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Sunday, December 19, 2010

separation anxiety

So we leave in 4 days. (!!!!) I am SO effing excited for a vacation. BUT I am not so excited to leave my baby girl for 10 days... It's our first time leaving her with strangers (well, not really strangers, actually my bud Michelle and her dog Sugar). I'm just praying she doesn't go on hunger strike or something until we return.

And so here are a few pics of her enjoying the snow... Glad one of us likes it!

Because seriously, this face? Oh man, I miss it already.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting ahead of the game...

Since I will be gone come New Year's, i decided to do one of my fave blog posts today...

It's the "Mix Tape" post!

Remember the rules?:

-The songs do not have to be released in the particular year that you are making the CD...rather they are songs that have been discovered or rediscovered and have been particular meaningful or enjoyable or worth listening to that year for some reason.

-no repeats from year to year (this prevents the CD from being an all-time favorites album).

-you can include as many songs by one artist as you want.

-songs are limited to those that fit on a standard 80 minute CD.

SO, Without further ado, here are the songs that rocked my socks off this year.

Learn them, Love them.

1. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green (because, really, you know a song with this title that is as good as it is HAS to top my list) Honestly, I love this song SO much, it could really be the only song on this list.

2. Dog Days Are Over - Florence & the Machines (awesome song. that is all.)

3. Felt Good on my Lips - Tim McGraw (Timmy Pooh's 1st new song in ages, and most fun concert of the year!)

4. Paperweight - Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fiske (2010 is the year I fell in love with Joshua Radin. So happy I did.)

5. American Honey - Lady Antebellum (really any Lady A song would fit, but this was my most played)

6. I'm On Fire - John Mayer (because John covering The Boss is win.)

7. Beggin' - Madcon (always makes me happy when I hear it)

8. Let the Drummer Kick - Citizen Cope (so chill)

9. Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars (overplayed, but adorable)

10. Dynamite - Taio Cruz (also overplayed, but still loved it)

11. If I Die Young - The Band Perry (this song is strange. but for some reason i LOVE it and will listen to it every time it's on the radio no matter how many times i've heard it)

12. Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland (i kinda hate Sugarland. and the video is retarded. but i still loved the song LOL)

13. Are We Really Through - Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs (2nd fave concert of the year. and SUCH a great CD)

14. I'd Rather Be With You - Joshua Radin (love him so much, he made the list twice!)

15. Replay - Iyaz (shawty's like a melody in my head...)

16. Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha (pretty much just for the "I like your beard" part at the end. love that.)

17. No Love - Eminem and Lil' Wayne (still harbor an odd love for Weezy. and any new Eminem is good in my book.)

18. As She's Walking Away - Zac Brown Band (w/Alan Jackson) (because i am vowing 2011 is the year i meet and marry Zac Brown...)

19. Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons (LOVE this band. their sound is so unique and their cd is pretty much perfect.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pat on the back...

Today's challenge : Share 3 of your Accomplishments. Hmm, here are a few I can think of:

1) Making the most of a crappy situation at work - i am currently only able to work as our phone nurse (doing telephone triage), which usually i dread because i would much rather be working in chemo. but i am trying to embrace the time i am stuck on light duty (especially since it could be a long time still to go)... so i have been trying to come to work with a good attitude and not complaining at all about doing the job no one likes.

2) Finding ways to entertain the dog while I am laid up. I am normally a big fan of taking Luce on outings, be it to the dog park or daycare, so she isn't stuck inside all the time. Unfortunately that is not an option right now, so I have been attempting to keep her as occupied as possible - mainly enlisting my friend Curtis to bring his pup over to play as much as he can! :) I haven't accomplished as much as i'd like on this one, but we'll get there.

3) Did some research and found some crutches which hopefully will quit killing my armpits (by FAR the worst part about this whole thing) - went and picked them up today, so we'll see how they do!
Saturday, December 11, 2010

just one little step at a time...

Just joined The Daily Challenge - they send you one task per day, designed to help you better yourself physically/emotionally/spiritually. You should join too, we can encourage eachother! They are even on facebook. And what a great way to end the year/start a new one... I probably won't be able to do the health ones for a while, since my knee prevents much exercise LOL, but i'll do my best!

Today's challenge?

Encourage a woman you know to get a checkup (or get one yourself).

