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Thursday, September 30, 2010

a teaser...

just us gals, chillin' in a sweet 67 Mustang, in Prosser...

more pics from the wine trip to come soon(ish)!
Sunday, September 26, 2010

completely random pictures

Just got home from a super fun Girls Weekend with Michele & Bethany. We went to Yakima for some wine-tasting (part of my quest to mark #7 off The List - Learn to Like Wine)... And also #12 - Spend More Time with my Seattle Friends. :D Pictures from the trip to come soonish, but here are a few from the hours since I've been home:

My baby girl. She was on a playdate next door when I got home, but has since been super happy to have me back. She was a trooper this weekend, hanging out with her #2 bud Grammy.

I decided this gorgeous fall afternoon (70 degrees, with a nice breeze and pinecones flying all over the backyard) called for some turkey chili. Smells SO effing good in the kitchen right now!

A couple spoils from the weekend - I did learn that I like girly white wines okay (and am more willing to buy after tasting room #5 LOL)... The one on the left has the cutest lable ever, from the cutest winery on earth Airfield Estates! Lavs has already busted into bottle #3 (not pictured)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

oh jeez...

Today i took Miss Lucy into the vet, because her yellow crusty eyes have not gotten any better. Per the vet, most likely allergies, but she gets yet another round of antibiotic drops (and thank god she is good about letting me put stuff in her eyes, cuz we've done it a LOT)... Poor thing! She looks terrible, all goopy and wet-eyed now.

But the real "fun" news was that she has The Herp. Or whatever the doggy equivalent is. LOL. She had a little pink thing on her lip that I (thankfully) randomly asked the vet about while we were there - apparently it is a wart that is "common with young dogs" - she is supposed to minimize her contact with other dogs for a bit, and i have to make sure she doesn't get more than just the one. so apparently my dog IS a bit of a slut. oh well. guess she was a little too popular at puppy daycare!
Thursday, September 16, 2010

such a cute girl.

On our way out of town on Monday, Peeps and I went for a quick (which turned into 2 hour) trip to the Prentice's house to hang out and have coffee with Megs and Hads. Apparently, upon hearing that we were coming, Hads told her momma "it's going to be a GREAT morning." SO true, Hads. She and i worked pretty hard on an awesome sticker project...

Thanks Meg for the coffee and company! It was fab to see you, doesn't happen anywhere near enough!!!

The List (an update)

I figured I could update "The List" since it's been a couple of weeks since I posted it, and I've gotten a couple of things marked off...

#12: Spend more time with my Seattle friends
Pia and I had a whirlwind trip through Seattle last weekend to go to a concert, see Mimi, and got to visit a bunch of random people too! It was crazy but fun. Here is a terrible pic of me with Michele (left) and Bethany (right)... I look 1/2 dead, but it's okay cuz they love me anyway! :D Bethany just had a baby boy (Jack) 2 months ago, and he is so cute and she looks so great! But she did leave him with daddy so she could go to dinner with us! And next weekend, the 3 of us are going to Yakima (yeah, i know...) for a wine-tasting trip!!! super excited.

#5: Get a tattoo. CHECK.
(Tell Pete I'm coming to him soon for the next one Sue, but I couldn't wait!)
They are in that totally annoying itchy/crusty phase, but here they are and I LOVE them so far... Per usual, excuse the crappy cell phone pics. :)
"Love deeper"
"Speak sweeter"

#15. Tell off someone who pisses me off
I'm actually taking this one off the list. (And yes, it's MY list and I can change it if I want to...)
I'm trying to work on putting out more positive energy, i think i get a bit carried away with being gossipy or sarcastic or whatever. Not that there isn't a time/place for those things, but i really do want to focus on decreasing the negativity.

#17. go to at least 5 concerts
1 down - David Gray and Ray Lamontagne at Marymoor. I LOVED this concert. And if you don't know Ray, you should - his new CD is SO great, all folky/jazzy/bluesy. Try it, and if you don't love it, you probably shouldn't be my friend anymore...

#18. finish a knitting project/#28. learn a new hobby
um, NOT going well. i've kind of given up on knitting lately (SORRY MOM)... but i did try out yarn spinning at the Fair, and thought it was super fun so it is in the top spot for new hobby! i think i'm gonna sign up for a class and give it a shot.

#21. read 3 classic books
I started "Don Quixote" - so far am liking it, am only about 70 pages in (out of an outrageous >1000) but it's funny and light, so i think the odds i finish it are pretty good!

#27. teach Lucy some crazy, stupid trick that wows everyone she meets
Per Meg's suggestion, we are learning to balance a treat on our nose (it's a work in progress but i feel we'll get there in the next week or two). She can also do a mean Army Crawl now, which is pointless but adorable... :) She starts her "Rally" class next week, which should be entertaining.

Monday, September 13, 2010

fun weekend! (part 1)

This weekend Pia and I went to Seattle to visit friends/family and go see David Gray and Ray Lamontagne (who i LOVE) at Marymoor Park! It was a super fun trip... Of course, I did not bring my camera, so here are the few pics I got. More to follow once Pia uploads from her camera...

David Gray: He was great, although a total "bobblehead Joe" when he sang LOL... we even got a couple of shooting stars overhead during his set!
Ray Lamontagne: LOVE this guy, he's super awkward, beardy, a bit Amish looking. And sounds amazing live, just like his albums.
Pam having fun, even though Josh looks SUPER "dour" as he put it. I think it's all the rain they get in Seattle.
Me emotionally preparing for the show. I decided to enjoy the nice weather by kicking back and relaxing...
Saturday, September 4, 2010
yesterday Lavs and i kicked off labor day weekend Spokane-style! that can only mean one thing... Pig Out! yes it's ghetto. but the food is awesome.

we both decided on some tasty mexican food (i had tamales, mom got asada tacos) and beer - we even shared a table with strangers (which, if you know Lavs, is a HUGE deal)! perfect weather, lots of fun, and topped off with (non-weight-watcher-approved) huckleberry ice cream.

"brave little toaster"

my mom always call Woof a brave little toaster, which i LOVE. but she totes is. it's hard to tell in this picture, but my girl has eye infection and/or allergies for like the 4th time since i've had her - about every 2 months she decides to start leaking nasty yellow shit from her eyes. poor thing. but she stays happy, and lets me put ointment in her eyes with no fuss whatsoever.

also, this girl is the luckiest pup alive - our next door neighbor adopted 2 dogs a few weeks ago (basically they saw how awesome Luce is and decided they needed dogs too). she now has 2 new best friends, who are both her age and size and LOVE to sprint around and wrestle! plus, we have connected fences, so we just open the gate between, and all 3 are able to run back and forth to their hearts content. life is good.