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Saturday, March 19, 2011

a little clarification (kind of)

The Origins of the "Saltine Warrior" according to Wikipedia: In 1931, a Native American warrior known as Nathan March aka: "Saltine Warrior" became the athletic mascot. The name derived from an article describing an archaeological dig on campus allegedly uncovering the artifacts of a Native American warrior. The warrior was called the "Saltine Warrior" because of the abundant salt deposits in the Syracuse, New York area. The article was later revealed to be a hoax, but the mascot remained for next four decades.
Friday, March 18, 2011

NOT Scary.

Lavs and I have been watching a LOT of basketball over the past 2 days. (It's March Madness - aka The Greatest Sporting Event Other Than The Olympics Ever Created - for the few of you who don't know.) A side perk to watching all these teams? Learning some new Mascots! And we have decided that so many of them are funny, rather than intimidating - which, really, every mascot should aspire to be in my opinion...

Here are my vote for the worst mascots of the tourney:

The Akron Zips - apparently the "Zips" nickname was shortened from the Zippers a ways back. And no, they weren't named after the zipper on a pair of pants, but rather a type of rubber shoe from the 20's. I don't know, it's weird. Weirder still? The Zips mascot is a kangaroo. We are pretty sure the kangaroo came in 2nd in the mascot vote, and they couldn't figure out how to make a shoe costume.

Ohio State Buckeyes - The Buckeye is a tree nut. Their mascot, "Brutus Buckeye," is a giant, nut-shaped head wearing the school colors. LAME. Even lamer - or cooler, depending on your point of view - the costume used to be a FULL-BODY nut, with just the legs sticking out. That would have been awesome to see. Also, fun fact, apparently Brutus' costume was stolen in the early 2000's and they had to use the old costume. Although I saw no pics of this, so can't verify.

Indiana State Sycamores - A tree is never a good mascot (take note, Stanford). Never. Although, I will give it the edge in a contest between a tree and a NUT - at least a tree could cause serious damage if it fell through your roof?

Syracuse Orange - Okay, something even less terrifying than a nut (because, actually, now that I think about it? Many people have serious nut allergies) is a color! Seriously, Syracuse? Go
back to your old, racist, mascot - the "Saltine Warrior" (some sort of bizarre Indian mascot) because at least he carried a hatchet. Otto the Orange is fucking ridiculous. He looks like a hairy beach ball in a stripey hat (see picture).

Long Island University Blackbirds - Um, there is a Beatles' song about you. And it's pretty. NOT scary.

Boston University AND Wofford Terriers - Even worse than the Scotties (sorry, P). A terrier is in NO WAY intimidating. Cute? Sure. Yappy? Definitely. WHY THE HELL DO 2 SCHOOLS HAVE THIS MASCOT?!?!?!

Tennessee Volunteers - from what I can tell, they don't even have a costume. Couldn't they at least terrorize their opponents by masquerading as a Habit-For-Humanity worker and swing a giant hammer or something?

St. Peter's Peacocks - Now, my mother disagrees with me on this one - she happens to find peacocks terrifying. And I will admit, the ones that roam the Woodland Park Zoo do scare the crap out of me occasionally. But really, for a sports mascot? I mean what are they gonna do, blind you with the beauty of their feathers?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You can KNIT THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!!!! Seriously I have NEVER seen anything more perfect for my mother than this, as it combines 3 of her favorite things in the whole world - English crap, the Royals, and even Corgis! :D AMAZING.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

what i'm working on...

Just a little taste of my newest project, found this seller on Etsy via Regretsy!

Love. It.

Monday, March 7, 2011

good stuff

Saturday night, Pia and I went and watched this guy sing:

(That's David Gray for those of you not in-the-know...)

Now, you may recall, we did see David play a show last fall with Ray Lamontagne at Marymoor Park (went with Pam and Josh, good times).
I have to say, this show way completely, totally different - yet just as awesome.
It was acoustic, stripped-down, intimate. Perfect for his music. I am not the world's biggest DG fan (I don't know every word to every song, like when I go see a Tim McGraw show [or even a Ray Lamontagne one]) but this won me over. He was amazing.

And yes, I stole that first picture from the internet. Because the only one I took all night? This guy:
Sunday, March 6, 2011

happy happy

Yesterday, the Daily Challenge was to think of "5 Things That Make You Happy."

Easy, I thought:
1) Playing with Lucy
2) Going on vacation
3) Having all of my family in one place :)
4) Reading a great book
5) Being out at Camp Cross

But then I figured that those 5 came out so easily, I can easily think of more! Here are some other things that make me Happy:
  • the day People magazine comes in the mail
  • college basketball, especially the Zags
  • blackjack
  • good beer
  • accepting that i'll never be a wine connoisseur
  • yelling out the answers when watching Jeopardy and Wheel
  • Modern Family
  • Jim Halpert
  • any time Andy sings
  • my friends
  • babies (especially the ones that belong to my family/friends)
  • Cake Wrecks
  • buzzer beaters
  • T-Bone, Sissy, Smurphles
  • traveling to new places
  • a working knee
  • when Lucy sleeps on her back with her front legs sticking straight up in the air
  • seattle in the summer
  • moments of surprising spirituality
  • the fact that i LOVE my job
I could keep going and going and going - clearly, much to be grateful for!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

a great time of year!

Yes, I am sick to death of winter! BUT, my favorite part of this time of year? Basketball!

State "B" tourney started today, and it is finally back in the Spokane Arena where it belongs! Brings back SO many memories of basically the first 20 years of my life... Watching game after game after game, year in and year out - from the Colosseum to the Arena - little 6th grade me and my friends painting our faces and leading cheers at Districts (because Saint George's was SO above having "real" cheerleaders by then) - watching Cara/Pia's team win State after losing to Davenport the two years prior in the Championship game and rushing the court at the end of the game - stealing 100s of crowns from Burger King to wear at the games in high school (a tradition that still goes strong at SG) - tons of face paint/ancient polyester warm-ups/a sea of Red & White - getting to play in the tourney my Senior year (even though I was a lowly benchwarmer) - pre-game and post-game practicing and relaxing at the Coleman's mansion - losing in the Championship game my senior year and then coming back to watch my girls win it all the next year... I could go on and on (clearly). I kinda miss it.

Also, can't forget March Madness! I already have planned to get the Thursday & Friday off of work for the first days of the NCAA tourney... Probably my 4 favorite days of the year. Here's hoping the Zaggies make it this year!!! But even if they don't, you know where I'll be - in front of the big screen. :D