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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pip Pip! (or some other appropriate British saying...)

Well, after months of build-up, the Royal Wedding has come and gone! Prepare to be inundated with replays and pics. :)

Mom and I had grand plans to wake up for live coverage (thankfully I had the day off today) at 2:30am! (ugh.) Well, luckily I ended up waking up early, at 2:15, cuz Wills was already arriving at the church!!! I yelled for Lavs to get up, she did, we sleepily made some scones and coffee.

Observe, scones with jam. Very tasty in the wee hours with a wedding going on:
Lulu, on the other hand, was not impressed. At all. She spent most of her time sleeping or rolling her eyes at us for being awake, or looking hopeful every time we got up that maybe this time we were going back to bed.
In the end? Totally worth it! We got 2 kisses!!! Yay! And, for the record, here are my thoughts:
a) i LOVED Kate's dress. Perfection.
2) Wills is adorable. how he was blushing after the kiss when the crowd cheered? adorbs.
c) i still love Harry the bestest. And Chelsea Davy looked like a cow. not cute.


Cara said...

agreed on all accounts. loved becks and posh! and chelsea davy looked HIDEOUS!!!

Laurie said...

Chelsea has been spit, I expect. Didn't you see Harry whisper to Wills when he caught sight of Pippa looking totes hot? You KNOW he was saying "I'm hitting THAT".

A fun way to start the day, even if we all had to take naps later. Lulu is still snoring. She's pissed that the corgis didn't make a balcony appearance.

PS the ladies on the VIEW are stupid. They tried to pan Kate's dress. They are the cows.

PSS Eugenie and Beatrice were foul.

Katie said...

Lavs- agree. Pippa would be a WAY better choice than Chels. Or me. Either way.

and E/B were terrible.

And of course the View ladies suck. BW wasn't there to slap some sense into them.

susna said...

Katie - thanks for posting TWO R.W. events! Just can't get enough! And waiting for after party comments and pics as well!