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Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy Lou!!!

Things I've learned about you:
~You LOVE your momma. More than anyone in the world. And I love that.
~You love your grammy 2nd best. I also love that.
~You probably love JOANIE 3rd best. Even though she's just half a body with almost no stuffing, she remains your go-to gal.
~You could swim ALL DAY long if I let you.
~Camp is your favorite place in the world. (And why shouldn't it be? You can swim, crash through bushes, chase snakes and squirrels and bugs, run and run and run...)
~You are the sweetest dog I've ever had. You love everyone. And everyone loves you right back.
~You are the perfect size.
~You have the softest fur ever.
~I adore when you sleep on your back with those front legs sticking straight up in the air.
~You get the most hopeful look on your face whenever I leave the house - hoping this time I will take you with me. (Luckily for you, I take you a lot.)
~You HATE to sit/lay down in the car. You only do it when you are so so so so tired.
~You love to go to "puppy school" aka doggy daycare.
~You always try to pull Grammy's arm out of the socket on walks. We don't love that so much.
~You love when our doggy neighbors come for a visit - your "bet wens" Pumpkin & Shadow, or Piggy & Munchy from across the alley.
~You are so good - you never beg for food and you rarely get in the garbage. You'd never dream of taking something off the counter. Love that.


Laurie said...

yappy birthday (lol I meant to type happy but this works) to my grandpuppy! I know you are have a fabulous time. But I will be sad this week w/o my pal.