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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Camp extravaganza

Last week, Lulu and I packed our grips and headed out to Camp Cross for a week of fun and (semi) Relaxation! It was an awesome week - gorgeous weather, Lucy had the time of her life ignoring the campers, and I got to spend time with a bunch of OLD friends who used to be on Staff waayyy back when I was a camper! so fun.

Also, I don't have the pics yet, but Lucy learned an amazing trick - if you hold on to a Lifeguard's tube, she will grab the strap and tow you to shore! A-freaking-dorable. Seriously the cutest thing ever, it was quite the hit at camp!

Okay, on to the pics:

Cutest dog ever.

Me and Emma (all-time favorite staff member from the old days, now she's an actress in NYC)

Curtis, Pia and me. This is about 5 minutes before my Small Group team dominated the Staff team at volleyball. So their smiles didn't last long. Mine did. ;)

P and I at the last night... maybe one of my fave pics of us.

the counselors/resource team. we rocked.

I'm not convinced that dishwashing while shirtless is the safest idea ever, but it didn't seem to deter the boys. (That is Colin - Dev's older brother - with Curtis and Devin)

Little miss nosy had to get in everyone's business. Love it.

Michaela came out for the first night. SO happy to hang with her. She has an absolutely incredible singing voice, and got to duet with our music man Fran McKendree at campfire. Loved it. Also, she's heading to Peru for the next 6 months (or longer if she likes it)... So I'm gonna miss her! Also, we have officially been friends for 20 years this summer (met at Camp when we shared a cabin in 5th grade)!!!

This was my small group (plus Emmett/Christa, minus my co-counselor Mike) - they were awesome. And, as I mentioned earlier, we totally dominated the camp Volleyball Tourney! Woot!
We camped out on this beach - and Lucy never left my side once all night LOL... such a goober.

Amazing view of one of my favorite Camp moments - every day before the campers were up, a group of us would go to random scenic locations for a 15-minute morning spiritual time... it was perfection.

Emma and Ronco. My faves. Plus Ronco is a nurse, which is always a good thing.

Lucy is already wondering when we are going back. Apparently she thought the deal was that she and I were moving out there permanently. She was crushed when we got back to our boring old house.
Sorry Lulu. Maybe next year.


Pia said...

Love the post sister. It was so nice ending the summer with you there! Thanks for all the love and support. And I agree, my fav picture of us too. Love you!

Laurie said...

great pix! I like that pic of you sisters too. And so sorry for Lulu that she doesn't get to live on the lake 4ever. With you. Rough life.

Meg said...

I love that little Lu! What a pup.