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Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Things...

O.M.G. I just realized I only have 8 months left in my 20s. (Yikes!)

So off the top of my head, i just came up with a list of 30 thing i want to do before i'm 30.
feel free to help me cross any/all of them

1. go to a foreign country (and canada does not count)
2. visit a new state
3. finally get healthy/in shape for realsies
4. run an entire 5k race
5. get another tattoo
6. do something gravity-defying (zip-line! skydive? hot air balloon?)
7. learn to like wine (i feel like this is something 30-year-olds do...)
8. convince one of my sisters to have a child and/or adopt a chinese baby
9. try at least 10 foods i've never had before (brussel sprouts is at the top of the list for some reason - i think they are so cute)
10. get a cute little old lady bike. with a basket. and a bell. preferably pink.
11. go camping. in a tent.
12. spend more time with my seattle friends
13. spend more time with my family - especially the east-coasters
14. go to a Zags b-ball game. or 5.
15. tell off someone who pisses me off
16. take dance lessons (inspired by SYTYCD of course)
17. go to at least 5 concerts
18. finish a knitting project
19. watch the sunrise once in every season
20. go to a spa
21. read 3 classic books (suggestions?...)
22. quit swearing so fucking much
23. become an expert in growing one particular plant (i'm thinking sunflowers). and i won't probably be able to actually produce the product before my b-day, but it's a start :)
24. go on at least 5 trips/vacations before then (3 are already planned, that leaves 2 to go...)
25. make a new, awesome friend
26. be more open/outgoing with strangers
27. teach Lucy some crazy, stupid trick that wows everyone she meets
28. learn a new hobby (i'm thinking quilting? maybe painting? i don't know)
29. listen to my entire iTunes library (currently about 4k songs). delete the shit i don't like.
30. take an Italian class

okay, now it's out there! i will keep you updated on how it goes! :D


susna said...

I can help you out with 5, 9, 18 and 20 - so get over here! xoxo

Katie said...

working on it! should be over in a couple weeks...

Lis said...

Quite the list. Sounds like fun!

zaideafraidey said...

Great list Katie Kat, I will sign on for the brussel sprouts, I love them.

Meg said...

You're not even going to enjoy 29 because you are going to be so friggin' busy. I say cross off #7, 30 year old beer drinkers are way cooler. Cross off #22, in fact, I think most people's 'before I'm 30 list" should be to swear more. And teach Lucy how to sit with a treat on her nose, a friend of mine's dog does it...very cool. Oh and Ry will defy gravity with you, so head over...and probably get another tatoo.

Katie said...

don't worry Megs- i will ALWAYS be a beer drinker. and i kinda agree about the swearing, it's not going well so far...