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Monday, July 21, 2008

So sorry...

Yes, I am still alive (although I have almost no voice at the moment and sound like a man)... I have been super busy at Camp, plus exhausted on my days off! But here is a rundown of what the last 2 weeks entailed:

Went to Yakima to help lead a Vacation Bible School with 2 other staffers, Kaitrin and Brit

Bought some sweet shoes in Yakima

Bought our boss Greg a wolf shirt, which he LOVES (don't ask...)

Saw Wall-E (cutest movie EVER)

Saw the new Batman - Heath Ledger is so amazingly great!

Had Intermediate/Jr High Camp #2, for 4th-8th graders




Sang songs

Yelled. A lot.

Built campfires

And LOTS of other stuff I can't think of, none of which involved getting enough sleep unfortunately!!! I will try to post some more pics later, for now you get one of me and Graham cuz the internet is too slow!!! xoxo K
Saturday, July 5, 2008

Still alive...

Sorry for the lack of updating recently... So i will give you a brief idea of what I've been up to. Camp.

Just kidding... Last week we had more "staff training" - aka work us to the bone cleaning camp and then work us more at night planning the Camp Sessions coming up! It is actually my favorite part of being on staff, cuz I actually like to do most of the physical labor - it's such a nice change from Nursing... Lots of pruning wild bushes, organizing messy rooms, hauling rocks on the beach, etc... I know you are all shocked to hear that I like it, but it's fun and we just goof off and joke all day. :) The planning went well too, I'm in charge of Senior High (the last camp, for 11th grade-new grads) - it is our biggest production, where we go all out and I'm super stoked for it!!!

I've attached some random pics, nothing too thrilling cuz I've been kinda bad about taking pics...

The Staff doing Eucalyptus treatments, cuz we are all hideously sick and tired:

Just me and Kate being nerds with Trent:

Pia is here for 4th of July Family Camp, helping in the kitchen! Hurray
I hope everyone had a safe, fun 4th of July!!! Go America! :)