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Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh thank goodness!

i think it's every parent's worst nightmare to have an "uncool" kid (or at least it's mine... that probably makes me a total asshole but whatever). so Lucy Lou has been going to doggy daycare for a while now, once a week... she comes home tired, and her head/scruff is usually soggy from being chewed on by the other dogs, life is good.
BUT, i've been secretly worried all along that she is the uncool kid - she's kinda runty compared to the big dogs there... she is WAY too eager to make friends... she thinks EVERYONE is her best friend... you get the picture. i was nervous that all the other dogs actually hate her and were picking on her.
SO, yesterday when i picked her up i got the greatest news ever! the daycare owner said, and i quote, "oh miss lucy is just the most fun dog we have. ALL the other dogs fight over who gets to play with her! we even have one old crusty dog who hates everyone, but he LOVES lucy."
imagine my relief. my girl is the most popular one in school.
thank god she's fixed.


Cara said...

way to go lucy!!!

Laurie said...

love our Miss Congeniality! We shouldn't have doubted that she'd be the most cool kid in school!

Meg said...

Never a worry that you would have an uncool kid. And trust me, you only want her popular because she's fixed. I secretly want Hadley to poop in her Pull Up until she's 16...that way nobodies touching Grossy Grosserson.

susna said...

It must have been her pink nails - and you should see the HIGH heels Loutie got today - you would be so proud!

Katie said...

Yay Logs! atta girl!

and i totally agree Megs - i wouldn't want her popular with the boys, thank god i don't have to worry about her being 16 and pregnant LOL