So, have you been to the doctor recently? I have! Too much, really.

so true.

because i am stuck on crutches, it takes a LOT of effort to do anything. and i can only carry things in a backpack, which means things like food often won't happen unless one of my 2 awesome roomies takes pity on me (which, thankfully, they usually do)!!!

but i worry that this scenario may happen soon.

new fave...

WeHeartIt - new favorite site! It is random but super cute, and i totes love it...

Just a couple of the ones I heart:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 weeks! 2 weeks!

2 weeks until we are in sunny (hopefully) Roatan!!!!!! I can not wait to get the hell out of snowy, slushy Spokane and relax by the pool with a cool drink in hand!

And yes, I'll have terrible tan lines from my knee brace. But my arms get stronger every day having to haul around on those horrid crutches, and I figure in 2 more weeks I'll be hopping around like no one's business. That or I will have no skin left under my armpits and I'll contract some sort of bizarre flesh-eating disease...

BUT it will be SO worth it just for this view!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yup, I tore my ACL. And strained my MCL. And somehow badly bruised the top of my tibia (shin bone).

WTF. SO lame. However, world's biggest A-holes Cara and Tony seem to think me falling while skiing qualifies me for the Darwin Awards - I hardly think that's fair. Skiing injuries are incredibly common. So sue me for trying to go out and enjoy the benefits of living somewhere that actually has "mountains" and "snow."
Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting old sucks!

I've been waiting MONTHS for skiing weather to roll around. And sure enough, it is finally here! We've been getting dumped on around these parts (with more to come) and usually my only reason for not going skiing is that I never have anyone to go with (which is what happens when all your friends are either too poor or too busy)...

BUT, my BFF Sara is in town for a few days with her hubby Trent! And sure enough, they were heading up to 49 Degrees North for some skiing today! Hurray!

The weather was spectacular, the snow was pretty darn near perfect, and although I am totes out of shape I was ready!

Unfortch, my body disagreed. I took a hell of a spill while goofing around on the bunny hill of all places - which apparently is what happens when you get over-confident and combine that with being tired. :( So BFF kindly took her little Snow Bunny buns down to the lift and they sent over ski patrol - since I could not put any weight on my knee without it buckling immediately, I got the works - toboggan ride! Holla!

After freezing my buns in the medic room for a bit, we sadly cut our ski day short (Trent, Sara's mom and her cousins thankfully stayed and skied a bit more) and drove in to the hospital. Sara proved why she is a good buddy, and patiently waited with me while we were surrounded by coughing children and smelly people...
So basically all of that happened, and all the doc could tell me is that it is probably a strain to the MCL, but could be a tear - basically since they didn't want to pay for an MRI (which I get, healthcare costs are ridiculous as it is) I just have to give it a week or so - if it feels better, it's just a strain; if it doesn't get better or gets any worse it's probably a tear. Yikes! The last thing I want is tan lines from a knee brace LOL!
And that's what I get for screwing around on the Bunny Hill.
Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Wishing you all a wonderful day, I think we can all agree there is SO much to be thankful for this year.

Instead of making a list, because I think it would be WAY too long (which is a good thing), here are a few Turkey Day quotes that I like...

"Go outside into the fields, nature and the sun, go out and seek happiness in yourself and in God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and without you and be happy." ~Anne Frank

"When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup." ~Sam Lefkowitz

"If we take the time, no matter how crazy and troubled we feel, we can find something to be thankful for. The more we seek gratitude, the more reason the angels will give us for gratitude and joy to exist in our lives." ~T.L. Taylor

"Ever since you're little you hear this: 'The pilgrims left England to escape religious persecution and sneak religious freedom into the new world.' But even when you're little you're like, 'Umm...Bullshit?'" ~Greg Proops


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

another stolen pic...

Could this mama be any happier? And for good reason of course...

Picture courtesy of Val's blog... since no one else feels like updating! :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally a BOY!

SO Excited for the Prentice family... Welcome little Mister!

carson ryan prentice
7lbs. 10 oz. 19 and 3/4 in long
born at 9:19 am
Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow!!! And Dog Park action!

Today was my first day off work in about the last 13 days, so Lucy and I decided we needed to get OUT of the house! So we called up our buddies Curtis and Kaylee and headed to the dog park... and man it was cold outside! It was snowing and about 25 degrees, so we didn't last too long, but we enjoyed every second of our time!

Here we are with our fave Park buds!

