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Thursday, March 3, 2011

a great time of year!

Yes, I am sick to death of winter! BUT, my favorite part of this time of year? Basketball!

State "B" tourney started today, and it is finally back in the Spokane Arena where it belongs! Brings back SO many memories of basically the first 20 years of my life... Watching game after game after game, year in and year out - from the Colosseum to the Arena - little 6th grade me and my friends painting our faces and leading cheers at Districts (because Saint George's was SO above having "real" cheerleaders by then) - watching Cara/Pia's team win State after losing to Davenport the two years prior in the Championship game and rushing the court at the end of the game - stealing 100s of crowns from Burger King to wear at the games in high school (a tradition that still goes strong at SG) - tons of face paint/ancient polyester warm-ups/a sea of Red & White - getting to play in the tourney my Senior year (even though I was a lowly benchwarmer) - pre-game and post-game practicing and relaxing at the Coleman's mansion - losing in the Championship game my senior year and then coming back to watch my girls win it all the next year... I could go on and on (clearly). I kinda miss it.

Also, can't forget March Madness! I already have planned to get the Thursday & Friday off of work for the first days of the NCAA tourney... Probably my 4 favorite days of the year. Here's hoping the Zaggies make it this year!!! But even if they don't, you know where I'll be - in front of the big screen. :D


Laurie said...

Let me try this AGAIN. I miss the good ole State B days too! It was so much fun taking a week off work/school to hang out at the old Colesseum (sp?) with all the SG fans. Good times! I remember your fab 3 pointer, Katie :-) And it's too bad we don't know anyone in the B's anymore, cuz it would be fun to go watch games. But I'll be right beside you for March Madness!

Pia said...

Anyone want to go watch some games on Saturday? Cause I'm definitely thinking about it even if we don't know anyone. :)