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Thursday, December 31, 2009
Thursday, December 24, 2009

the finished product

Well, here is the final product from Cookie Day '09 - we are messy, exhausted, sick of cookies/frosting/baking, but still smiling somehow!  And, sadly, there were actually 3 more kinds of cookies that didn't fit on the table so didn't make the pic!

Monday, December 21, 2009


According to the ladies I work with, the Fudge Fail '09 was totally NOT my fault - apparently fudge won't set if there is any moisture in the air, and of course it has been raining nonstop here! So i am gonna have to try again next week! :)
Saturday, December 19, 2009

baking fail.

As of this weekend, I am officially retiring from baking. as my mom kindly just pointed out, "Maybe desserts aren't really your thing." Thanks mom.

It started out innocently enough - I really wanted to make some fudge yesterday on my day off. I had all the ingredients, and I have been known to follow a recipe pretty well. So I make the fudge, it tastes good, i set it aside to set up. 4 hours later - fudge soup. 8 hours later - still pretty darn mushy. i figure i'll throw it in the fridge overnight? nope, still mush. freezer? hard for about 4 minutes until it warms up above 40 degrees, then immediately softens. boo. so now we have some pretty tasty/incredibly rich hot fudge sauce type concoction that can only be eaten with a spoon!

then, tonight, Pia and I went to our buddy Michelle's house for some gingerbread house building. i will start out by fully admitting and embracing that i have ZERO artistic/creative bones in my body. but witness the outcome of my efforts:

Pretty cute, right? it's standing, decorated, fairly ghetto.

But here is what happened on the ride home:

Of course, sabotage cannot be totally ruled out, as Pia was in charge of safeguarding the houses on the way home - hers magically made it without any problems while mine "accidentally" collapsed. sure P.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It was Cookie Day again at Bethany's house! I wasn't able to go last year (thanks to Mother Nature crapping about 7 feet of snow on Spokane), so was super excited to be there this year for a MARATHON baking sesh with my fave girls Bethany and Michele!

7+ hours later, we had dozens and dozens of yummy cookies... And i was exhausted! But not quite as tired as newly-preggers Bethany! :)

Here are the girls looking gorgeous, and also some pics of a few of the many cookies we made (i believe we ended up with approx 12 kinds of cookies/bars that i can think of off the top of my head), and the adorable apron Bethany got me for xmas (SO CUTE):

Monday, December 7, 2009

for your holiday enjoyment...

go check out - pretty funny and reminiscent of childhood!
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saint Lavs

I am officially convinced that my mother MUST be a saint (or, at the very least, has a spot saved in heaven just waiting for her)!!!
i called her this evening on the phone, only to be met with the sound of a recorder being played - and trust me, there is NO mistaking the sound of a recorder. i, of course, asked her about it... apparently Liam was practicing his "Hot Cross Buns." Over and over and over, from the sounds of the 5-minute phone call we had. she wasn't complaining, or discouraging him, or making fun even. trust me, this alone should qualify one for sainthood!!! :) such a good gramma lowie.