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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We love spring!!!

This weekend, Lulu and I headed over to Seattle with Grammy for a quick trip (well, quick for us - grammy is staying over to give Aunt Lisa a break for a few days and take care of Mimi)! We took off on Friday night, and after world's worst drive - almost 7 hours! - we finally made it. We also decided Lucy must be bad luck on road trips, because the same thing happened last year when we took her with us to Seattle.

Saturday, the weather was gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't get anyone to come with, but Lulu and I decided to hit up Marymoor dog park anyways. We had SO much fun! We love that park. And Lucy was way braver this year - she actually jumped in the water multiple times (last year, she just stood at the edge crying while Rudder had the time of his life)! Here are a few pics from our grand adventure!

I love this pic. She is such a good little girl, posing for piccies. (Even though she was totes rolling her eyes at me when I made her sit for about 12 pics before I got a good one.)


Laurie said...

Good thing that Marymoor doesn't have tile or wood floors.
Miss my road trip pals like 60!

Pia said...

Super fun Katie, and I love your new layout. Very cute.