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Thursday, May 29, 2008

And I'm off...

Yet another traveling weekend - tomorrow I'm heading up to Spokane to go work out at Camp Cross for a few days! It will be nice to see the family, and my camp buds, and take some of my clothes home so I don't have quite so much to move in a few weeks!!!

Unfortunately, Lake Coeur d'Alene flooded, so this pic is what I'll be facing when I get to Camp - there should be about 30 feet of shoreline, plus some docks.... God clean-up is going to be HIDEOUS when the water goes down!!! :O

The Doggy Montage...

A bunch of pics of the pups... Apparently Wally and Lola do NOT like looking cute at the same time in the same pic, so there are no good ones of the 2 of them... But I love em anyways!

Walt doing what he does best... chowing down!

Sissy girl, I love this pic!

Tiny little Murphy - such a cutie!

Scrap noodle Bear - she may be ancient, but she's still got spunk!

Walt - such a lover boy :)

Lola - it's dark, but that's a black dog for ya!

My handsome boy T-Bone

Cute Sissy

Bubba being shy...

Haircut Girls!

Apparently I only took pictures of the dogs while in DC, other than golfing with my camera phone!!! So, here is the only other pic I got there... Presenting Cara's Haircut!!!

And here it is straight (the girl loves to get it straightened, personally I LOVE her curls!!!)

And, just cuz, here is my haircut pic from a couple weeks ago - a bit darker and a bit shorter. Of course, it never looks as good as on haircut day. Darn it.
Saturday, May 24, 2008

Golfing fun...

Today it was super nice out, so Tony, Dad and I decided to go play some golf! (Poor Cara and Patty had to work.) We played at Lee's Hill course - mom, you'll be interested to know that the course is on the old Confederate Infirmary and Lee's Winter bunker property, and there are still Confederate-dug bunkers there! :)

Unfortunately, Dad was so terrible (lost approximately 15 balls in 9 holes) that he decided to call it quits after the front 9... But it was fun having him there while it lasted.

Because he lost so many balls I didn't actually get to play out the last hole, but I am giving myself a 99 for the day - so yay me! :) Sorry for the bad pics, but I only had my camera phone with me...
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Made it!

After an absolutely hideous flight, I made it to Virginia last night! I had terrible restless leg the whole first leg (to Dallas), and couldn't fall asleep even though I was awake all night working! Boo! But thankfully I was able to sleep a bit on the 2nd flight and felt better - plus, I absolutely love to fly into Reagan airport - it's smack in the middle of DC, so you can pick out all the monuments from the plane, and we caught an incredible sunset too (i took pics, but didn't bring my camera cord with me... dumb)!

We got home and I spent the rest of the evening snuggling/being attacked by the dogs, which of course was great! Those crazy pups haven't changed a bit in a year. :) Plus I even got to sleep with them (well sort of, Walt snuggled with me for about 10 minutes then they both went off to sleep on their own)...

Today Cara has the day off, so we are just trying to decide what to do. Probably won't be anything that exciting, but it's just fun to be here! :) If I can find a camera cord lying around I'll post pics later...

Geeking out (again)!

Last week I had a couple of nights off work, not enough time to really switch back my schedule to a more normal one. So, because I was bored at 1am one day, I decided to re-read the "Twilight" books (the vampire ones)! Oh my god, I totally am geeking out on them, I read them all before I was due back at work - that is about 1600 pages in under 2 days, people!!! Seriously, if you haven't read them yet you need to. They may be aimed at the teen audience, but the stories are so well-written and fast-paced that I totally fell in love with them. Just a great great love story between a normal girl and a guy who just happens to be a vampire (one who belongs to a "vegetarian" family - aka they don't eat human blood) who is tempted beyond belief by her. Sounds dorky, but I have not been able to quit obsessing for the last week - They are currently filming the first movie and book #4 in the series comes out in August, so I'm constantly looking online for news or tidbits. It is so sad, but I just can't help it! So someone else please read them too, so I can freak out with you! LOL. Just a warning though, each book contains the first chapter to the following book at the end as a teaser - do NOT read this unless you have the next one sitting next to you ready to read. ;) And, don't pick it up unless you have time on your hands or are prepared to sacrifice sleep. I had to force myself to put the books down and go to bed each night.
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Virginia bound!

I'm off to visit the dogs! (and my family too, I suppose)... ;) I am super excited, and will be there until Monday! Whether or not I do anything blog-worthy remains to be seen...
Sunday, May 18, 2008

To My Pops...

Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanks for being such an incredible father. I am so grateful to you for so many things... You have always been willing to open up your home to whichever of your kids didn't feel like paying rent (in fact, I'm pretty sure you've never gotten to live alone with your wife, which is pretty incredible) and you never complain about it; you always let me work at the Shop even when you couldn't really afford it, and I appreciate that more than you know; you showed me the importance of loving your work - and the courage you had in leaving behind your safe, if stressful, business to follow your heart. I am so proud of you and happy for you that you are doing something that you love and that seems to make you so happy (most of the time), even if it did mean you moved across the country! You helped Tony & I get through some incredibly difficult times (and I'm sure we helped you too), you make me more irritated than anyone I know (because we are way too much alike), and I couldn't have asked for a better dad!

I hope you have a great birthday, and I can't wait to see you on Wednesday! XOXOXOXOXO your Gory Girl.
Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day!

happy mothers day to all my favorite moms out there! you are all great, but obviously my favorite one is my own mommy! thank you for all you are and for all you did to raise us! i love you more than anyone!
Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I finally convinced someone to go to Disneyland with me yesterday! The girls and I braved the chilly weather to head out, and it was GREAT! The crowds weren't bad, the line rides short (under 20 minutes for every ride!), the food yummy... A fun day overall!

waiting to get inside the park - the only crowd we ran into...

Michele, Bethany and me

being dorks in our ugly D'Land hats...

of course, we had to find beers (it was Cinco de Mayo after all)!

Michele and I "sad" because we got fricking soaked on Splash Mountain (never happened in all my time at D'Land)!

Birthday Dinner

For my b-day the girls and I went to dinner at Katsuya in Brentwood for sushi (and cooked salmon for Bethany)!!! It was sooo delish, by far the yummiest food we ate all week - and we ate a LOT. ;) Thanks gals, for a great night!

Blowing out the candle on my "cake"

being nerds, per usual - note the beautiful new necklace! thanks gals!

me and 3 of my fave people - Michele, Sara and Bethany!

we luv sushi! even Sara, who is a freak vegetarian (with a bit of fish occasionally)

my precious new shoes (I promised Lavs I'd blog 'em - so here they are)!
Sunday, May 4, 2008

LA Adventures!

Here are some pics from our LA adventures... I'll write more later? Lots of fun, but no celebs spotted yet this weekend... oh well!

Birthday cupcake - peanut butter chip! Yummy!

Bethany with some random dude...

How I feel about turning 27!

Double-fisting - love that Bud light!

Michele being her usual self...

at the beach with Bethany!

more beach pics!

Aahhh, so refreshing!

Dinner at "Ketchup" in West Hollywood - good stuff
Thursday, May 1, 2008

Travelling Fool!

For some reason, I have decided to use what (very) little disposable income I have to travel! In the coming month I will be going to Virginia for 5 days - mostly to play with my dogs, since I think everyone will be working most of the time - and Spokane twice (once for a quick weekend and then again when I drive back up for good)!!!

So excited to see everyone again!

This weekend 2 of my best buds, Bethany and Michele, are flying down from Seattle for my b-day! So i'll try to take lots of pics... Yay!