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Monday, December 24, 2007

Cabin Fever

We spent a lovely weekend up at my Aunt/Uncle's cabin at Lake Kachess (just east of Snoqualmie Pass) - it was great to catch up with the family and relax!

Hadley, Auntie BZ and my mama

Uncle Bob, Mom and B make us some food

Cara shows off the next generation of Sundstrom women - Hadley Jane and Madeline Anne - sooooo presh!!!

the Cousins in our first photo together since about 1986... that's Kip, Tony, Cara, Pia, Megan and me


Laurie said...

good choice of pics! what a fun time!

Meg Ryan said...

Thank God we have better style than 1986.

Laurie said...

hey you guys looked good back then (compared to our neighbors in Frontier Village anyways)

Serenity said...

Keep up the good work.