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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kill me now!

This news story is, quite possibly, my WORST NIGHTMARE. I fucking HATE sea creatures... Why do they need to go dragging them up from the depths of the ocean to examine and freak us out???

"If you're looking to while away the time at work tomorrow, then
allow me to point you in the direction of some entertainment that'll last you
over 36 hours of horrified gawping.
Navigate yourself to the Museum of
New Zealand Te
Papa website and watch the dissection of a 33-foot long Colossal Squid - and yes
that is its scientific name - the largest of its kind ever landed.
views from the thawing bath as the beast is defrosted after capture over a year
ago. Watch a close-up of the chopping at the slab itself, or simply enjoy the
whole spectacle from the comfort of the wide-angle all the way through until
they stitch the half-tonne whopper back together again and embalmed it for
Sunday, April 27, 2008


Nothing much happening on the blogging front... still excited about my Rubik's Cube skillz (I don't care if you think it's cheating, it's not, and you will be very impressed when you see it)!!!

I'm on my first of 4 nights in a row (which I realize people do every day, but I HATE working 4 in a row, it's so exhausting!) plus we have NO patients tonight which means I have already done the following here at work: 12 chart audits, watched 1/2 of Harry Potter 4 on tv, watched SNL (love that C. Walken), eaten dinner, wandered around, looked at all my internet sites. Yup, thrilling. :)

On the news front, 2 of my favorite people are coming to visit - Bethany and Michele! They will be here Friday through Tuesday (just in time for my b-day) and I'm super duper excited!!! Plus, they aren't going to bail on me for Disneyland (unlike some people I know)... And, I've got a trip to Spokane lined up for the end of May, and might even be going to Virginia the week before that if I can afford it!!! Wahoo!
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Awesome party trick...

I learned how to do the Rubik's Cube while bored at work one night (free gifts from our employers... don't they know nurses just want free pens?)! Now people think I'm waaayyy smarter than I really am!


You too can learn it, there are videos on YouTube or other sites around the 'Net...
Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I just checked the Karl Annoyance Project blog that Ricky Gervais does, and today he posted that he's given up on Karl and there won't be any new podcasts from the amazing Ricky-Steve-Karl team! I am slightly suicidal at the moment...

Damn you Karl, quit being such a fucking Manc twat!

Only a couple hours late!

Our Madeline Anne is ONE! I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday we got word that mini-Kip had arrived, and now she is a wild, walking, bouncing, 4-toothed, crazy-haired beautiful one-year old girl! Mads is so much like her airplane-flying, Mariners-loving, dog-crazy parents, and it is too cute! Love you Maddie and I hope to see you more in the next year! :)


Sorry I haven't posted, I really haven't done much since Cara left on Wednesday. I had SO much fun with my sister and mom when they were here, I am super-sad that they left!!! :( Wah.

Anyways, I've pretty much been working nonstop since then, other than driving down to Anaheim on Saturday to watch the Mariners get beat by the Angels (in, possibly, the quickest baseball game of all time)! It was fun to see cousins Kirdy and Pete plus their various girlfriends and Costco cohorts! Sadly, I wasn't much fun (being on my night schedule and all) and I ended up driving back home right after the game... But I'm definitely hoping to make a few M's games in Seattle this summer (maybe even sit in the much-talked-about All Star Club???)! Who knows, maybe I'll even catch a win? I also (finally) got to hang out with Sara tonight, and we had some delish pizza downtown (I think the first non-diet pizza I've had in AGES and it was sooooo good)!!! :)

This next week brings more work (of course), then I'm off Wed-Fri before heading back for another 4-night stretch... Thursday I get to have free dinner at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills courtesy of some drug company at least! :) Plus, how could I forget to mention that "The Office" is back and I've watched both new episodes at least 3 times now (helps that work is super boring at night)! I love you Jim Halpert!
Monday, April 14, 2008


Sadly, we had to say goodbye to mom after a super-fun weekend last night! Cara was useless after too much sun at the Pasadena Swap Meet, so I drove her to the airport alone... Then came back for a quiet night at home.

Today, Cara wanted to go back to the beach, so we headed down to my old stomping grounds - Venice Beach. It was nice and sunny but super windy, so it didn't feel like we were getting that much sun - until we left and realized we were both total lobsters! Whoops!

Decided to head towards Cedars (and free parking at my work) for lunch - so we walked up Robertson Blvd hoping to spot some celebs (no luck) and have some food. We ate at Newsroom, which was super healthy food (not sure Cara was sold on it), right across the street from the Ivy. We did a little shopping at and around Kitson, then walked over to the Beverly Center for some more window shopping (and I got a sweet pair of jeans for $14! Woot!)... Now we are home, sick of the sun, and ready to cook up our shish kebabs from Whole Foods!

