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Sunday, April 24, 2011

new toy

I got a new iPod today. Sounds exciting, right?

It would be, if it wasn't because I had to replace the one that got stolen out of my car last week. Boo. Sometimes, people really suck. Because, honestly, I would have just given the damn thing away - but instead, they broke into Cara's nice car, shattered 2 windows, scratched up the paint, messed up the window frame, etc etc.

But I do love my new ipod at least! I upgraded to the 160gb, so will probably NEVER ever fill it up. Unless all of you readers want to send me more music to put on it! (Or iTunes gift cards, i'm not picky LOL)


Laurie said...

Don't leave your ipod in the car anymore, missy! And you can download all of my books on Itunes :-)

Pia said...

Ditto mom. And I'm glad you got a new one. :)

Cara said...

fuckers that stole your annoying. they probably dont even like the music thats on it!