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Sunday, December 19, 2010

separation anxiety

So we leave in 4 days. (!!!!) I am SO effing excited for a vacation. BUT I am not so excited to leave my baby girl for 10 days... It's our first time leaving her with strangers (well, not really strangers, actually my bud Michelle and her dog Sugar). I'm just praying she doesn't go on hunger strike or something until we return.

And so here are a few pics of her enjoying the snow... Glad one of us likes it!

Because seriously, this face? Oh man, I miss it already.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting ahead of the game...

Since I will be gone come New Year's, i decided to do one of my fave blog posts today...

It's the "Mix Tape" post!

Remember the rules?:

-The songs do not have to be released in the particular year that you are making the CD...rather they are songs that have been discovered or rediscovered and have been particular meaningful or enjoyable or worth listening to that year for some reason.

-no repeats from year to year (this prevents the CD from being an all-time favorites album).

-you can include as many songs by one artist as you want.

-songs are limited to those that fit on a standard 80 minute CD.

SO, Without further ado, here are the songs that rocked my socks off this year.

Learn them, Love them.

1. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green (because, really, you know a song with this title that is as good as it is HAS to top my list) Honestly, I love this song SO much, it could really be the only song on this list.

2. Dog Days Are Over - Florence & the Machines (awesome song. that is all.)

3. Felt Good on my Lips - Tim McGraw (Timmy Pooh's 1st new song in ages, and most fun concert of the year!)

4. Paperweight - Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fiske (2010 is the year I fell in love with Joshua Radin. So happy I did.)

5. American Honey - Lady Antebellum (really any Lady A song would fit, but this was my most played)

6. I'm On Fire - John Mayer (because John covering The Boss is win.)

7. Beggin' - Madcon (always makes me happy when I hear it)

8. Let the Drummer Kick - Citizen Cope (so chill)

9. Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars (overplayed, but adorable)

10. Dynamite - Taio Cruz (also overplayed, but still loved it)

11. If I Die Young - The Band Perry (this song is strange. but for some reason i LOVE it and will listen to it every time it's on the radio no matter how many times i've heard it)

12. Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland (i kinda hate Sugarland. and the video is retarded. but i still loved the song LOL)

13. Are We Really Through - Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs (2nd fave concert of the year. and SUCH a great CD)

14. I'd Rather Be With You - Joshua Radin (love him so much, he made the list twice!)

15. Replay - Iyaz (shawty's like a melody in my head...)

16. Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha (pretty much just for the "I like your beard" part at the end. love that.)

17. No Love - Eminem and Lil' Wayne (still harbor an odd love for Weezy. and any new Eminem is good in my book.)

18. As She's Walking Away - Zac Brown Band (w/Alan Jackson) (because i am vowing 2011 is the year i meet and marry Zac Brown...)

19. Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons (LOVE this band. their sound is so unique and their cd is pretty much perfect.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pat on the back...

Today's challenge : Share 3 of your Accomplishments. Hmm, here are a few I can think of:

1) Making the most of a crappy situation at work - i am currently only able to work as our phone nurse (doing telephone triage), which usually i dread because i would much rather be working in chemo. but i am trying to embrace the time i am stuck on light duty (especially since it could be a long time still to go)... so i have been trying to come to work with a good attitude and not complaining at all about doing the job no one likes.

2) Finding ways to entertain the dog while I am laid up. I am normally a big fan of taking Luce on outings, be it to the dog park or daycare, so she isn't stuck inside all the time. Unfortunately that is not an option right now, so I have been attempting to keep her as occupied as possible - mainly enlisting my friend Curtis to bring his pup over to play as much as he can! :) I haven't accomplished as much as i'd like on this one, but we'll get there.

3) Did some research and found some crutches which hopefully will quit killing my armpits (by FAR the worst part about this whole thing) - went and picked them up today, so we'll see how they do!
Saturday, December 11, 2010

just one little step at a time...

Just joined The Daily Challenge - they send you one task per day, designed to help you better yourself physically/emotionally/spiritually. You should join too, we can encourage eachother! They are even on facebook. And what a great way to end the year/start a new one... I probably won't be able to do the health ones for a while, since my knee prevents much exercise LOL, but i'll do my best!

Today's challenge?

Encourage a woman you know to get a checkup (or get one yourself).

So, have you been to the doctor recently? I have! Too much, really.

so true.

because i am stuck on crutches, it takes a LOT of effort to do anything. and i can only carry things in a backpack, which means things like food often won't happen unless one of my 2 awesome roomies takes pity on me (which, thankfully, they usually do)!!!

but i worry that this scenario may happen soon.

new fave...

WeHeartIt - new favorite site! It is random but super cute, and i totes love it...

Just a couple of the ones I heart:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 weeks! 2 weeks!

2 weeks until we are in sunny (hopefully) Roatan!!!!!! I can not wait to get the hell out of snowy, slushy Spokane and relax by the pool with a cool drink in hand!

And yes, I'll have terrible tan lines from my knee brace. But my arms get stronger every day having to haul around on those horrid crutches, and I figure in 2 more weeks I'll be hopping around like no one's business. That or I will have no skin left under my armpits and I'll contract some sort of bizarre flesh-eating disease...

BUT it will be SO worth it just for this view!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yup, I tore my ACL. And strained my MCL. And somehow badly bruised the top of my tibia (shin bone).

WTF. SO lame. However, world's biggest A-holes Cara and Tony seem to think me falling while skiing qualifies me for the Darwin Awards - I hardly think that's fair. Skiing injuries are incredibly common. So sue me for trying to go out and enjoy the benefits of living somewhere that actually has "mountains" and "snow."