Tomorrow should bring a trip out to the Outlet Mall...
Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Beach! wahoo!

After a nice long sleep-in on Saturday, we decided we had to take advantage of the 85-degree weather! So (along with EVERYONE else in Los Angeles) we headed towards the beach. First stop was Malibu, where we went to the Free City store so Cara could get a sweatshirt (of course, I had to get one too, they were super cute and super expensive)! Then we headed back towards Santa Monica (after getting mom a sundress at the CVS) and stopped at the first parking spot on the PCH we could find! It was lovely. The day was capped off by a trip to the Promenade in Santa Monica and some pretty decent margaritas!

Day 2 Report

We picked Cara up from the airport on Friday (where she had barely survived her flight, but took it like a champ)! After a yummy breakfast stop at Jerry's Deli, we took a side-trip to the Rack for some sandals/warm-weather gear. After a quick nap back at the tiny apartment, we went over to the Grove (big outdoor shopping mall/farmer's market) where we spotted D-List "celeb" number 2 - Kevin from the Backstreet Boys... And I got to introduce the gals to Pinkberry (which they scoffed at, but seemed to enjoy)! After that, it was off to the Dodgers game, and a HUGE thank-you goes to Stuart for getting us super-sweet seats about 10 rows off of the field!
Thursday, April 10, 2008

2 hours in, we spot a Celeb!

Yes, mom made it to town safe and sound, and we made an immediate beeline for Tar-Jay to get her some SHORTS cuz it's gonna be 85 tomorrow! Woot!

On our way out, I spotted a celeb - Beverly Leslie from "Will and Grace"!!! (Whose real name is Leslie Jordan according to IMDB...) I gasped and not-so-subtly nudged Lavs as we walked by... Real smooth. But whatever... Lavs claims she's a "celeb magnet", so hopefully the count will rise as the weekend 'o fun progresses!
Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Northwest here I come!

Update time! I just accepted a job as the Assistant Program Director/Nurse out at Camp Cross for the summer! (What all this entails, I have NO idea...) But it works out perfectly, because I get to stay in Los Angeles until June 10th-ish, then head up to be-yoo-tee-ful Coeur d'Alene for the rest of the summer! I'm super excited to be able to stay in LA longer than originally planned - it's the best of both worlds... But I'll for sure be ready to see and smell CLEAN AIR again!
I am so excited to get to goof off, swim, hike, tan, laugh, play for another summer!!! And will hopefully get to hit Seattle once or twice. Of course, after September I have NO idea what I'll want to do, so I'll be open to suggestions....
Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm in! And mostly settled!!! I decided I HAD to unpack tonight or it's just not getting done until my momma comes later this week... so while there are a few odds & ends to take care of, at least the clothes are put away (and actually fit!) and the kitchen is done...

Other than those two areas, there isn't really room for anything else, anyways! :)

Sara, a million billion thank you's for doing this, and if it leads to your break-up with Stu then I am apologizing and taking most of the blame now! ;P Love ya to pieces!!! Folks, this poor girl has her SUV stuffed to the gills (literally) and has to find somewhere in her BF's loft to put it, which is no easy task... (Or else, she claims, she has to 'hide it all' before Stu freaks out.)

PS, thank GOD this place has multiple internet-stealing options! Not like stupid Marina del Rey!

Okay, off to find some food.
Friday, April 4, 2008


Tomorrow is moving day! Ahh! I still have a LOT of crap to pack up! I am taking over Sara's studio, which means I have to somehow downsize my (VERY) large apartment.

The scary thing is, it all fit into my car when I came down to LA in January, but I'm pretty sure it won't fit now... (Oh, and Lavs, I mailed a few boxes home FYI, you can just chuck them in the garage for me!)

The good news is that the ever-elusive Cara Lee is actually coming for a real honest-to-goodness visit this week! She is kindly going to stare her fear of flying in the face and hop on a cross-country flight just to hang out with her baby sis and Mom for a week! (Well, mom will only be here 3 days, but still.) So, starting next Thursday, be looking for some (hopefully) blog-worthy events! Although, Diesel did threaten "If I don't get a tan, I will kill you" in the email she sent confirming her flight - so everyone needs to pray for sunny skies next week!!!

be prepared...

To waste a lot of time! I just found another GREAT website while surfing the 'net at work... Presenting: Postcards From Yo Mama! It is, apparently, real postcards/emails sent in from people's moms. And, trust, it is funny (ie I started laughing at work, and people were staring a little bit). Sadly, my mom never sends me unintentionally funny emails, so I doubt you'll be making the site anytime soon Lavs!

Here are excerpts from a couple of my fave entries:

"I’ll bring your BCP (birth control pills, not Book of Common Prayer). In the meanwhile, don’t get pregnant. "

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

for the knitters...

LOVE this sweater! Someone who has some patience should make it, cuz it's so kewl!