BFF's from across the alley, Piggy & Munchy (i forget their real names, but trust me when i say those 2 dogs ARE Piggy and Munchy). The Lake. Hiking. Really, she just loves life.

Happy birthday sweet girl! Even though you had no idea, i didn't make you a doggy-cupcake or buy you a party hat... (But she did get a pretty sweet Sheep toy from Grammy).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy birthday lady!

Happy birthday to the funnest, prettiest, smartest lady I know! You are a great roommate, wonderful mom and grammy to Lucy, you put up with my shoes in the living room and are always willing to empty the dishwasher (cuz you know i HATE that chore)...
Love you! Hope this is the best year yet!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

more weekend adventures with Foy and Lavs

Today, Mom and I went to Couer d'Alene to drop the Parlange boys off for a week at Camp Cross. (It was probably the world's worst trip out, complete with 2 total meltdowns, and we basically threw the boys out of the car and drove off before they could refuse to take them to Camp...)

Anyways, as a reward for getting them off, we decided to hit up Art on the Green, one of my favorite little art fairs! It was really good this year, lots of variety and cool things - mom found a b-day present for Cara, and I found a super cute wall hanging/bud vase for our living room - it was at this awesome booth that had tons of vintage tin wall hangings and i wanted to buy ALL of them. one at a time, i suppose, will have to do until i win the lottery.

Behold world's cutest vase thingy. and, again, i apologize for the shitty pictures.

adventure in Lucy-sitting

For about 3 weeks now, I've been talking about/thinking about hiking out at Riverside State Park (Bowl & Pitcher to be exact) - and finally, finally I was able to gather the troops yesterday to go! We had to hold off about 4 different times due to thunder, but eventually the clouds parted, the sun came out, and we hurried out the door. Mom, me, Lucy, Riveria, Liam and Alex. It was a day fraught with adventure as you will see below:

Here is Lucy, overlooking the "Devil's Toenail" rapids - such a great name. You may notice she is wet, because a trip with my pup is never complete without a little jump in the water. Her first time in the river! :)

Me and Lucy on the swinging bridge... (sorry for the crappy cell-phone pics, but i'm not sure why you'd expect any better from me)

Mom and the boys on the bridge - we watched an Osprey fishing for a bit, alas we ran out of patience before he did.

the view from the swinging bridge:

RJ and Lucy, while we were waiting for WORLD'S LAMEST PARK RANGER to write us a ticket!!! That a-hole gave me an $80 fine for having my dog off-leash. Yes, I am aware it is against the rules, but still... Of course, idiot dog totally ran right up to him and started wagging her tail/kissing on him before i could catch her, so i blame the dog.

There is the Ranger's stupid truck behind the boys. Boo, park ranger. Boo.

Overall, despite the hefty fine, it was a perfect outing, complete with popsicles at the end! Yay!