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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holy Sh*t! I am in shock...

FOLKS, I started RUNNING this week.

The last time I willingly ran?
(That would be senior year of high school.)
And "willingly" just means - run these laps if you want to participate in basketball/volleyball/tennis...

There has been a lot of motivation pushing me towards this decision lately
Which I assure you was NOT an easy one. I HATE running. LOATHE it. Words cannot express this feeling quite deeply enough.
BUT, I do want to lose weight. And what I've been doing so far has not really been cutting it (ie 20 pounds in a year. that is not really gonna cut it when you need to lose 100+ pounds.)
Mom and I stayed for a Weight Watcher meeting a couple of weeks ago (which we don't usually do) and our leader Cathy talked about how important it is to re-motivate and re-evaluate goals frequently.
Which I really don't ever do. (Set specific goals.)
Then Pia signed up for a Couch-to-5K like 1 day later.
So I figured it was a sign.  I'm committed.  I signed up the next day for a C25K program too.

And this week was Week 1.
Which was Run 60 seconds - then Walk 90 seconds. For about 20 minutes. 3x this week.
It wasn't pretty.
But I did it. 
(Sort of. Day 1 I had to switch to the Elliptical 1/2 way through because my knees weren't appreciating it.)
By Day 3 (today) I managed to do all of the run portions without stopping early!
And I took Lucy with me too.
Who LOVED it.

So my goal is to be ready for a 5k by the end of summer.
I want to do the Portland Color Run in September.

Because if I'm gonna do a 5K, shouldn't it be the "happiest one on the planet"?
Now, who's with me?


Sue said...

That looks terrible - but I am so proud of you - and now you are motivating ME - dammit!

Laurie said...

V. proud of my baby girl. Not proud enough to join you as yet. But give me a week or two and perhaps my long-lost love of running will return.

Katie said...

yay! PS we get a discount if we can pull together a 4-person team... Meg, i'm looking at you! ;) i seem to remember you saying something about a willingness to travel to P'land...

Lis said...

Agree with the loathing of running...but it does get better. a good playlist is KEY.

Pia said...

I made it through my first week too Katie, and made it through all the runs this week (somehow). Like you, I hate running, but I NEED to shake it up. And I will do the Portland run with you sister!

Meg said...

Let me look at the date...I very well could make this happen! Hang in there. The first two weeks...always the worst. And you gotta download about $500 worth of music...that's the best part of running.