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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finished Project!

Yes, it's true people - I actually finished a knitting project!
Apparently, a deadline helps...
Because I had 9 months to make this:

Sadly, I didn't make the adorable baby - the super cute Sienna Sage Miller
But I did make her precious Owl Blanket!
It turned out so pretty (not as pretty as that little girl, but still...)

Can't wait to meet her! San Diego is TOO far away!


Laurie said...

what a pretty baby! And of course the blankie is to die for. Good job finishing a project Missy.

And can't wait until her neck is strong enough to support the weight of the Baby Barrister Wig.

Sue said...

I always knew you had it in you! Amd I love the movie-star baby name!

Sara Miller said...

I <3 this hootie blanket so much I can't even tell you!!

Laurie...I keep sneaking the baby barrister wig onto her floppy little head and giggling to my heart's content. Even though she can't hold up her head yet, I may have to prop it up for a photo so everyone else can enjoy this pink knit beauty as much as I do!!