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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

first "celeb"

Saw my first celeb today at the nail salon... Actually it was just an uncanny and probably crazy Cher impersonator, but I'm counting her anyways! :) She had old-Cher giant curly hair, and sounded just like her. What a way to make a living...
Monday, January 28, 2008

The $154 Latte

God, I had the worst night ever.... It started off nice enough, meeting my old buddy Ellen Adams for a coffee up by USC (where I hadn't been yet, so that was cool)! We had a ton of fun, catching up for a couple hours. On the way home I decided to stop for some groceries... All going great so far. When I got to the apt I snagged one of the endless supply of shopping carts that lie around the place to carry my groceries upstairs. Fine, great, no big deal, saved me a hernia from carrying those damn plastic bags. So I prop open the door with the shopping cart and unload the groceries. Then, I decide to take the cart back to the elevator lobby (aka shopping cart parking lot) and on my way back realize that my KEYS ARE SITTING ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER!!! Arrrrggghhhh! God damn it! I also, of course, have no phone and no way to get hold of anyone... So I walk downstairs to our oh-so-helpful security office thinking they'll have spare keys. Nope, no such luck. :( So he offers to call a locksmith, what choice do I have, I say okay - so $150 and 1 1/2 hours later I am finally in my apartment with my groceries put away.

Man, I tell ya, after dealing with this, the whole "Bride of Chucky" thing and the awfulness that has been dealing with Verizon all week trying to locate my missing internet kit, I think I'm just going to stay in the house from now on - sorry mom!
Saturday, January 26, 2008


The funniest thing happened today... I was walking by the pool at my apartment and this random 8 year-old kid told me I "look like Chucky's evil bride." I was all, What?!! I don't know, maybe I'm just missing something, but I don't see it. LOL I am pretty sure it was a put-down, but it just made me laugh... Also, what was this kid doing watching a Chucky movie?!! That f-ing doll is so creepy.
Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pia 1, Katie 0

So Pia claims she saw a celebrity in New York this week - Russell Simmons. I am dubious, mainly because I'm not totally convinced that she would recognize Mr Simmons if she saw him - although she does watch a large amount of MTV - but mostly I'm just pissed cuz I've been in LA for over 2 weeks now and have seen NO ONE! ;) But I hear all the good celebs are in Sundance right now anyways...
Thursday, January 17, 2008

best. website. ever.

All about my favorite guy, Karl Pilkington. He is the funniest man alive!

With a head like a fucking orange, of course.


Okay, I realize that being the project leader on any episode of "Project Runway" basically guarantees that you will get auf'd, but THE CRIER (aka Ricky) HAS GOT TO GO! He offers NOTHING! He is so lucky that idiot Kit agreed to be the leader on his team, he gets saved for another week - shameful. Boo.

That's all. Oh, and I hate Jillian and Victorya too, but their coat was cute. And is it wrong that Christian is growing on me?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Don't Hate...

Yes, it is 70 degrees and absolutely beautiful today!!!

It was so nice when I woke up this morning that I decided to wander over to Santa Monica for breakfast... I went and had coffee at Urth Caffe (hoping to spot some celebs, but no such luck), then walked over to the farmer's market, then walked down to the beach to watch the surfers and enjoy the sun! I dipped my toes in the water and it was COOOLD! :O But the beach was nice... I'll have to rent a bike one of these days and ride around.

After my lovely morning, I headed back home to hang up my new Ikea pics (they are fairly boring, but at least put some color on the walls) and "clean" - yeah I've been sitting here 3 hous and that hasn't happened yet. :) But I'm getting ready to meet Sara for a movie and dinner at The Grove - maybe I'll spot someone famous for y'all there!

Boo, Seahawks

Since I had the day off yesterday, I was able to drive down to Costa Mesa and visit with Kirdy who is in town working until next week! It was super fun to see Kirdy!We met up to watch the Seahawks get demolished by the Packers (ugh) and then went over to some mall and wandered around - sadly, I found nothing to buy there, but I discovered an Ikea on the way home and picked up a few pics to hang on the wall. ;)
Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting, but since I refuse to pay for internet I am forced to rely on the neighbors for their wireless, which tends to be a bit spotty! Anyways, I finished day #2 of orientation today, very boring so far but tomorrow I'll get a better idea of what the job in the Infusion Center will actually be like! Plus I'm supposedly working 8 hours of OT this week, which will be nice come payday! The drive to work isn't bad, about 35 minutes if I avoid the freeways, 20 mins on the freeways if no traffic (BIG "IF"). ;) Cedars-Sinai is a beautiful hospital, they definitely pride themselves on their reputation! Although, unfortch they made a big deal about how they'll fire you if you look up celebrity info... dammit. Pray that I get some celebrities with cancer, or you are gonna be gossip-less. J/K. ;)

Other than work, I got to do a bit of exploring when mom was here - we went over to nearby Santa Monica, which is super cute (and, I believe, packed with celebs if you time it right), plus Ventura Beach (which is a bit ghetto but really close to the apt and nice for bike riding). I also made a stop in Culver City to watch the Ohio State game with Skoky (aka Sara) yesterday - I couldn't have cared less, but her BF is an alum... I haven't found the Target yet, but I did go shopping at the Beverly Center (right across the street from work - trouble) today!

Anyways, here are some pics of Mom and I at Venice Beach... It was super windy & chilly by the water but really pretty.

my little abode

The living room complete with rented furniture - not my taste per se, but the couches are comfy for napping on! :) If you notice the corner, I have world's tiniest TV hooked up right now - my recruiter promised to get me one but no word on its whereabouts yet...

The kitchen - very nice, all stainless appliances and pretty granite counters - although it has the dumbest cabinets of all time (they are all narrow or shallow)!!!

This terrible picture is the view from my bedroom window at night - mainly rooftops, but somewhere out there is the ocean, I promise! ;)
Friday, January 4, 2008


After a journey fraught with peril, we arrived in LA this afternoon!!! The drive from Sacramento was truly hideous, with 70mph winds and pouring rain the ENTIRE way (save a 45 foot stretch of blue clouds)! The weather here in "sunny" LA is no better, it is super wet and rainy (maybe to make me feel welcome as a Seattle-ite?).

But we are here, and spending the night at my best-high-school-friend Sara's precious little studio apartment that she so kindly offered for the night! It is located in the heart of Koreatown, or as the white people call it "Mid-Wilshire." We got to visit with Sara over a lovely dinner, it was nice to catch up as I haven't seen her in probably 3 years. And she's my only friend here, so I'm glad that she claims she'll be "bugging me all the time to hang out." :)

I will be moving into the apartment tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to steal internet from a neighbor so you can see pictures!
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On the road again...

That's right, myself and my awesome road-trip buddy (aka my mom) took off this morning! I accidentally overslept, had been planning to leave by 9 but finally rolled out (after hitting up the 'Buck of course) around 10:15! We managed to make it through most of rainy Oregon and stopped in Grants Pass for the night at a lovely Travelodge. No pics, as I looked like crap today and erased all the ones my mom tried to take in the car, plus she forgot her camera cord of course. :)

Tomorrow it's off to California, with a (hopefully) brief stop in Sacramento so I can get a CA nursing license!