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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random Thoughts...

  • I hate having a cold. I have finally caught Pia's disease, it took long enough (figured I'd be sick about 2 weeks ago). But I just have a chest cold so far, hope it goes away soon!
  • It's sunny outside! Finally! I'm hoping this means spring is here for good... We had hail/snow on Thursday though, so who knows.
  • Even though I'm not convinced we won't kill everything, mom and I are getting geared up for gardening! Our little sprouts are sprouting, so exciting.
  • It's crazy how fast those sunflowers are shooting up. but i guess it makes sense, since they will end up being 6 feet tall...
  • If anything kills our garden, i'm 98% sure it will be Lucy. She LOVES to dig. Does NOT get why she shouldn't, at all - just stares at you all confused when you yell at her.
  • I will be 30 in LESS THAN A MONTH. Holy shit.
  • I don't feel 30. I feel 17. Or 29. Depends on the day.
  • 29 was both a crappy and wonderful year. Crappy because of my knee - it is sloooowly getting better, but still a long ways from 100%. And turning into a very expensive problem. But wonderful too, cuz I have had SO much fun with the puppers, and we had lots of good adventures.
  • I want to go back to Roatan. Or anywhere tropical, really. Although I should wait until I can zip-line this time. Because I definitely still have that on my bucket list.
  • I seriously need to get serious about weight watchers. ugh.
  • Going to the gym when you have a chest cold is torture.
  • For Lent, me and some friends having been trying a different church every week. I have been very surprised by the results. I am 90% sure I am going to keep going back to the African Methodist Episcopal one. I LOVED that church.
  • I also gave up Starbucks and caffeinated pop for Lent. I have really not missed either all that much. Although I do miss Diet Dr Pepper around 3 in the afternoon.
  • I still have a cup of drip coffee in the morning. It's not nearly as good as a skinny caramel macchiatto. But my coworkers appreciate it when I come to work semi-caffeinated.
  • Why are all the guys at the physical therapy office so effing adorable? It's ridiculous. Seriously. My mom can back me up on that one.
  • I am convinced - Lucy is the cutest, bestest doggy in the whole world. (Other than the digging. Also, she ate 3 garden hoses last year, not cool). But overall? Perfect.
  • Sometimes I want a 2nd dog. But then I think, since I got so lucky with Lulu, that the new dog will be the devil. And probably eat all my shoes.
  • We still have a snow shovel on the front porch. We should probably put it away, but then I remember that this is Spokane, and you can never be sure it won't snow 3 inches.
  • I love that my mom made us order the special Comcast package with BBC America, just so we can watch the Royal Wedding.
  • The British have lots of good words that we Americans don't. My fave? Whinge. I love the word whinge. Especially when spoken with an accent. "Quit your whinging!" (it means whine for those non-anglophiles out there... pronounced "winje")
  • When I was younger, i LOVED Wills. LOVED him. Now? I'm all about Harry. Love that ginger.
  • Also, I think it would be 1000x better to be married to the "spare" than the "heir." All the fun and tiaras, without all the responsibility.
  • Okay, I think that's all I've got for now. I leave you with a question: What fun things are you going to do now that the weather is turning nice?


Laurie said...

agree with everything in your random thoughts, esp. that one about killing our plants. But we will try to be gardeners! AND Jonathan is the cutest thing ever. Too bad he seems to be happily married...

Plus, soooo stoked for the Royal Wedding! Well worth the extra 15 bucks/month to get the Beeb (another Brit-ism for your list, Katie). And "whinge" is just about my favorite word in the universe.

Cara said...

veruca is a great word!

and work is on my exciting list of things to do now that the weather is nice. supposed to be 91 tomorrow. ughh!

Katie said...

91?! hideous. although i was excited to see 56 on the thermometer the other day... i'd die if it was in the 90s!

also, yes, veruca is an excellent british-ism. :)

Katie said...

also, Cara. You work too much. Find something fun to do.

Cara said...

yes, i do work too much. vegas will be my fun!

Meg said...

Totes agree about Harry. PT's are always hot. So are Orthopaedists (we call them Orthopods). I also love blimey, bloody, and bugger off, crikey, and wanker. 30!?!? How is that possible, I still think of you as 4. Don't get another dog. Get a baby from China.