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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Well folks, the Big London Adventure is winding down! We have one more full day here before we head home... I can't believe what a great, exhausting trip it's been!

Some highlights:
Edinburgh castle
Harry potter studio tour
Learning to drive on the left- hand side of the road (in the right-hand side of the car)
Hiking up to Hadrian's Wall in the blustery winds in the middle of nowhere
A 2-hour queue to get into the Christmas Eve carol service at St Paul's cathedral (where we befriended some Brits, South Africans and a gal from Milano, and watched Muslims tell us all about why our beliefs were so wrong)
The ridiculous crowds at harrods on Boxing Day
Trying to traverse the city during a subway strike (not fun, especially in the rain, with every single bus packed to the gills)
Trying to find hot food on Christmas Day
Missing out on finding (and marrying) prince Harry (because he is in Afghanistan) :(
The incredible churches (York minster, St Paul's, Westminster Abbey) that make our 80-ish year old cathedral at home look so puny and new
Eating our weight in Pret-a-Manger sandwiches
And SO much more!

We are, understandably, exhausted, excited to get home to comfortable beds, and sad to leave all at the same time!

Lots of pics to come when we get stateside