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Friday, April 29, 2011

Recycling Posts...

A bit of backstory to this post : waaayyy back in 2008 (during the Obama election, to be exact), my mom and I started a little something called the "Bring Em Home" Campaign. The goal? Get Cara & Tony to move back to WA! I found an old post, and am going to recycle it here and officially commence with the "Enough Already - Just Move Back For Cryin' Out Loud" (EAJMBFCOL) Campaign 2011.

Without further ado, 25 (!) reasons why my sibs need to come back to the Best Coast.

1. Northern Quest Casino is 10 minutes away. Vegas is only like 2 hours and a $75 plane ticket from the tri-cities.

2. NO Humidity. Your hair would look normal!

3. Spokane FINALLY got a dog park! And it's pretty nice! Maybe Bubba & Sissy would finally lose the weight...

4. You need to be here so you don't miss out on things like WATCHING THE ROYAL WEDDING - only the greatest event ever, and you totally thought it was gonna be lame. Guess what? It wasn't lame. It was awesome.

5. The Zags games are on before 11pm. Which means you can watch on a school night.

6. If you lived with me, I'd make you dinner pretty frequently. And unlike Dad, i know how to do more than barbeque.

7. You two are funny. And when all of us get in the same room? Ridiculous hilarity ensues.

8. We have CarQuest stores here, too, you know. And i'm sure any one of them would hire you idiots in a heartbeat.

9. red vines. oh boy oberto. zips. the PI. etc etc.

10. Lucy wants to meet her brother/sister. SO bad.

11. we have Hoopfest and Bloomsday and Art on the Green. Fredericksburg has nothing.

12. i don't actually know if #11 is true.

13. We miss you.

14. You missed Carson being born. And Allie. And Maddie and Hadley and Logan. And now they are all SO big and SO great, and you would love them SO much.

15. all of your friends are here, and if you were too maybe you'd actually see them once in a while.

16. hawaii is so much better than the bahamas, and so much closer to the west coast

17. We have amazing lakes. That take 20 minutes to get to.

18. your mother misses you so much (note the heavy guilt-card being played here)

19. There is NO traffic here. the other day i got stuck in traffic. it added about 7 minutes to my commute and i was annoyed.

20. because in all the time they've been married, Seeph and Gummy have never gotten to live alone, which doesn't seem very fair

21. you two work way too many hours to properly enjoy Wally and Lola - if they were here, they'd have Lulu and Grammy to play with them all day.

22. wasn't Roatan amazing? just imagine, we could actually have that much fun all the time! (and plenty of making fun of Pia would happen, promise) :D

23. maybe the Mariners will get good again if you come home? the timing seems to correspond to when you left... sort of.

24. #23 may be wishful thinking, but you never know.

25. i'm afraid if you don't come home soon, you never will. and that kills me.
This one remains as true as it was 2 years ago.


Laurie said...

What Katie Said! Times infinity. I'm getting old ya know, I need you two close by bc Katie & P could turn on me and kick me out any time.

Wait, forget I said that. I won't be ready for assisted living for ages! But come home anyway! The family compound is not the same w/o you.

Cara said...

11 is definitely true! we will come home, i promise!! just not sure when that will be.

you could all move here. there are hospitals and schools to work at here, and we have internet so mom would be covered!

miss you guys times a million...

susna said...

We can't ALL move there - I am sure Tony and Patty don't have ennough room! - Besides you have weird bugs . . . COME HOME.

Pia said...

#11 is probably true, but Cara and Tony couldn't tell you because they never do anything anyway except for working.