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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ahhhh. That is all.

Seriously, Roatan was amazing. Astounding. Awesome. A-Okay.
I don't really know WHY we've never taken off in late-December before! It was SO nice to escape the snow and cold.
So here is a slight breakdown of our family trip.
But, really, words and pictures can not even come close to describing or showing just how fun/relaxing/perfect this vacation truly was.

Here is how the majority of my airport time went - waiting for TSA agents to get around to patting me down. It wasn't that bad actually. :)
Unfortunately, this was the task that faced me when we arrived at the house - about 65 stairs! Yikes! NOT fun on crutches. Thankfully, there is not a ton to go do on the island (since I refuse to go anywhere that may put me in contact with any variety of sea monster)... So I pretty much just stayed at the bottom of these stairs for 10 days!
Mom and I looking surprisingly chipper at the Roatan airport - even though we were dressed for winter and were greeted with long lines and 80 degree temps!
Me and the parentals. Sorry that is a terrible pic Mom, but maybe you'll learn to open those pretty hazel eyes... ;)
This was how we spent most of our days:
Or down here: (LOVED the pool, i was even able to get in and float a bit - no kicking allowed though)!
The gang (minus me and mom) took a trip down to the beach... I decided the stairs weren't worth it LOL
The view from our wrap-around porch. Seriously?
Sunset. Amazing.
yes, this man raised me. truly frightening though some days...
The Zip-Liners. Obviously I was not allowed to go. :( So sad about that... But it's a great excuse to come back next year!!!
We played a LOT of Uno. And Monopoly Deal. And Cribbage. Sometimes even in the pool!
Lounging in the sun...
Bye Roatan! Thanks for showing us such a great time! :)
*This is pretty much the only picture I am in. And I had to take it myself. Oh well.


Laurie said...

despite the fact that you put a picture of my cellulite thighs on this post, I love you. It was the best vaca EVER, and I hope we can do it again! And that my ass is skinnier next year so I don't have to shoehorn myself into those coach seats...

Cara said...

agreed on all accounts. and thanks for the most part on sticking to my rules regarding any pics of me that were posted.

i dont think i even realized how nice the island and house were until this morning when i woke up and wasnt there!

Lis said...

It looks gorgeous. And desserted! Were there a lot of other tourists? Having your own private pool seems pretty fancy. Welcome home. :-)

Meg said...

I am super jelly! Looks fabulous...and what a great excuse to get out of the zip line. Those stairs look daunting for anyone!

Pia said...

It was awesome, and you were in other pictures you pill!