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Sunday, October 31, 2010

WTF. srsly. WTF.

So we FINALLY got around to watching the Project Runway finale last night (a long ordeal involving effing Comcast OnDemand, my laptop and an incredibly complicated video/audio rigging to get it watched, but still). I wish I hadn't.

Gretch the effing Wretch won. HOW?!!? WHY?!?!

Seriously, these bangs alone should have been grounds for dismissal in episode 3 (probably right after the dude who wore the "Clockwork Orange" hat)...
HATE. Annoying, and her collection was ripped straight from the "Coldwater Creek" catologue.

Nina! Mikey! What the hell, you guys? Crack smokers, the both of you.
Seriously, when Heidi Klum and JESSICA SIMPSON are voices of reason, something is seriously wrong.
My thoughts exactly Mondo.
And I loved you from day one - love your short-shorts, cray cray hairdo's, and adorable designs that were 1000x more fashion-forward than The Wretch could EVER dream of being.
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

doggy park!

i had the day off today, so Lucy and i decided to call up our buddies Curtis and Kaylee to meet for a playdate! We went to the dog park at stateline (which, apparently, is the hot meetup for local gay gentlemen - i kept my eye out for any scandalous behaviors but saw none. boo.)

anyways, Lucy and Kaylee had a grand time. i took a couple crappy cell phone pics, but they really don't capture how much fun we had. or something.

kaylee is the dog with the freakishly short legs on the left. lucy is, as usual, sucking up all the attention. the german shepherd is a stranger who fell in love with lucy and followed her around the entire time he was there. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

even Don Draper would roll over in his grave...

a few vintage ads... ones i think even Mad Men would balk at.

the first one's for you Cara...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

adventures in Yakima!

Here are some pics from last month's trip to yakima/prosser for wine tasting and fun. these pics are in absolutely no order whatsoever... :D

Michele, Bethany and I ended up hiring a car to take us around to a bunch of wineries, totally fun times although i did decide i am a beer girl in the end.

Friday, October 15, 2010

dying of cuteness

Luce's Halloween costume arrived yesterday - so of course i had to try it on her immediately! It is SO freaking cute, i die every time i see it.
yes, that is a ballerina piggy outfit.
ps - god help my future children, if this is how i feel about a dog...