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Saturday, December 11, 2010

so true.

because i am stuck on crutches, it takes a LOT of effort to do anything. and i can only carry things in a backpack, which means things like food often won't happen unless one of my 2 awesome roomies takes pity on me (which, thankfully, they usually do)!!!

but i worry that this scenario may happen soon.


Laurie said...

I heart this. But promise not to leave you to your own devices if at all possible. BC I don't want to have a corpse sitting in my recliner.

Lis said...

I don't think that would ever happen to me. I love food far more than I love my laziness. If all else fails go for a bowl of cereal.

Actually, i shouldn't act as though I only choose cereal if I am in a pinch. I just bought 10 boxes at target today. I love cereal.