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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The List (an update)

I figured I could update "The List" since it's been a couple of weeks since I posted it, and I've gotten a couple of things marked off...

#12: Spend more time with my Seattle friends
Pia and I had a whirlwind trip through Seattle last weekend to go to a concert, see Mimi, and got to visit a bunch of random people too! It was crazy but fun. Here is a terrible pic of me with Michele (left) and Bethany (right)... I look 1/2 dead, but it's okay cuz they love me anyway! :D Bethany just had a baby boy (Jack) 2 months ago, and he is so cute and she looks so great! But she did leave him with daddy so she could go to dinner with us! And next weekend, the 3 of us are going to Yakima (yeah, i know...) for a wine-tasting trip!!! super excited.

#5: Get a tattoo. CHECK.
(Tell Pete I'm coming to him soon for the next one Sue, but I couldn't wait!)
They are in that totally annoying itchy/crusty phase, but here they are and I LOVE them so far... Per usual, excuse the crappy cell phone pics. :)
"Love deeper"
"Speak sweeter"

#15. Tell off someone who pisses me off
I'm actually taking this one off the list. (And yes, it's MY list and I can change it if I want to...)
I'm trying to work on putting out more positive energy, i think i get a bit carried away with being gossipy or sarcastic or whatever. Not that there isn't a time/place for those things, but i really do want to focus on decreasing the negativity.

#17. go to at least 5 concerts
1 down - David Gray and Ray Lamontagne at Marymoor. I LOVED this concert. And if you don't know Ray, you should - his new CD is SO great, all folky/jazzy/bluesy. Try it, and if you don't love it, you probably shouldn't be my friend anymore...

#18. finish a knitting project/#28. learn a new hobby
um, NOT going well. i've kind of given up on knitting lately (SORRY MOM)... but i did try out yarn spinning at the Fair, and thought it was super fun so it is in the top spot for new hobby! i think i'm gonna sign up for a class and give it a shot.

#21. read 3 classic books
I started "Don Quixote" - so far am liking it, am only about 70 pages in (out of an outrageous >1000) but it's funny and light, so i think the odds i finish it are pretty good!

#27. teach Lucy some crazy, stupid trick that wows everyone she meets
Per Meg's suggestion, we are learning to balance a treat on our nose (it's a work in progress but i feel we'll get there in the next week or two). She can also do a mean Army Crawl now, which is pointless but adorable... :) She starts her "Rally" class next week, which should be entertaining.


Laurie said...

good work on the list! I think it is wise to cross off the telling off someone, that never seems to work out well in the end. Lucy is a super good trick-do-er, except for the attacking a service dog and avoiding ripping Grammy's broken arm off on the leash. Oh, and we got a letter from our post office saying Lucy Lou scared the mailman. What a pussy.

Also, I recommend Moby Dick if you get sick of DQ. It's pretty good, and you can kind of skim over the parts that are super-duper boring.

Cara said...

how exactly does lucy scare the mailman and why is the post office sending you a letter about it? stupid.

Lis said...

gentle leader. wonderful.

i love how many things you've done. good work! you could change the telling someone off with, "come back with something really witty" haha, I can NEVER come up with good responses...until ten minutes later when I'm in my car alone.

Katie said...

apparently a screen door is not sufficient for the postman, since the mail slot is next to it... it is ridiculous. but she is a totally annoying barker, so i guess i see his point? whatevs.

and yeah, we need to use the gentle leader more (especially when Grammy walks her)!