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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

California here i come...

Okay, it's official (well, more or less, since I haven't actually told my recruiter or signed a contract)! But I am going to be doing my next nursing assignment at Cedars-Sinai Med Center in Beverly Hills. I will be working in their fancy-schmancy Outpatient Infusion Center (which is open 24 hrs a day - very unusual) giving chemo and blood and whatnot. So even though I'm sad I will be far away from all of my family, I realized I need to challenge myself a bit more than I have been thus far and quit being such a weenie! So if all my LA posts are whiney and crying about being too far away or something, you can tell me to suck it up. Or at least come visit, and I'll take you to Disneyland!
Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ready or not...

I'm heading East! I'll be in Spokane for the weekend, assuming I don't crash in the mountains as I'm leaving straight from work and may fall asleep at the wheel!
Sunday, November 18, 2007

visiting with the babes

Had a nice visit last week with the cousins and their many babies! It was a fun time (well except for Hads, maybe, who was passed between Pia and I pretty much nonstop!)

Hadley Jane and proud mama Megan (who I know is secretly worried Hads will never lose that belly, but we all love anyways)

Logan and Pam (see, lots of people besides Zaide don't look at the camera!)

Hads working on her knitting skills

Tatum probably saying something incredibly profound and adorable (as usual)

My landlord! She's feisty and forgetful, but we love her anyways (well, most of the time)...

if only...

This cartoon is from a couple of years ago, but I wish they really did have that surgery! I HATE that scratchy ear/throat thing.

Thanksgiving comes early...

Yesterday I got to spend the day at the Gumm's house (Patty, my stepmom's, parents Bob and Joan) as they hosted their annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner! The food was delicious! I don't know how I'll be able to do it again on Thursday - well, okay, I'm sure I'll find a way... But it won't be helping the Weight Watchering at all! ;)

Dad and Patty in post-meal phase

Joan, our lovely host (and that's girl-Joey the cat next to her - the resemblance is uncanny, although this cat is not pure evil like Joey was)

Dad, would you please grow back some facial hair?!!

Oh, god, this is me after only a 2-hour nap after working the night before. I actually managed to stay awake and socialize until about 10:30! A miracle, really...

And, for your viewing pleasure, this is what Pop looks like with his facial hair... A huge improvement if you ask me:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What I did last summer

I figured that some of you may not "get" what I did this past summer... Or why I would take a gigantic paycut to do it! So I thought I'd put up just a smidge of the amazing things that I got to experience as a staff member/nurse at Camp Cross, an Episcopal camp on Lake Coeur d'Alene. I basically spent 3 months laughing, playing, goofing off, tanning, swimming, learning (sort of) to sail, hiking, not getting any sleep, being a kid. It was the most fun I've ever had!

This all pretty much happened in the first week alone (well except that last pic!), so it was an action-packed summer! And while I'm really glad to be back in the hospital, it was nice to get a break from the "real world" and my everyday life...

An ode to MY babies

I have the greatest doggies in the whole world... Allow me to introduce them!

Wally is a portly, but completely loveable guy. He is 100% heart, wears his emotions on his paw. A prime example of his personality: He usually sleeps in the basement with my bro Tony (taking up 90% of the bed). However, a few months ago Walt took a flying leap onto the bed and it couldn't handle his bulk and broke. Freaked out, Mr Tor (yes, my dogs each have about 978 nicknames) ran back up the stairs and slept at the top of the landing after that. When I was living there (he is in Virginia) I managed to talk him down off the landing and back onto Tony's bed, which lasted about 3 nights until he took another flying leap and broke the bed again! The guy is freaked out (naturally) and hasn't been back down the stairs yet. So he crams himself onto a little tiny landing all night. Isn't that the saddest, yet most precious, thing you've ever heard?! Here are some pics of my boy in all his glory.

Miss Lola, on the other hand, is slightly evil but will melt your heart and get her way with one big smile and kissy! She has beautiful wavy hair that she hates to have brushed (and we cannot figure out what kind of dogs they are - mutts, basically). Sissy is an evil genius - as a 4 month old puppy, she figured out how to escape from the dog run (which had a section of chain-link that was bent) by getting her brother Wally to stand on the bent section so that she could climb out and leave him in the dust! She is also a great jumper, and a baby gate has yet to be found that will keep her down. She is a bit of a lone-wolf, loves to sleep by herself in secret corners. And her greatest passion in life (well, other than food and the dog park) is squeeky toys! She goes at a squeeker with a zest and enthusiasm that we humans rarely get to enjoy. :) I love this girl, she is too presh.

Because Megs told me to...

As I will (still, even at age 26) do whatever my cousin Megs tells me to, I am starting a blog. Although, you are forewarned, I pretty much have NOTHING exciting to say and never go anywhere. :)

So the current excitement in my life is trying to decide where to go next with my job. As a travel nurse, I get to pick up and go somewhere new every 13 weeks if I want to. Unfortunately, as most of you have figured out, I have NO idea what I want or where I would like to go. So I am currently considering a few positions in the Los Angeles area, as well as staying in Seattle or going over to Spokane. Ideally I would be spending the winter on the beaches of Honolulu, but that does not seem to be a realistic dream. Wah. All the jobs (Oncology ones at least) are in California, so it's looking like that will be the winner. Maybe I'll get to give chemo to a celebrity! Or detox Britney or something!