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Sunday, March 6, 2011

happy happy

Yesterday, the Daily Challenge was to think of "5 Things That Make You Happy."

Easy, I thought:
1) Playing with Lucy
2) Going on vacation
3) Having all of my family in one place :)
4) Reading a great book
5) Being out at Camp Cross

But then I figured that those 5 came out so easily, I can easily think of more! Here are some other things that make me Happy:
  • the day People magazine comes in the mail
  • college basketball, especially the Zags
  • blackjack
  • good beer
  • accepting that i'll never be a wine connoisseur
  • yelling out the answers when watching Jeopardy and Wheel
  • Modern Family
  • Jim Halpert
  • any time Andy sings
  • my friends
  • babies (especially the ones that belong to my family/friends)
  • Cake Wrecks
  • buzzer beaters
  • T-Bone, Sissy, Smurphles
  • traveling to new places
  • a working knee
  • when Lucy sleeps on her back with her front legs sticking straight up in the air
  • seattle in the summer
  • moments of surprising spirituality
  • the fact that i LOVE my job
I could keep going and going and going - clearly, much to be grateful for!


Laurie said...

two excellent lists. It makes me happy that you have a puppy that loves you like nobody's biznazz.

Lis said...

Great list. I just heard one yesterday that while mean totally makes me laugh and therefore happy: have you ever heard of
"bitch buttoning" someone on your phone? (hitting ignore) hilarious! Had to share.

Katie said...

OMG, i am so stealing that one! love it!

Meg said...

Love me some lists. Love that you love your too. Modern family...duh. Good beer...double duh. Love yelling out answers on Jep, I always watch the teen tourney, cuz' usually I know those answers. And I love how much you love Jim Halpert. Smurphles...WTF. Happy list Kate, I love that you have so much to be grateful for.

Katie said...

:) Smurphles = my dad's dog Murphy.