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Saturday, December 31, 2011

oh Lulu...

My dog is SUCH a weirdo.

I don't even understand her sometimes.

For instance, she has a highly attuned startle reflex. Meaning she jumps at EVERY noise/movement/change in air pressure/etc...

But the kicker? She is totally not into dog treats. At all. I have given her rawhides, bones, everything. She pretty much ignores it all.

So today I figured I would let her do the treat-picking at the dog store.

What does she pick?

The cranberry breath bone. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

Lavs and I are convinced she thinks she's a vegetarian... (Don't tell her that her dog food is chicken.) She only eats organic, farm-raised, grass-fed dog treats apparently. ;)

Love her.
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knitting fool!

This year has been a low-budget Christmas.
Which means a bunch of people got hand-knit gifts from me!

Yes, people, it's true...
I've been knitting like crazy! I finished 5 projects for Christmas, plus an additional hat I made for myself just the other day!

We'll see how long it lasts... ;)

Project #1 (and what started the craze): Lavvies' Christmas Stocking
Our mom (world's best knitter) has never had a stocking made for her! Preposterous!
This stocking came from this cute free pattern...
I love how it turned out (although it's a bit smaller than the other stockings we have hanging)

Project #2: Lucy's Stocking
I had to make this one up, because there really aren't many cute (free) dog stocking patterns.
Weird. Apparently not all people knit for their dogs?
I think it turned out okay... It's kind of a weird shape, cuz I wanted it to be on the small side, but miss Lulu was pleased.

This is her enjoying (read, devouring) her spoils: A few treats, a Christmas Joan (!) and some squeaky tennis balls. All in all, a pretty good haul from Santa.

Project #3, 4, and 5: This adorable hat:
I got this pattern because I needed another project when I was at the retreat in Asheville and had some spare yarn...
It turned out so cute (and super easy/quick) that I made 3 of them! They went to Bethany, Michele and my grandma Glo for xmas.
Bethany is supposedly emailing me the pics of the finished hats, but so far hasn't had time... So I'll post if I ever get them! :)

Project #6: cute cable hat:
This is my first cabling project! It is knit with some gorgeous malabrigo yarn mom had, and I love the green-gray color
here is the top

And my beautiful model...
It's a super cute slouchy beret-type hat.
Love it, wore it today. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

CCD 2011

This post took a LOONG time to write... because I am still exhausted from Christmas Cookie Day 2011!

It was a super fun day, held for the first time on the East side of the mountains (since Michele moved over here, we now outnumber the Seattleite Bethany)

Here are some pics, in no particular order:
Early in the day... we are still smiling, only on drink number one. (Yes those are tasty bellini's in giant wine goblets...)

A quick break to watch the Zags game (with Brian, B's hubby and our designated store- and coffee-runner)

baking, baking!

These are FAKE smiles. I effing HATE icing cookies more than life itself. Mish and I always get stuck with this job somehow... that Bethany is crafty!

the girls and Jack boy

again, this is still pretty early in the day, so we're relatively cheerful. We were WAY more organized this year - running 3 Kitchenaids, and constantly rotating cookies through the ovens :)

Michele's signature pic

our fuel for the day

bethany modeling proper drink-making technique

Some beautiful cookies!

this is what you get when you put me on the decorating job. pure shit.

these beauties were my new recipe this year - pistachio-cranberry biscotti. AMAZING. I am making a second batch as we speak.

Rugelach - my fave! but i hate making them, so we only get them once a year.

sad face/head tilt man. love him.

Jack testing our frosting. with a carrot dipper.

Overall, a rousing success! I think we ended up with about 13 types of cookie... in only 8 hours. Again, I only do this because I love my buds. :)
Sunday, December 18, 2011


Melts my ovaries. Good god.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Ready!

Christmas Cookie Day (aka CCD) 2011 coming this weekend!

I look forward to 2 things:
And being done.
I hate baking, but I love my friends.

Trip of Awesomeness!!!

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!

Michelle and I had an amazing trip touring the East Coast.
I (shockingly) remembered my camera! And took many a picture!

But none of the Virginians.
Rest assured, they look great.

Here is a sampling of what happened:

We bummed around Fredericksburg.
Did some X-mas shopping, drank some beers, walked.

Then, we drove (7 hours!) to Asheville NC.
My first time in NC! (And the tip of Tennessee. Scary.)
We went to an incredible retreat, titled A New Ancient Harmony.
It was wonderful. Peaceful. Incredibly spiritually overwhelming in the best possible ways.
I'm still processing.
Perhaps, one day, I will know what I learned. :)
I didn't get many good pictures from that.

But this one? I love this one.
This is Fran McKendree. He is probably one of my favorite people on the planet.
He is soulful, kind, immensely talented yet humble, and overflowing with love and light.
I honestly cannot say enough good things about the man.
I think I'm probably in love with him.
Unfortunately, he is happily married and lives across the country.

This (terrible) pic is of me and Michele with another amazing source of inspiration in my life, Brian Prior (on the left). Brian is the current Episcopal Bishop of Minnesota, but will forever be known to me as the man I probably tortured as a super annoying camper when he ran Camp Cross. I asked him this weekend if he would have guessed I would turn out so great, and he honestly said "You? No. Never in a million years."