Observing the action... Our park is not fancy at all - not anything like Marymoor, but we make do...

walking around, trying to build up some body heat!

Lucy walking with Curtis and his sister Laura

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a new woman!

After probably 8+ years, mom went to the doctors today, and she is a new woman! She has been complaining for AGES about how she can only hear out of her "good ear" - shocker that it turns out with was heinously full of wax and just needed a thorough irrigation. So now she can instead complain about how all the kids are too loud.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oh, i'm SO in.

"Skating with the Stars" sounds awful. I was totally NOT going to watch. I mean, the most famous celeb (and I use that term VERY lightly) is Johnny Mosely...

But then I heard about the judges. And not only is Dick Button one of them (and I love me some Dick Button) but so is this guy:

And just like that, i'm officially on the bandwagon.

the countdown begins!

6 Weeks until this is the view we will be enjoying...

And I'm excited, cuz baby it's COLD outside!!! winter is on its way with a vengeance.
Sunday, October 31, 2010

WTF. srsly. WTF.

So we FINALLY got around to watching the Project Runway finale last night (a long ordeal involving effing Comcast OnDemand, my laptop and an incredibly complicated video/audio rigging to get it watched, but still). I wish I hadn't.

Gretch the effing Wretch won. HOW?!!? WHY?!?!

Seriously, these bangs alone should have been grounds for dismissal in episode 3 (probably right after the dude who wore the "Clockwork Orange" hat)...
HATE. Annoying, and her collection was ripped straight from the "Coldwater Creek" catologue.

Nina! Mikey! What the hell, you guys? Crack smokers, the both of you.
Seriously, when Heidi Klum and JESSICA SIMPSON are voices of reason, something is seriously wrong.
My thoughts exactly Mondo.
And I loved you from day one - love your short-shorts, cray cray hairdo's, and adorable designs that were 1000x more fashion-forward than The Wretch could EVER dream of being.
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

doggy park!

i had the day off today, so Lucy and i decided to call up our buddies Curtis and Kaylee to meet for a playdate! We went to the dog park at stateline (which, apparently, is the hot meetup for local gay gentlemen - i kept my eye out for any scandalous behaviors but saw none. boo.)

anyways, Lucy and Kaylee had a grand time. i took a couple crappy cell phone pics, but they really don't capture how much fun we had. or something.

kaylee is the dog with the freakishly short legs on the left. lucy is, as usual, sucking up all the attention. the german shepherd is a stranger who fell in love with lucy and followed her around the entire time he was there. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

even Don Draper would roll over in his grave...

a few vintage ads... ones i think even Mad Men would balk at.

the first one's for you Cara...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

adventures in Yakima!

Here are some pics from last month's trip to yakima/prosser for wine tasting and fun. these pics are in absolutely no order whatsoever... :D

Michele, Bethany and I ended up hiring a car to take us around to a bunch of wineries, totally fun times although i did decide i am a beer girl in the end.

Friday, October 15, 2010

dying of cuteness

Luce's Halloween costume arrived yesterday - so of course i had to try it on her immediately! It is SO freaking cute, i die every time i see it.
yes, that is a ballerina piggy outfit.
ps - god help my future children, if this is how i feel about a dog...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

a teaser...

just us gals, chillin' in a sweet 67 Mustang, in Prosser...

more pics from the wine trip to come soon(ish)!
Sunday, September 26, 2010

completely random pictures

Just got home from a super fun Girls Weekend with Michele & Bethany. We went to Yakima for some wine-tasting (part of my quest to mark #7 off The List - Learn to Like Wine)... And also #12 - Spend More Time with my Seattle Friends. :D Pictures from the trip to come soonish, but here are a few from the hours since I've been home:

My baby girl. She was on a playdate next door when I got home, but has since been super happy to have me back. She was a trooper this weekend, hanging out with her #2 bud Grammy.

I decided this gorgeous fall afternoon (70 degrees, with a nice breeze and pinecones flying all over the backyard) called for some turkey chili. Smells SO effing good in the kitchen right now!

A couple spoils from the weekend - I did learn that I like girly white wines okay (and am more willing to buy after tasting room #5 LOL)... The one on the left has the cutest lable ever, from the cutest winery on earth Airfield Estates! Lavs has already busted into bottle #3 (not pictured)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oh jeez...

