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Monday, March 7, 2011

good stuff

Saturday night, Pia and I went and watched this guy sing:

(That's David Gray for those of you not in-the-know...)

Now, you may recall, we did see David play a show last fall with Ray Lamontagne at Marymoor Park (went with Pam and Josh, good times).
I have to say, this show way completely, totally different - yet just as awesome.
It was acoustic, stripped-down, intimate. Perfect for his music. I am not the world's biggest DG fan (I don't know every word to every song, like when I go see a Tim McGraw show [or even a Ray Lamontagne one]) but this won me over. He was amazing.

And yes, I stole that first picture from the internet. Because the only one I took all night? This guy:


Laurie said...

that's a psychedelic pic you took. Glad it was a fun concert. Never heard of the guy.

Lis said...

So jealous,
Love DG.

Meg said...

Jelly. Love that it was acoustic.

Pia said...

thanks for going with me Katie. It was so fun!