Also pictured, J. Phillip Newell, the keynote speaker at our conference.
Profoundly spiritual, and honestly living every word he preaches. A rare gift in this world I think.
Also, he really rocks the scarf.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.
It was onward and upward, via brief stopover in F'burg, to DC for the rest of the weekend.
I tried to condense pictures.
But rest assured, an awesome time was had by all.
(All being me, Michele, and our old Camp friends Ellen Adams and AJ Frye. Plus a few visits from our bud Ashley and AJ's girlfriend Andrea...)

We drank. We talked shit. We laughed a LOT.
Like ridiculous amounts.
We wandered around DC.
It was cooold. But beautiful. (A nice change from Asheville, where it rained/misted the entire time!)
We goofed around. Saw some sights.

And I discovered my amazing gift for the self-pic.
I love it.
Honestly, people would offer to take our picture, and I usually refused.

So there you have it.
I could not be happier to be home, though.
I missed my dog something crazy.
And I think she was about to go on hunger strike.
Thursday, December 1, 2011

buddies 4 life!

Tomorrow, I am heading out on a grand adventure with this lady:

We are heading to DC (to see friends AJ, Ashley and Ellen), then Fredericksburg (to see the fam), then down to Asheville NC (to go on a church retreat and see 2 of my fave peeps ever, Brian Prior [ran Camp Cross when I was growing up, is now Bishop of Minnesota] and Fran McKendree [favorite musician of my life])!

What does all of this mean to you?
Well, I'll be gone for 10 days. (YAY!)
But don't worry. I'm sure when I get back you'll get some amazing pics.
Because this is how we roll:

And this:

And a little of this:

Oh yeah, don't forget this:

Okay, and probably some of this:
Catch ya on the flip side!
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

sneak preview!

Yes, i did it! I got bangs!

and, i LOVE them.

here is a (terrible) picture... and a sneak preview of an upcoming post about our Fellowship group Thanksgiving dinner!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

such a gal

I was browsing old posts tonight, and came across this gem:

"So, on our 2 week anniversary, here are some things I've learned about my pup:
1) She LOVES me. And pretty much everyone else she's ever met. But she is my shadow at all times when I'm home. Never more than 2 feet from me. :P
2) She is killer with a tennis ball - and this makes me soooo happy, cuz all I wanted was a dog who would play fetch! (Although she won't bring the ball back until she has spent a good 3 minutes tearing around the yard at top speed with it first...)
3) She is pretty smart (I think)... she can "sit" like no one's business, and is slowly learning other tricks as well (week 2 of puppy school is on Monday).
4) She likes to have a wide variety of toys/chewies that she can choose between - but will always pick Joan over any other.
5) She is pretty much the cutest, sweetest puppy in the whole world! :)

(Not sure why it turned green...) Anyways, thought an UPDATE was in order!

Really, not much has changed since week 2 of life with Lucy Longinotti.
1) I am, far and away, still her #1 gal. (Don't worry Lulu, the feeling is definitely mutual.)
Her new favorite thing? The second I walk through the door, she sprints for the closest tennis ball and forces me to play fetch with her as long as I can stand it. It is hilarious.
Still my shadow at pretty much all times.
2) See above. LOVES her tennis ball. Although now she brings it back pretty much immediately. ;)
3) Definitely smart. But I am bad at bothering with new tricks. Also, terrible on a leash. She prefers to run free. (We are currently working on expanding our "circle of trust" - ie, how far I'll let her get before thinking she might run away...)
4) Joan got mauled by the lawn mower this summer. :O We are all devastated by the loss.
5) Definitely still the sweetest little pal in the whole wide world.
Tuesday, November 15, 2011


THIS SITE makes me happy.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yay? or Nay?

I'm thinking I need bangs.

I always hated bangs (on me, not on other people).

But now, maybe I kinda love them?

I need input, people!

I am thinking something like these (long hair, long-ish bangs?):

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

just because...

...Because I LOVE this video more than anything else on the whole internet.
...Because you should too.
...Because it's been at least 6 months since I last posted it.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Guy.

So, I haven't blogged much lately (other than the flurry of Halloween-related posts...).

It's because I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with my sweet grandpa Tony.
(Pictured with his many granddaughters...)

Cuz our lovely grandma Gay passed away not too long ago.

And gramps has not lived alone in a veeerrryyy long time. If ever.

So, as you can imagine, it's been a bit rough.

Honestly? It's kind of great to be around him so much.

He has lots of stories about old Hollywood stars (who used to come into the old family restaurant, or who he made amazing furniture for). He watches a lot of old movies. :) and that's about it.

For now.

I'm just trying to soak it all in, and learn everything I can about him. Because let's face it, none of us are gonna be around forever. And we should cherish our grandparents while we can.
Monday, October 31, 2011
Sunday, October 30, 2011


My pumpkin!
Love those pumpkin kits - such cooler pumpkins than I am actually capable of making on my own...

And, here is us picking out said pumpkin at Greenbluff!
Love the excitement.