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Sunday, December 19, 2010

separation anxiety

So we leave in 4 days. (!!!!) I am SO effing excited for a vacation. BUT I am not so excited to leave my baby girl for 10 days... It's our first time leaving her with strangers (well, not really strangers, actually my bud Michelle and her dog Sugar). I'm just praying she doesn't go on hunger strike or something until we return.

And so here are a few pics of her enjoying the snow... Glad one of us likes it!

Because seriously, this face? Oh man, I miss it already.


Laurie said...

our poor little girl is going to be super sad until her mama returns. But I'm sure we can find her some nice souvenirs :)

Lis said...

She is going to have the time of her life. ENJOY your trip!!

Meg said...

Are you kidding me...a lab going on a hunger strike...not going to happen. It's like me not drinking. It's just not possible.