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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!!!

Happy 2008 everyone! I thought '07 was a great year and I can only hope that this next year will be even better!!! Just so I am (slightly) accountable, here are my "resolutions" for the next 12 months:

1. Embrace a healthy and active lifestyle

2. Take every new adventure that comes my way without hesitating.

3. Keep in contact with my family and friends, reconnect with those I've been bad about keeping up with.

4. Love and laugh every day!

I hope you all have a wonderful year full of joy, happiness, sunshine and laughing so hard it hurts!

Stuff that keeps me from being bored...

Here are my top websites to look at when I'm bored. Maybe they'll help you out! :)

1. - Trent is too funny! He is SOOOOO much better than Perez.

2. Office fansites - top 3 are OfficeTally, Northern Attack and Jenna Fischer (Pam)'s blog

3. - what better way to stay abreast of Jamie-Lynn's pregnancy or Brangelina's latest adoption? It's "classy" gossip. Or something.

4. The Fug Girls - they are hilarious! This website is so great!

5. MSNBC - because they are never blocked at work, they have info about everything, and keep me up-to-date on whatever I need!
Monday, December 24, 2007

Cabin Fever

We spent a lovely weekend up at my Aunt/Uncle's cabin at Lake Kachess (just east of Snoqualmie Pass) - it was great to catch up with the family and relax!

Hadley, Auntie BZ and my mama

Uncle Bob, Mom and B make us some food

Cara shows off the next generation of Sundstrom women - Hadley Jane and Madeline Anne - sooooo presh!!!

the Cousins in our first photo together since about 1986... that's Kip, Tony, Cara, Pia, Megan and me

And just like that...

They're gone! Yes, my long-lost East Coast siblings were in town for a WAY TOO SHORT visit and sadly left today. But it was great to see them, and hopefully now that they've had a sweet little taste of home they will come back to visit sooner next time!!! :) We miss them already...

Cara, Hadley and I - three cute but chunky gals ;)

Tony and the super-bendy Hads

We miss these two!

Tony wearing the best present ever for a Bealeton, VA boy! ;)

New Wheels!

Yes, I finally gave in and bought the car I've been eyeing for ages! I figured it was time to retire the BMW so I sold it to my sis... And so far, despite multiple trips to the gas station already, I am loving my new TrailBlazer!
Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am officially done with my assignment at Everett! I am tired and happy to get a few weeks off to visit with the fam! :) I must also note that my mother has definitely cleaned (or put her children to work) and the house looks great! On the docket for the next few days: hang out with Cara & Tony a bit, go car shopping (!), finish my Christmas shopping, hopefully go up to Kachess to the "cabin", and catch up on sleep!!!
Thursday, December 13, 2007

praise Jebus

Thank god for SPACE BAGS!

I now have all of my clothes packed up and loaded in my car - it only took 2 jumbo's and 1 large bag to do it! :) I have enough scrubs and underwear to get me through the rest of the week and that's about it... Now I just have to tackle the little stuff and I'm all set!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So I was just getting ready to tackle the mess that is my room, as today is pretty much the only packing day I've got left before heading over to Spokane...
When we got a surprise visit from 2 of my favorite girls! Hadley Jane and her Zaide (aka my aunt BZ) stopped by for a nice little visit.

As you can see, it was a fun-filled visit, packed with breakfast eating, crossword puzzle helping, and avoiding Rainy like the plague!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cookie Day

Today was the 2nd annual "Cookie Day" at Bethany's house. I am not much of a baker, but I agreed to go when promised Bud Light and taco dip. ;) It was a LOOONNGGG day, we ended up making 12 kinds of cookies and it felt like it would never end at times! But we got some yummy Christmas gifts and a fun girl's day out of it...

Oh yeah, did I mention it snowed today? Hurray! Of course, it's already melted, but still...

My favorite girls, cooking and looking purty

My sad attempts at decorating gingerbread men... Michele and I finally gave up on making them cute and went for goofy/weird in the end - mainly aliens and aerobics instructors for Mish, accident victims and monsters for me.

"Magic Bars" - not my favorite, but everyone else seems to worship them! :)

Halfway done! yes, there were probably twice as many cookies as this when we finished. Jeez.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Anyone in?

Since Cara and Tony bailed on me, I have 2 extra tickets to the Gonzaga vs. Tenn game on Dec. 29th at KeyArena - first dibs to my beloved blog readers! :) Otherwise I'll sell em on Craigslist... but you'll get to sit next to me and the Rotch if you want to come.

Hurray for the Holidays!

Well it's safe to say that the Holidays are in full swing! I've got (a few) presents wrapped, listened to my new Starbucks Christmas CD, celebrated with friends, and am now counting the days until work is done (6 shifts to go) and I get to visit with my awesome family!

Since some of you asked, here are some pics from the Holiday "$20 Wine Contest" Party I went to last night at Michele's new BF Matt's last night - it was fun to get a bit dressed up and drink some vino (which is not my favorite, but I rallied for the sake of the season). The goal of the night: to bring the best under-$20 wine. I did not win, as I know NOTHING about wine. But Bethany got 1st and 3rd place! Atta girl!

Michele, me and Bethany (at the beginning, before things got a little less classy as usual)

Michele practicing her dancing

Semi-dressy... :)

The winner! Isn't she cute...

Yes we are dorks... (Brian, Bethany's new hubby, puts up with us really well though!)

The aftermath...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Back Online!

After the fun storm that washed out the area earlier this week, we were without phone (and, therefore, internet) for the past few days! My worst nightmare come true!!! Thankfully I could check my internet at work, or I probably would have killed myself by now. But I'm back now for my adoring blogging public.

"What has Katie been up to?" You may have been asking yourself. Well, sadly the answer is work. And sleep. And then work some more. So I have no good pics to put up. But I'm heading to a fancy-schmancy party tonight and will be attending Cookie Day 2007™ with my 2 fave girl Bethany and Michele on Sunday - so there should be pics up soon!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I told you so...

I have nothing to say. I am working tonight. It is pretty boring so far. 3 patients and 1 on the way, which means I'll pick up another one later. :( But now I have to get back to them, so no one dies.