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Friday, April 29, 2011

Recycling Posts...

A bit of backstory to this post : waaayyy back in 2008 (during the Obama election, to be exact), my mom and I started a little something called the "Bring Em Home" Campaign. The goal? Get Cara & Tony to move back to WA! I found an old post, and am going to recycle it here and officially commence with the "Enough Already - Just Move Back For Cryin' Out Loud" (EAJMBFCOL) Campaign 2011.

Without further ado, 25 (!) reasons why my sibs need to come back to the Best Coast.

1. Northern Quest Casino is 10 minutes away. Vegas is only like 2 hours and a $75 plane ticket from the tri-cities.

2. NO Humidity. Your hair would look normal!

3. Spokane FINALLY got a dog park! And it's pretty nice! Maybe Bubba & Sissy would finally lose the weight...

4. You need to be here so you don't miss out on things like WATCHING THE ROYAL WEDDING - only the greatest event ever, and you totally thought it was gonna be lame. Guess what? It wasn't lame. It was awesome.

5. The Zags games are on before 11pm. Which means you can watch on a school night.

6. If you lived with me, I'd make you dinner pretty frequently. And unlike Dad, i know how to do more than barbeque.

7. You two are funny. And when all of us get in the same room? Ridiculous hilarity ensues.

8. We have CarQuest stores here, too, you know. And i'm sure any one of them would hire you idiots in a heartbeat.

9. red vines. oh boy oberto. zips. the PI. etc etc.

10. Lucy wants to meet her brother/sister. SO bad.

11. we have Hoopfest and Bloomsday and Art on the Green. Fredericksburg has nothing.

12. i don't actually know if #11 is true.

13. We miss you.

14. You missed Carson being born. And Allie. And Maddie and Hadley and Logan. And now they are all SO big and SO great, and you would love them SO much.

15. all of your friends are here, and if you were too maybe you'd actually see them once in a while.

16. hawaii is so much better than the bahamas, and so much closer to the west coast

17. We have amazing lakes. That take 20 minutes to get to.

18. your mother misses you so much (note the heavy guilt-card being played here)

19. There is NO traffic here. the other day i got stuck in traffic. it added about 7 minutes to my commute and i was annoyed.

20. because in all the time they've been married, Seeph and Gummy have never gotten to live alone, which doesn't seem very fair

21. you two work way too many hours to properly enjoy Wally and Lola - if they were here, they'd have Lulu and Grammy to play with them all day.

22. wasn't Roatan amazing? just imagine, we could actually have that much fun all the time! (and plenty of making fun of Pia would happen, promise) :D

23. maybe the Mariners will get good again if you come home? the timing seems to correspond to when you left... sort of.

24. #23 may be wishful thinking, but you never know.

25. i'm afraid if you don't come home soon, you never will. and that kills me.
This one remains as true as it was 2 years ago.

adorable, take 2!

Love this piccie! Becks was dreamy, love Posh's hat and dress, and the bump!

Just saw this picture... SO Cute!
"Giving their well-wishers more of what they want, William and Kate step out from their reception to drive around Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin convertible bearing the license plate "JU5T WED." Making their way around the Mall, the beaming bride smiled and waved while her groom kept an eye on the road – the front of the car bore a red letter "L," standing for "learner's permit."

Pip Pip! (or some other appropriate British saying...)

Well, after months of build-up, the Royal Wedding has come and gone! Prepare to be inundated with replays and pics. :)

Mom and I had grand plans to wake up for live coverage (thankfully I had the day off today) at 2:30am! (ugh.) Well, luckily I ended up waking up early, at 2:15, cuz Wills was already arriving at the church!!! I yelled for Lavs to get up, she did, we sleepily made some scones and coffee.

Observe, scones with jam. Very tasty in the wee hours with a wedding going on:
Lulu, on the other hand, was not impressed. At all. She spent most of her time sleeping or rolling her eyes at us for being awake, or looking hopeful every time we got up that maybe this time we were going back to bed.
In the end? Totally worth it! We got 2 kisses!!! Yay! And, for the record, here are my thoughts:
a) i LOVED Kate's dress. Perfection.
2) Wills is adorable. how he was blushing after the kiss when the crowd cheered? adorbs.
c) i still love Harry the bestest. And Chelsea Davy looked like a cow. not cute.
Thursday, April 28, 2011
Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We love spring!!!

This weekend, Lulu and I headed over to Seattle with Grammy for a quick trip (well, quick for us - grammy is staying over to give Aunt Lisa a break for a few days and take care of Mimi)! We took off on Friday night, and after world's worst drive - almost 7 hours! - we finally made it. We also decided Lucy must be bad luck on road trips, because the same thing happened last year when we took her with us to Seattle.

Saturday, the weather was gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't get anyone to come with, but Lulu and I decided to hit up Marymoor dog park anyways. We had SO much fun! We love that park. And Lucy was way braver this year - she actually jumped in the water multiple times (last year, she just stood at the edge crying while Rudder had the time of his life)! Here are a few pics from our grand adventure!

I love this pic. She is such a good little girl, posing for piccies. (Even though she was totes rolling her eyes at me when I made her sit for about 12 pics before I got a good one.)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

new toy

I got a new iPod today. Sounds exciting, right?

