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Friday, April 29, 2011

adorable, take 2!

Love this piccie! Becks was dreamy, love Posh's hat and dress, and the bump!

Just saw this picture... SO Cute!
"Giving their well-wishers more of what they want, William and Kate step out from their reception to drive around Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin convertible bearing the license plate "JU5T WED." Making their way around the Mall, the beaming bride smiled and waved while her groom kept an eye on the road – the front of the car bore a red letter "L," standing for "learner's permit."


Pia said...

I agree with everything you said except Posh's hat. It looks stupid. She has a tiny hat balanced on the front of her head at a weird angle. It looks like she stole a hat from a baby and called it good.

Laurie said...

haha P, the hat got panned by the Brit papers. AND evidently Becks caused quite the scandal by wearing his medal on the wrong side. Horrors!

But love the happy couple cruising around.