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Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have 2 thoughts about this picture:

1) LiLo is redheaded again. THANK GOD. She looks SO terrible and trashy as a blonde.

2) That shirt keeps making me think of a baby's unbuttoned onesie. Not a good look.

okay, and 3) Remember how cute she used to be? Parent Trap? Mean Girls? Man, how far they fall.


Laurie said...

agree on all counts. And love that we share the everlasting love for all things gossipy.

Meg said...

From New Jersey, Michael is her father, she never stood a chance.

Lis said...

That shirt is terrible! And I love the gossip but never knew her name was Lilo

Pia said...

I do miss the old, cute, innocent Lohan. Oh how quickly the Hollywood crowd falls.