It would be, if it wasn't because I had to replace the one that got stolen out of my car last week. Boo. Sometimes, people really suck. Because, honestly, I would have just given the damn thing away - but instead, they broke into Cara's nice car, shattered 2 windows, scratched up the paint, messed up the window frame, etc etc.

But I do love my new ipod at least! I upgraded to the 160gb, so will probably NEVER ever fill it up. Unless all of you readers want to send me more music to put on it! (Or iTunes gift cards, i'm not picky LOL)

Super Dork

Turns out, Lucy Lou has her first true phobia - fear of HARDWOOD FLOORS. (I could not find a name for this phobia... but I did find "Luposlipophobia" - the fear of being chased by timberwolves around the kitchen table while wearing socks on a freshly waxed floor. Thank you, Gary Larson.)

I'm not usually a video poster, but I love my super dork dog tip-toeing around Susan's kitchen because she hates to slip. And she has to take the LOOOONG way around to get to me. NERD.

Note, there is a part 1 and part 2. Both are short, I promise. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Race for the Cure

EARLY this morning, Pia, Lucy and I went downtown to support the Cancer Care NW team and walk the Race for the Cure! It is really one of my very favorite events to do - the course is easy, it is chill, see lots of people I know, people get way into it, etc.

The sunshine came out just in time to start walking, and we were off! Lucy said "hello" to every other dog on the course (aka barked her head off)... But other than that she was a champ! Had lots of fun, even put up with being forced to wear a team shirt!

We only walked the short course, cuz Pia is still a sickie and I wasn't sure how my knee would hold up for the longer 5k, but overall we had a grand time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Song of the day!

This is one of my all-time fave songs/bands right now.

the way-back machine...

love this pic!

one of my all-time fave movies!!! and makes me think summer! (i can't wait to be by the lake...)
found here of course
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what the hell?

I love me some Paula Deen. BUT watching her show today (i'm home sick - thanks Pia), I realized how much I miss the good old Paula, before she got all famous and sell-out-y (is that a word?) and orange!

Compare (may need to click on pic to see details):

Monday, April 11, 2011

pic o' the mornin'

this made me chuckle...

If i were a shop owner, i would definitely put this on my door!

found here
Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random Thoughts...

  • I hate having a cold. I have finally caught Pia's disease, it took long enough (figured I'd be sick about 2 weeks ago). But I just have a chest cold so far, hope it goes away soon!
  • It's sunny outside! Finally! I'm hoping this means spring is here for good... We had hail/snow on Thursday though, so who knows.
  • Even though I'm not convinced we won't kill everything, mom and I are getting geared up for gardening! Our little sprouts are sprouting, so exciting.
  • It's crazy how fast those sunflowers are shooting up. but i guess it makes sense, since they will end up being 6 feet tall...
  • If anything kills our garden, i'm 98% sure it will be Lucy. She LOVES to dig. Does NOT get why she shouldn't, at all - just stares at you all confused when you yell at her.
  • I will be 30 in LESS THAN A MONTH. Holy shit.
  • I don't feel 30. I feel 17. Or 29. Depends on the day.
  • 29 was both a crappy and wonderful year. Crappy because of my knee - it is sloooowly getting better, but still a long ways from 100%. And turning into a very expensive problem. But wonderful too, cuz I have had SO much fun with the puppers, and we had lots of good adventures.
  • I want to go back to Roatan. Or anywhere tropical, really. Although I should wait until I can zip-line this time. Because I definitely still have that on my bucket list.
  • I seriously need to get serious about weight watchers. ugh.
  • Going to the gym when you have a chest cold is torture.
  • For Lent, me and some friends having been trying a different church every week. I have been very surprised by the results. I am 90% sure I am going to keep going back to the African Methodist Episcopal one. I LOVED that church.
  • I also gave up Starbucks and caffeinated pop for Lent. I have really not missed either all that much. Although I do miss Diet Dr Pepper around 3 in the afternoon.
  • I still have a cup of drip coffee in the morning. It's not nearly as good as a skinny caramel macchiatto. But my coworkers appreciate it when I come to work semi-caffeinated.
  • Why are all the guys at the physical therapy office so effing adorable? It's ridiculous. Seriously. My mom can back me up on that one.
  • I am convinced - Lucy is the cutest, bestest doggy in the whole world. (Other than the digging. Also, she ate 3 garden hoses last year, not cool). But overall? Perfect.
  • Sometimes I want a 2nd dog. But then I think, since I got so lucky with Lulu, that the new dog will be the devil. And probably eat all my shoes.
  • We still have a snow shovel on the front porch. We should probably put it away, but then I remember that this is Spokane, and you can never be sure it won't snow 3 inches.
  • I love that my mom made us order the special Comcast package with BBC America, just so we can watch the Royal Wedding.
  • The British have lots of good words that we Americans don't. My fave? Whinge. I love the word whinge. Especially when spoken with an accent. "Quit your whinging!" (it means whine for those non-anglophiles out there... pronounced "winje")
  • When I was younger, i LOVED Wills. LOVED him. Now? I'm all about Harry. Love that ginger.
  • Also, I think it would be 1000x better to be married to the "spare" than the "heir." All the fun and tiaras, without all the responsibility.
  • Okay, I think that's all I've got for now. I leave you with a question: What fun things are you going to do now that the weather is turning nice?
Saturday, April 2, 2011

pic of the week!

i want to be there. doing that.
found here