Today i took Miss Lucy into the vet, because her yellow crusty eyes have not gotten any better. Per the vet, most likely allergies, but she gets yet another round of antibiotic drops (and thank god she is good about letting me put stuff in her eyes, cuz we've done it a LOT)... Poor thing! She looks terrible, all goopy and wet-eyed now.

But the real "fun" news was that she has The Herp. Or whatever the doggy equivalent is. LOL. She had a little pink thing on her lip that I (thankfully) randomly asked the vet about while we were there - apparently it is a wart that is "common with young dogs" - she is supposed to minimize her contact with other dogs for a bit, and i have to make sure she doesn't get more than just the one. so apparently my dog IS a bit of a slut. oh well. guess she was a little too popular at puppy daycare!
Thursday, September 16, 2010

such a cute girl.

On our way out of town on Monday, Peeps and I went for a quick (which turned into 2 hour) trip to the Prentice's house to hang out and have coffee with Megs and Hads. Apparently, upon hearing that we were coming, Hads told her momma "it's going to be a GREAT morning." SO true, Hads. She and i worked pretty hard on an awesome sticker project...

Thanks Meg for the coffee and company! It was fab to see you, doesn't happen anywhere near enough!!!

The List (an update)

I figured I could update "The List" since it's been a couple of weeks since I posted it, and I've gotten a couple of things marked off...

#12: Spend more time with my Seattle friends
Pia and I had a whirlwind trip through Seattle last weekend to go to a concert, see Mimi, and got to visit a bunch of random people too! It was crazy but fun. Here is a terrible pic of me with Michele (left) and Bethany (right)... I look 1/2 dead, but it's okay cuz they love me anyway! :D Bethany just had a baby boy (Jack) 2 months ago, and he is so cute and she looks so great! But she did leave him with daddy so she could go to dinner with us! And next weekend, the 3 of us are going to Yakima (yeah, i know...) for a wine-tasting trip!!! super excited.

#5: Get a tattoo. CHECK.
(Tell Pete I'm coming to him soon for the next one Sue, but I couldn't wait!)
They are in that totally annoying itchy/crusty phase, but here they are and I LOVE them so far... Per usual, excuse the crappy cell phone pics. :)
"Love deeper"
"Speak sweeter"

#15. Tell off someone who pisses me off
I'm actually taking this one off the list. (And yes, it's MY list and I can change it if I want to...)
I'm trying to work on putting out more positive energy, i think i get a bit carried away with being gossipy or sarcastic or whatever. Not that there isn't a time/place for those things, but i really do want to focus on decreasing the negativity.

#17. go to at least 5 concerts
1 down - David Gray and Ray Lamontagne at Marymoor. I LOVED this concert. And if you don't know Ray, you should - his new CD is SO great, all folky/jazzy/bluesy. Try it, and if you don't love it, you probably shouldn't be my friend anymore...

#18. finish a knitting project/#28. learn a new hobby
um, NOT going well. i've kind of given up on knitting lately (SORRY MOM)... but i did try out yarn spinning at the Fair, and thought it was super fun so it is in the top spot for new hobby! i think i'm gonna sign up for a class and give it a shot.

#21. read 3 classic books
I started "Don Quixote" - so far am liking it, am only about 70 pages in (out of an outrageous >1000) but it's funny and light, so i think the odds i finish it are pretty good!

#27. teach Lucy some crazy, stupid trick that wows everyone she meets
Per Meg's suggestion, we are learning to balance a treat on our nose (it's a work in progress but i feel we'll get there in the next week or two). She can also do a mean Army Crawl now, which is pointless but adorable... :) She starts her "Rally" class next week, which should be entertaining.

Monday, September 13, 2010

fun weekend! (part 1)

This weekend Pia and I went to Seattle to visit friends/family and go see David Gray and Ray Lamontagne (who i LOVE) at Marymoor Park! It was a super fun trip... Of course, I did not bring my camera, so here are the few pics I got. More to follow once Pia uploads from her camera...

David Gray: He was great, although a total "bobblehead Joe" when he sang LOL... we even got a couple of shooting stars overhead during his set!
Ray Lamontagne: LOVE this guy, he's super awkward, beardy, a bit Amish looking. And sounds amazing live, just like his albums.
Pam having fun, even though Josh looks SUPER "dour" as he put it. I think it's all the rain they get in Seattle.
Me emotionally preparing for the show. I decided to enjoy the nice weather by kicking back and relaxing...